September 2016: Pisa and Catania




Holiday to Italy: 20th September to 7th October 2016

Pisa: 20th to 23rd September

Our hotel: Royal Victoria

Our room

Overlooking the Arno

Santa Maria della Spina and the Cittadella Vecchia from our room

First lunch

Hotel terrace ...

... and aperitifs in reception

Garibaldi's statue ...

... and gelateria in the Piazza Garibaldi

At Pizza 129

Piazza Cavalieri

Statue of Cosimo I de Medici

It's still leaning!

The Duomo

Cathedral door panels

The baptistery

The camposanto

Dini's grave

Botanical Gardens

Ancient magnolia tree

In the Giardino Scotto

Catania 23rd to 27th September 2016

Our room ...

... in the Cinque balconi B&B

View from our room (Etna in the distance)

Neighbour across the street

Norman castle

Exhibition of works by Antonio Ligabue

The witch

Mt Etna's eruption in 1669

The effect of hashish

The fish market

The Achillean fountain

The elephant statue

The Roman amphitheatre cat

Dressed up for a wedding

The cathedral at the end of the street

The Graeco-Roman theatre

Lunch: prosecco and free goodies

St Agatha's

Theatre Bellini

The Duomo

Dinner at Da Antonio's

Leaving by train

Etna in the background