September 2017: Ourense and Vigo




Ourense: 16th to 21st September 2017

View from the Hotel Irixo

Igrexa de Santa Euphemia

Praza Maior

Hot springs

Historical fiesta in the Praza Maior

Cathedral exterior ...

... and interior

Conversion of St Paul

Bold pigeon

Praza do Ferro

View of the old town: our hotel: the white building to the right with two doors and two windows

The cloisters of San Francisco

View of the Roman bridge over the Miña from a footbridge

Modern road bridge and railway viaduct

Edificio Viacambre

Praza Eironciño dos Cabaleiros from our hotel

Chipiroñes for lunch: our hotel in the background

Model Railway museum ...

... with 4 000 models

Steam train at Ourense station

Vigo: 21st to 27th September 2017

Our hotel: Puerta del Sol

Views from our room

Praza Constitutión

Jules Verne on an octopus

Boat over the estuary to Cangas

O Reloxo: maritime clock

St James the moor-slayer again

Excolexiata de Santiago de Cangas

Lunch at El Bribón de la Habana

View from the castle in Vigo

Castle entrance

The Cathedral exterior ...

... and interior

St James the pilgrim

Breakfast near our hotel

Morning fog over the shipyards

O Gato do Mar in Cangas

Swimming in the fog

Last lunch: octopus again