September 2014: Sète and Narbonne




Holiday to the South of France: 7th to 24th September 2014

Tarn gorge bridge from the aeroplane

Sète: 7th to 12th September

Waiting for the train at Agde

Sunday lunch by the canal

Our hotel L'Orque Bleue

The Canal Royale

Fountain in Place Lèon Blum

Electric boat trip on canal

Waterside shacks on the étang

Lifting rail bridge

Boats for jousting tournament

Gathering storm clouds

Musée International des Arts Modestes (sheltering from the storm!)

Les Halles

Place Aristide Bruant

Views from Mont St-Clair

Chapelle Notre Dame de la Salette

Sète beach

Ripples movie

Crêpes for lunch at the beach

More practice needed!

Breakfast café by Les Halles

Narbonne: 12th to 16th September

Our hotel: La Residence

Pont des Marchands

Views from our window

Les Halles at sunset

Canal de la Robine

Cathedral (13th Century)

Cathedral cloisters

Underground at the Horreum: Roman forum

Les Halles

Lunch counter

Dinner at the Coque Hardi

Fig tart

Sunday market

The beach at Port-la-Nouvelle

Pizza in the rain

The Donjon and Hotel de Ville

Views from the top of the Donjon

Roman murals in the archaeological museum

Trip on a barge on the Canal de la Robine

Charles Trenet was born in Narbonne in 1913. A translation of the above song is HERE.