LMS/EPSRC Short Instructional Course

Computational Group Theory

St Andrews 2013

Image © The University of St Andrews

Information for Participants after Arrival


If you are using the course accommodation in McIntosh Hall and are staying on to attend Groups St Andrews 2013 then you need to have booked and paid for the night of Friday August 2nd, which is not part of the standard accommodation package for either event. If you are in that situation, contact the local organisers asap, by email to cgt2013@mcs.st-and.ac.uk or in person at the course on Monday.


Lectures and Lab sessions will take place in the Mathematical Institute - building 14 (square F3) on this map.


The first talk is scheduled for 09.00 on Monday morning. A registration / information desk will be open from 08.45 in the area outside the course lecture theatre (signposted in the Institute) on level three of the building. Participants can register, pick up login details, etc, throughout the morning or at any time via an organiser.

Computer facilities

Participants bringing their own laptop are encouraged to configure (in advance) and use Eduroam, if it is available to them. We cannot arrange Eduroam access for participants who do not have it configured in advance at their home institution but will in such cases provide visitor access to local wifi.

Lab sessions will run in a University computer lab. The PCs in the lab can be accessed by participants using a guest login account available from the organisers. These PCs have an ssh client 'PuTTY' which can then be used to access local servers running GAP. Login details for the local servers will be provided by announcement during the first lab session.

Lecture materials

Will be added gradually as they become available. See the Lectures and Worksheets page on this site.

Special Lectures

The special lectures will be as follows:
Tuesday, 2pm: "Distributed Computations with GAP", Alexander Konovalov (St Andrews)
Thursday, 2pm: "Algorithmic Generalisations of Small Cancellation Theory", Richard Parker

Extra Sessions

Thanks to feedback provided by the participants, we have arranged to offer two additional sessions. These sessions will run in the lecture theatre in parallel to the lab session on Thursday afternoon. Obviously, attendance at either extra session or the lab session is entirely optional.

Alexander will first (3.30pm) give an introductory talk on the subject of "How to Write a GAP Package". At 4pm, Max Neunhöffer will introduce "GAP Types, Objects and Method Selection".

Further suggestions provided by participant feedback will be addressed during the lab session.

Travel Grants

The LMS has some small grants available to non-UK postgraduates to partially fund their travel to this course. The organisers are required to recommend applicants for these grants to the LMS. We would like to hear from eligible participants who are in some way 'self-funded' as we would prefer to recommend people in such situations, for these grants. Please speak to John McDermott or Angela Miguel - or send email explaining your circumstances to the course address. We need to hear from you asap!


The course dinner is on Tuesday evening. Note that the time of 7pm has been brought forward compared to the first version of the timetable. The location is "Zizzi's" restaurant on South St. See the following map:

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What to do in St Andrews

Wednesday afternoon is left free to explore St Andrews - or further afield! We gather a few suggestions in the Things to do in St Andrews page. If you are interested in any of these - particularly those for which we have not yet provided links - please just chat to one of the local organisers.