June 2005: Athens, Naxos, Syros, Aegina




Holiday to Greece: 6th to 20th June 2005

Athens: 6th to 10th June

View from our bedroom

Hotel Attalos in Monastiraki

Rubbish strike

Roman forum

Odeon of Herodes Atticus




In the Parthenon museum


Theatre of Dionysis

View from our hotel roof bar

Guard in Syntagma Square

Monument of Lysicrates


Hadrian's Arch

In the Psiri Taverna

The Hephaisteion

View across the Agora

The Middle Stoa

Terracotta rattle

Ivory statue of Jupiter

Perfume bottle

On the hotel roof

Paros: 10th to 12th June

Leaving Piraeus

Paros cat

Church at Parikia harbour

Our hotel

View of ferry from our balcony

Frankish Kastro

Ekatonapiliani Church

In the Parakia Museum


Breakfast in our courtyard

Church interior

Naxos: 12th to 15th June

Rocks where Samina Express sank

Approach to Naxos

Restoring house in old town

Hotel Panorama

View from our room

Our hotel

The Portára

View of old town

Cycladic figures in the museum

Our room

View from the roof

Swimming in the harbour

Ouzo on the roof

Grill-man in Meze2 restaurant

Moving building materials

Beach at Agia Anna

Octopus caught at the swimming hole

Walking at Filoti

Cafenion at Filoti

Upper village

In the Kastro at Naxos Town

In the Byzantine Museum

Venetian House Museum

Leaving Naxos

Syros: 15th to 17th June

Cruise ship outside our balcony on Syros

Ermoupolis town

Town Hall

Swimming hole

Opera House

Cycladic figure

View from our room

Hotel Nisaki

View from swimming place

Church of St Nicholas

"Little Venice"

Harbour from our balcony

Climbing up to Ano Syros

Interior of Church of St Georges

Views from the top

Memorial to Vamvakaris

Highspeed 4 to Piraeus

Flying Dolphin to Aegina

Aegina: 17th to 20th June

Beach at Aegina

Sunset from our balcony

Temple of Aphia

Beach at Agia Marina

Trireme harbour in Aegina town

Our hotel: Plaza

Views from our balcony

Martellos tower

Our previous (1993) hotel

Corinth Canal