Oct 77 - Apr 78: Helen born




Our addition when we got home

Visit to Derek and Jackie: October 1977

On Bruntsfield links

Nursery run: Mark, Michael (Donaldson), Paul, Nicholas, Michael (Donald)


East Sands: November 1977

Playtime at Miss Evie's: December 1977

Nativity play at Miss Evie's

Paul's 4th Birthday

December 1977

Paul with Thunderbird 2

Christmas Day 1977

Kings visit: Paul, Philip, Malcolm, Stephen, Margaret

At the East Sands

Philip King

Michael and Aidan

Derek and Jackie: New Year's Day 1978

Mo and snow: February 1978

At Timothy's: 10th February 1978

Paul on new sledge

Frozen duck pond

Helen born: 3.25 am 13th February 1978 (Meal Monday)

Five minutes old


Helen 10 minutes old

12 hours old

Monday afternoon

Home again: Wednesday 15th

First bath at home: one week old

Two weeks old

Elspeth at duck pond

Helen at 2 weeks: in sling

Helen at 3 weeks

Watching TV

Helen at one month

Reading party to Blair Atholl

Atholl Castle

The falls of Bruar

Single Honours Pure Maths 1977/8 (Last Differential Topology lecture)

Family portrait

Easter 1978: dying eggs

Elspeth with chocolate egg

Paul with mumps

Helen at six weeks

Elspeth's second birthday

With Cantlays and Weatherills

BMC at Lancaster: April 1978

John Milnor lecturing

The Grey Mare's tail

George, Jill and Jed at Christmas

View of Puget Sound from their new house

Jed in April 1978