Aug - Dec 1985




Derek and Jackie visit: August 1985

Paul home from USA: Edinburgh Airport

Lammas Market: August 1985

On roller-blades on the curling pond

Jamie's first day at Lawhead: 19th August

Paul starts at Kilrymont

Paul in scout uniform

Dave Rainbird visits with Phil

Sunday afternoon in Crail

Helen and Jamie ready for school

Paul Brown playing croquet: September 1985

Buying shoes in Bayne and Duckett: with Morag Patterson

Mo and Aunt Jean visit

By the "Himalayas"

In the Woollen Mill

Visit to Wilfred at Bradford: 6th November 1985

Wilfred's funeral: Sacred Heart, Stopsley

Wilfred and Kathleen's grave: Vale Cemetery

694 being "rewindowed"

Raisin Monday lecture

Presentation of new Judo mats

Jean's birthday lunch at Ziggy's

Exhibition at the Crawford Centre

Paul's 12th birthday tea

Brownies' Christmas Play

Helen as "innkeeper's wife"

Jamie and Helen's Lawhead Christmas Concert

Playing "Trivial Pursuits"

On the phone to Mo in the USA

Christmas Day 1985

Jennifer and Jocelyn Bingham

The King family

Midge's daughter Ivy

Ruthie's horse Fred

"Mother Goose at Kirkcaldy