July 1991: Paxos




Holiday in Paxos: 8th to 22nd July 1991

At the hotel Divani Palace in Kanoni, Corfu

The back of the hotel

Mouse Island

Lunch at the Old Port, Corfu Town

Hotel Constantinople

Ferry to Paxos

Corfu: Old POrt

Gaios on Paxos

Dinner at Spiro's in Gaios

Sunrise from our balcony

Lunch ...

.. and bathing at Mongonossi beach

Beach picnic at Lakka



Spiro's again

Cliffs ...

... and arch at Tripitos on the West coast

Jean and Helen on the arch

Ruined windmill at Mylos

Fisherman's cat

Statue at Gaios

Venetian olive tree

Boat to Parga

Lunch on our balcony

14th July on Antipaxos

Sunday lunch

Caique back to Paxos

Alexis' restaurant

Gaios square

Sunset at Mousmouli cliffs

Ouzo and mezes on the balcony

Café kitten

Gaios harbour ...

... and new port

Voutami beach ...

... and taverna on Antipaxos

On the "express" boat back to Paxos

Strike on Paxos

Marmari beach picnic

Levrechio beach near Loggos

Waiting for the bus at Loggos

Gaios harbour

Our hired boat

On Kanini beach

Kipos beach

Lunch at Laggos

Last day lunch overlooking the beach

Taverna cat

Last day dinner: Volcano taverna

Stop at Loggos on the way to Corfu

Corfu town

Nut stand at the Listons