Pure Mathematics Honours Modules 2008-09

The table below lists all the courses offered by the Pure Mathematics division in the year 2008-2009, and gives an indication to which second year course(s) they are most similar in flavour. Note that a second year course is not necessarily a prerequisite for all the honours courses in its column.

2nd Year Modules

MT2002: Algebra

MT2002: Analysis

MT2005 Discrete Maths

MT2001: Linear Algebra

Honours Modules 2006-07 1st Semester

MT3501 Linear Mathematics

MT4501 /MT5613 History of Mathematics

MT3600 Fundamentals of Pure Mathematics

MT4517 Rings and Fields

MT5825 Measure and Ergodic Theory

MT5824 Topics in Groups

Honours Modules 2006-07 2nd Semester

MT4003 Groups

MT4004 Real Analysis

MT4514 Graph Theory

MT4111 /MT5611 Symbolic Computation

MT5827 Lie Algebras

MT4515 Functional Analysis

MT5990 Group Rings

MT5828 Hyperbolic Geometry

Pure Mathematics Courses 2007-08

Edmund Robertson, 6/04/2007