Reaction to the archive

The reaction from around the world has encouraged me to keep developing the site.

Did you know that the Babylonians' number system was, in some ways, more sophisticated than our present day Base 10 system? That, like many students, the Egyptians found ways to get around doing multiplication? That Hypatia, the first woman to be known for her work in math and astronomy, was killed for her trouble in 415 A.D.? I didn't, until I visited the MacTutor History of Mathematics site after reading L.D. Steele's review posted in the Educational Resources on the Internet.

After an entertaining browse through this site, I believe that it would be a good one for teachers wanting to extend and enrich their students' understanding of mathematics by learning about the mathematicians behind the theories and the history of mathematical ideas. It's a fascinating journey through time and space with mathematics as the vehicle . . .