Shayo Olukoya


My name is (Feyi)Shayo Olukoya. I am a PhD student at the University of St. Andrews supervised by Dr Collin Bleak and Dr Martyn quick since late September 2014.

I am a member of the algebra research group

I am grateful to the Carnegie trust who are funding my PhD with a Carnegie Scholarship. My Erdös number is 2.


Research Interests
My current research interests are in combinarotial and geometric group theory and symbolic dynamics.

Recently I have been thinking about decision problems in the Higman-Thompson groups, and some subgroups; I am also interested in understanding the group of automorphisms of the one-sided and two-sided shift.

Other Interests
I am a keen tennis fan and love both to play and watch. I also play football though I am not so keen on watching it. When I am not doing either of these things, or thinking about a problem, I can be found unwinding with a literary classic.
    1)(with C. Bleak, P. Cameron, Y. Maissel, A.Navas) The further chameleon groups of Richard Thompson and Graham Higman: Automorphisms via dynamics for the Higman groups Gn,r; arxiv
  • MT1002: 2 tutorial groups
  • MT1003: 2 tutorial groups
  • MT2501: 4 tutorial groups
  • MT1003: 2 tutorial groups
  • MT1002: Microlab supervision
  • MT1002: 2 tutorial groups
  • MT1003: 1 tutorial group

Contact Details
    Mathematical Institute,
    University of St. Andrews,
    North Haugh,
    St. Andrews,
    KY16 9SS.
Room 108
Phone: +44 (0)1334 463237

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