Jan - June 1981: Jean and Jamie to USA




Laws visit at New Year 1981

Sledging on Hallowhill: January 1981

In the sea at the East Sands

Work on new addition: February 1981

Helen's third birthday party

With Gregor and Catherine

Paul's School picture

New dancing dresses from the US

Dancing class in the Victory Memorial

March 1981

Jamie with Tyrone (in USA)

Ruthie visits us: March/April 1981

Elspeth's 5th birthday

With Meika and Emma

Jamie at the Castle beach

At Craigtoun Park

Paul at Letham Glen

With the Laws at Edinburgh Zoo

Jamie starts crawling: May 1981

Jamie's "official" portrait

At the Botanical Gardens, Edinburgh

Helen after falling in the lily pond

Kite flying on Hallowhill

Penny Fair at Lawhead: June 1981

Paul's Sports Day

Aikman and Terras closes

Final Sale: with Mrs Billing

At the East Sands

Jamie feeding himself ...

... and eating mud

Painting our new extension

Elspeth with Cindy and horse

Elspeth going to party

Helen, Elspeth and Jamie with Mary

Jamie's first birthday: June 19th 1981

Paul in Canongate Judo display