June 2006: Andros, Tinos, Naxos




Greek holiday: 5th to 26th June

In Rafina: 5th to 7th June

Our hotel

First lunch

The harbour

First ouzo

666 on 6/6/06. Scary!

Leaving on the "Penelope A"

In Andros: 7th to 9th June

Hotel Niky in Chora

Our bedroom

Views from our balcony

South beach from the town square

North beach

Derelict Xenia hotel

Turkish fountain

South beach -- with ducks

Archaeological Museum

The Hermes of Andros

Byzantine lion

Back on the "Penelope A"

In Tinos: 9th to 13th June

Tinos town from the sea

Our hotel: Favie Suzanne

Views from our balcony

Turkish fountain

View from the ruins of the ancient capital

Bell tower on basilica

The beach

The harbour from the headland

Lunch on our balcony

Memorial to the Elli

Archaeological Museum

Pilgrim crawling to the basilica

On the road to Kionia

Swimming at a tiny beach

In Naxos: 13th to 16th June

Hotel Panorama

Gyro pitas for lunch

Walk to the temple of Demeter

Monopati back to Ano Sangri

Waiting for the bus back to Chora

View from back of Venetian fort

Picture in gallery

Our landlady at the swimming hole

Boarding the Panagia Hozoviotissa

Leaving Naxos