Sept - Dec 1976: Ibiza




Holiday in Ibiza: 4th to 18th September 1976

Ibiza Pueblo Hotel

Our staircase

View from the balcony

San Antonio from our balcony

Children's tea

The farm above the hotel

Swimming in the hotel pool

Staff v guests football

Fishermen in San Antonio

San Antonio from the water

Our hotel from the sea

Our local beach: Port des Torrents

Paul eating Dracula

Road back to the hotel from the bus stop

Boat trip to Cala Bassa

Cala Bassa (5km from hotel)

Bus trip around the island

At Fantasylandia

Old gate, Ibiza Town

Above the harbour

The cathedral

The old town

The fruit market

The promenade

Last day

Elspeth with "Paco"

Edinburgh Zoo: October 1976

Elspeth in Spanish dress

Elspeth at 7 months: November 1976

Billy, Margery and Thea

Jean's birthday: November 1976

East Sands

Tandem push-chair

December 1976

Cosmos Jumble Sale: December 11th

December snow

By the curling pond

On Hallow Hill

Pete Standish visits

Paul's third birthday party

December 1976

The Pattons at Craigtoun Park

Christmas 1976

Elspeth learns to crawl

Derek and Jackie and stuffed turkey breast