Edmund Robertson's CV

Full Name:

Edmund Frederick ROBERTSON

Date and place of Birth :

1 June 1943, St Andrews, Scotland

Education :

Madras College, St Andrews (Tullis prize, Sir William Robertson prize, Dux in Science 1961)

University of St Andrews (Taylor Thompson Bursary)

University of Warwick

Degrees :

B.Sc. University of St Andrews (1965)

M.Sc. University of Warwick (1966)

Ph.D. University of Warwick (1968)

Honours :

Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh (1997)

Employment :

Lecturer in Pure Mathematics, University of St Andrews, 1968-1984

Senior Lecturer in Pure Mathematics, University of St Andrews, 1984-95

Professor of Mathematics, University of St Andrews, 1995-

Positions in University of St Andrews :

Senate 1987-1989, 1991-

Steering Committee of Senate 1993-98

Head of Pure Mathematics Division 1988-1991

Head of Algebra Research Team 1988-97

Director of Micro laboratory 1987-1989, 1991-1994

Member of Equipment Committee 1988-97

Research Student Admissions 1991-1993, 1995-7

Head of School of Mathematical and Computational Sciences 1997-2000

Head of School of Mathematics and Statistics 2000-2001

Associate Director CIRCA 2000-

Member :

  1. Edinburgh Mathematical Society; Committee Member 1986-1989; Policy Advisory Group 1996-9; Whittaker Prize Committee 1996-97

  2. London Mathematical Society

  3. British Mathematical Colloquium Committee 1990, 1992

  4. Madras College Endowment : Trustee 1986-

  5. EPSRC Mathematics College 1997-9 (Panel Chairman 1998)

  6. Scottish Mathematical Council 1997-

  7. Member of the GAP Council 1997-

  8. EPSRC Peer Review College 1999-

  9. Governor Morrison's Academy 1999-

  10. Member of ILT 2001-

External Examiner :

University of Dundee 1977-81, University of Aberdeen 1991-95, Heriot-Watt University 1995-8, University of Liverpool 2000-

Ph.D. Examiner :

Cambridge, Nottingham, Edinburgh, Manchester, Cardiff, Warwick, Bangor

External Assessor:

University of Cambridge Fellowship Competition 1991, Keele University Chair Appointment 1999, Napier University Mathematics and Physics 1999

Awards :

  1. Winner of the 1992 Partnership Award for innovation in Mathematics Teaching in Higher Education Prize of 4 500 awarded jointly for the Mathematical MacTutor teaching software

  2. Winner (jointly with J J O'Connor) of the European Academic Software Awards 1994 for the Best Mathematics Software with Mathematical MacTutor

  3. Winner (jointly with J J O'Connor) of the Undergraduate Computational Engineering and Science Award 1995 (jointly with J J O'Connor), Department of Energy of the United States of America, for "Using a computer to visualise change in biological organisms"

  4. Thirty awards for the WWW MacTutor History Archive on the web

Ph.D. Students:

  1. C M Campbell

  2. M Boral
  3. D G Arrell
  4. P D Williams
  5. A Jamali
  6. K Rutherford
  7. M Yousuf
  8. P M Heggie
  9. A Wegner
  10. T G Walker
  11. B Vatansever
  12. N Ruskuc
  13. M J Brookes
  14. C I Wotherspoon
  15. M Ibrahim
  16. S van Willigenberg
  17. A Cutting
  18. M R Thomson
  19. R Arthur
  20. P P Campbell
  21. A J Cain
  22. I T Durham
  23. E H Kimber
  24. C A S Carvalho
  25. M Waldhausen
  26. N J S N D Silva
  27. D C Sutherland


Joint editor of nine conference volumes

Joint author of seventeen teaching books

Author of about 100 papers in mathematics journals

Edmund Robertson, December 1999