LMS/EPSRC Short Instructional Course

Computational Group Theory

St Andrews 2013

Image © The University of St Andrews

Travel and Arrival

Travel information

The University website has excellent information on travelling to St Andrews by various means.


Arrival day is Sunday 28th July. Participants should go straight to their accommodation.

Lectures will be held in the Mathematical Institute.

On arrival in the town, the University website maps will be useful, as will other pages in the section on visiting St Andrews.


St Andrews has many local attractions which include the golf courses (the Women’s Open Golf Tournament will run in the town towards the end of the course week), the ’Chariots of Fire’ beach recently featured in the Opening Ceremony for the London 2012 Olympics, St Andrews Castle and Cathedral, the architecture of the historic town itself, local museums, nearby fishing villages and much more.

Wednesday afternoon in particular is left free for exploration. There will be a free workshop dinner on Tuesday evening and at least one other organised social evening at a local pub.