Centre for Discrete Mathematics and Computing

Department of Mathematics
Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering
The University of Queensland

The Centre for Discrete Mathematics and Computing was established in 1997, combining together the Centre for Combinatorics (within the Department of Mathematics) and the Algorithms Group (within the Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering). Its aim is to carry out and promote research and teaching in discrete mathematics and computing, and to facilitate collaborative research with groups working in related areas in Australia and overseas. The Centre publishes the Australasian Journal of Combinatorics, acts as a national base for an international body, the Institute of Combinatorics and its Applications, and as regional base for the Combinatorial Mathematics Society of Australasia.

The Number Theory Web.

Director: Anne Street

Teaching and Research Research Postgraduate Students
Peter Adams
Elizabeth Billington
Diane Donovan
Kevin Gates
Ken Gray
George Havas
Barry Jones
Abdollah Khodkar
Keith Matthews
Neil Williams
Darryn Bryant
Robert Coulter
Greg Gamble
Marie Henderson
Colin Ramsay
Martin Sharry
Anne Street
Sheila Williams
Richard Bean
Andrew Blinco
Sean Byrnes
Nick Cavenagh
Mark Griffin
Karen Harris
Andrew Janke
Julie Lawrence
Stephen Long
Annette Masters
Anthony Rasmussen
Honorary Professor: Curt Lindner, Department of Discrete and Statistical Sciences, Auburn University

Visitors 2000:
Eamonn O'Brien (Auckland) 3 to 5 January (Havas)
Frank de Clerck (Ghent) 28 January to 5 February (Hamilton)
Jennie Seberry (Wollongong) 18 to 22 January (Street)
Dean Hoffman (Auburn) 10 to 28 March (Street)
Seokhee Hong (Newcastle) 7 April (Havas)
Peter Eades (Newcastle) 7 April (Havas)
Roger Eggleton (Illinois State) 29 June to 6 July
Peter Cameron
(Queen Mary and Westfield, London, UK) 1 to 6 July
Graham Norton (Bristol) July 00 to July 01 (Billington)
Andrei Kelarev (Tasmania) 1 to 9 July (Billington)
Midori Kobayashi (Shizuoka) 11 July to 30 September (Billington)
Brendan McKay (ANU) 17 to 21 July
Hung Lin Fu (National Chiao-Tung University, Taiwan) 10 to 20 August
Miwako Mishima (Gifu University, Japan) 10 to 20 August
Paul Bonnington (Auckland) 30 August to 3 September
Peter Kenne (Adelaide) 11 to 13 September (Havas)
Bruce Litow (James Cook) 26 September (Havas)
Eamonn O'Brien (Auckland) 23 October to 3 November (Havas)
Mike Newman (ANU) 30 October to 3 November (Havas)
Seokhee Hong (Newcastle) 24 November (Havas)
Peter Eades (Newcastle) 24 November (Havas)

Visitors 1999:
Michael Atkinson (St Andrews) 11 to 16 January (Billington)
Peter Neumann (Oxford) 28 February to 1 March (Billington)
Ralph Stanton (Manitoba) 29 March to 1 April (Billington/Street)
Igor Shparlinski (Macquarie) 10 to 15 May (Havas)
Wal Wallis (Carbondale)25 May and 17 December
Charles Vanden Eynden (Illinois State) 9 June
Curt Lindner (Auburn) 21 June to 3 July and 10 to 12 July (Billington/Street)
Ebad Mahmoodian (Sharif University of Technology, Iran) July 99 to October 00 (Adams, Billington and Bryant)
Bob Blakley (Texas A & M) 10 August
James Hirschfeld (Sussex) 2 September
John Conway (Princeton) 7 September
Marston Conder (Auckland) 1 October
Chris Rodger (Auburn) 1 to 13 November
Rudi Mathon (Toronto)
Charles Sims (Rutgers) 3 December to 8 December (Havas)

Visitors 1998
Visitors 1997

A detailed report on the Centre is available: gzipped postscript, 68KB; pdf, 268KB.

Last modified: 25 July 2000