Aug - Dec 1987




August 1987

Dave Rainbird visits

Morag, Elspeth, Helen and Megan at the East Sands

Trinkie ...

... and Winston

Six weeks old: September 1987

Cats at eight weeks

Calum's presentation

Coastal walk from Kings Barns (Rock and Spindle)

Lunch at the Peoples' Palace, Glasgow

St Andrews harbour

At Vane Farm Nature Reserve, Loch Leven

Halloween 1987

Martin's butchers before it shuts

Mr Swiffen and wind group

Elspeth and Helen in Lawhead school show

Paul, Richard Edwin and Roderick Burnet in the audience

Jamie in his Nativity play

Frost on the Old Course

Sunday lunch at Rusacks' Marine Hotel

Lunch at Kingarath in Craigrothie

Paul's birthday treat: playing the Old Course

Paul and Dorian at the R and A Clubhouse

Paul's "Pizza cake": 5+7+1+1=14

Christmas Day: opening presents

After lunch

Fife Athletic Club ...

... Boxing Day handicap run at Craigtoun

Lunch at Edinburgh Zoo

New Year's Eve

Photographs sent with Christmas cards

Ruthie, Thea and Margery

Ruthie and Robin

Thea's parrot

Jane Mack with Thea in Miami

Lillie, Jed and George

Mo's Christmas wreath by Ruth

Midge's daughter Ivy

Jennifer and Jocelyn Bingham

The Sprengers