Permutation Patterns 2007

Photograph by kind permission of James Mitchell.

Permutation Patterns 2007 was held in St Andrews, Scotland, UK, from 11 to 15 June 2007. This was the fifth meeting of the conference. The subsequent meetings have been:



The conference topics include (but are not limited to) enumeration questions, forbidden pattern questions, study of the involvement order, algorithms for computing with permutation patterns, applications and generalisations of permutation patterns, and others.


St Andrews is a small town on the scenic east coast of Scotland, with a long and distinguished history. In particular, the University, founded in 1413, is the oldest in Scotland, and third oldest in Britain. For more information please see this site; a map of the town can be found here.



The University's travel guidelines can be found here.

A shortened version which should be suitable for most participants:

From Edinburgh Airport:

  1. Take the Airport Express bus to Haymarket station.
  2. From Haymarket, there is an hourly train to Leuchars, which is on the East Coast line. The National Rail Enquiries site may be useful.
  3. Leuchars is 4 miles from St Andrews, with good taxi service and buses about every 15 minutes to St Andrews.
  4. This map will be helpful for finding New Hall (building 4, section C3/D3) and Fife Park (building 1, section A4/A5). Note that if you are staying at Fife Park, check-in is next door in David Russell Hall.
  5. Registration begins on Monday 11 June, at 9:00, in the Mathematics Institute (building 15, section E3 of the above map).

From Glasgow Airport:

  1. Take the shuttle bus to Queen Street station.
  2. From Queen Street, the easiest route is to take the train to Haymarket station.
  3. Then follow steps 2–5 above.

For the especially keen, the Fife Coastal Path may provide an interesting alternative, although you are advised to travel with a minimum of luggage.


The Postgraduate Combinatorial Conference was held in St Andrews right before PP2007, from 6 to 8 June. PCC is aimed at current research students in all areas of combinatorics and discrete mathematics. For details see here.


The proceedings of the conference will be published by Cambridge University Press in a forthcoming book. The anticipated publication date is June, 2010.


Nik Ruskuc
Lynn Hynd
Steve Linton
Vince Vatter
Miklos Bona
Einar Steingrimsson
Julian West