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Up to 1942: Jean born

David McKay
Grandfather McKay (on the right)
Mo as a girl
Stelly, her husband and Ruth: 1927
Dorothy Huber 1934
Mo: summer 1941
Jean born November 23, 1941
Jeanie makes the comics
One month - Jeannie begins to take notice
Two months - she poses for a more formal picture
Three months - things are lookin' up
Four months - riding in the coach is fun
Five months - Crid likes her cereal
Six months - sitting up alone, nothing to it!
With Wendy (16 months)
Seven months
Eight months
Nine months
Ten months
Eleven months
Twelve months
November 1942: off to Harvard
Four generations ...
... all born on November 23rd
Four generations: not all born on November 23rd

1943 - 1945:

January 1943
April 1943
June 1943
July 1943
October 1943
Jean and Renny
January 1944
March 1944
April 1944
July 1944
At Sanford Hall - November 1944
January 1945 - off to nursery school
February 1945
June 1945
August 1945 - Atlantic City
Jean and Ruthie
Ventnor: Aunt Ragni, Granny, Stelly, ?, Jean and Jeanie

1946 - 1948:

Easter 1946 - with bunnies
Playground - June 1946
Ventnor - July 1946
September 1946
Halloween 1946
Kindergarten - November 1946
Christmas 1946
Jean and Dale - February 1947
With Ruth Davidson - February 1947
With Rusty and Janet
Spring 1947: Jane and Jeanie
Easter 1947
August 1947: Ventnor
First Grade
Bywood School
Booksellers' Association
Mr Wylie with Jean
1947 De Soto
Christmas 1947
Easter 1948
Valley Run Farm: Ruth, Bud, Bernard, Cousin Jean, Margery
Jean at the Farm ...
... and on the beach
Summer 1948: at Ventnor with Bobby Driscoll
Jean, Ruthie, Wendy Turner
Jeanie's birthday
Thanksgiving 1948
Christmas 1948


With Renny
With Ruthie
Jeanie, Donald and Clemmy
Spring 1949
Easter 1949
Easter 1949
Summer 1949
At Lake Pine
Danis and George
Third grade
With Aunt Jean at Taunton
September 1949
Halloween 1949
November 23, 1949
Christmas 1949
Tea party

Jeanie and Wendie

1945 - 1958: John's pictures

Wilfred and Kathleen's wedding 1942

John born: 31 July 1945
One month old
With Kathleen and great aunts
With Wilfred's parents and Aunt Margaret
With Wilfred's parents
April 1946
Hugh, Richard Dooley, Denis, Kevin Dooley, John

1950 - 1955:

Winter 1950
Jeanie, Veneta, George, Patches, Hoppy
323 Sherbrook
Jeanne and Patches at Lake Pine
Ruthie and Patches
The Evans family
Glenside June 1952:
Crid; Uncles Jack and Conard; Bernard; Maine and husband
Cousin Jean; Aunts Ragni and Gladys and Bess; Betsy and Joan McKay
Various Cridlands
Easter: Jeanie, Veneta, Suezanne
Charles and Calvin in the tube
Mo and Calvin
Po and the rowboat
Po and Ro
Scenes at the Lake
Calvin and Chrisy
The Wolseys
Ruthie in playpark
July 4
Trip to Washington
9th Grade Progressive Dinner (9-1, 9-2)
Girl Scout troop 443
Camp Barton Pioneers
Jeanne and Calvin
Mo and Calvin
7J3 Junior High School
Bill Bockus
Jeanne and Bill: dance at Bonner

1956 - 1958:

Seeing Granny off to Europe
Thespian Troop 1000
Dance Pantomime: Little Red Riding Hood
Little Red: Betsy Holmes, Wolf Jeanne, Grandma: Sandy Aranoff
May Day
Ro and Po at Lake
Calvin and corn on the cob
Ballet at Lake Pine Day Camp
Carol Thum
"barre" at the Colony Club
Jeanne dancing on the addition
Bernard's boat "The Country Belle" on the Cheasapeake Delaware
Skating on Taunton Lake
Jean, Lee Ann and Po
Po, Robby, Jean and Lee
Ro and Lee
Huckneys' Easter 1958

1958 - 1959: Jean in France

Ile de France: June 1958
September 1958
Paris postcards
Villennes-sur-Seine postcards
The Flood
Pictures of Preobrajenska at 86

1959 - 1964:

Puerto Rico
Graduations from Bywood, Jr Hi and Sr Hi
High School Graduation
Mo at Edinburgh Castle
Sleeping compartment
First legal drink
Billy and Margery
Water Island 1965

1964: Peace Corps in Turkey

July 1964: Arrival of Turkey TEFL IV: Yesilkoy Airport Istanbul
Greeted by Dr Stacy, Bordy and Mr Garwood of Robert College
Gate of Robert College
Favourite Bosphorus restaurant: Mehtap Gasinosu
Turkish Delight beside the Bosphorus
Connie Fulgham
Pat Oleson
Kay Semanco and Barbara van Dyke
Back door: first apartment Hatay Sokak
Ilkolul gez
Hatay Sokak
Bayrakli Caddesi
23 Bayrakli Caddesi
Our bank
Bornova main square
Turkish bath: Hamam
The new mosque in Bornova
Public park: bust of Ataturk
Tea house (cay evi)
Rufolo, Isan Bey, Kay and Pat
Izmir College: Saturday flag raising
The Lyse Building
1964: 5 Ed Psych
A "typical" I K student
Late to class
1964: Orta I English
In the Teachers' Room
Tea time with Trish Badcock
Isan Bey (math) and Ahmet Bey (gym)
Fullbrighters 1964: Keith Ketchem and George Turk
English contract teacher: Warwick Taylor
Izmir waterfront
Konak: market place
Pat and shoe-shine boy
Nar bayrami Pomegranate Festival: Pinarbaci village: October 1964
TAA art exhibit: Abdrhaman Bey and wife Ferda
Views of Izmir
Cooking outside
No can-opener
Fred Walhouser PCV and ruins
Roman aqueduct near Ephesus
A water seller
Atop Kecikale

1965 - 1966: Peace Corps

Camel fights at Sahlili
Greek ruins of Sardis
Larry and Fred's apartment
1965 Summer School students: Ezacibaci Kiz Orta Okulu
Neval Yasar
Aysun Kafescioglu
I K Orta Okul buildings
Rhodes: September 1965
Our pension
Thessaloniki (Salonika) Birthplace of Ataturk
Town Square
Pamukkale: November 1965
Water temperature: 99 degrees
Motel pool
Theatre at Pamukkale
Vicky and Bob picnic at Kara adasi
April 1966: on the beach during Cocuk Bayrami
Bodrum harbour
Bodrum: crusader castle
Playing backgammon (tavla)
Before dinner at the sehir klubu: Bob, Kay, Haki Bey, Vicki
Walking to the bus
Vicki's house: Kay, Jean, Vicki, Marty Schwartz
May 1966: Camping trip with Fulbrighters
Whole beach to ourselves
Ivan and wife Anna and kids
Barb with Cindy and Rist
TAA trip with Ahmet Bey, Pete Standish, Howard Gleason, Nato boys, etc.
House of the Virgin Mary
Aphrodesia: near Denizli
Ben Bey in theatre
Kay and a Turkish bus
View from hotel: no hot water or flush toilets: 35 cents a night
Ankara: Ataturk's mausoleum

1966 - 1969:

Biarritz: July 1966
At the Caroline's
Experiment in International Living: Poligny
Canoeing on the Muliga River
Marcie and Rita
Rita's first car
Maple's kittens
Cousin Jean, Mo and Jean LaWall
Cousin Jean's farm

July - Aug 1969: Wedding in the USA

Canoeing on the Wading river
In the local newspaper
Taunton Lake
John on the terrace
To the Brunel's for dinner
Before the wedding rehearsal
McGarrity's Restaurant: 13th July
John as a bachelor for the last time
Wedding announcement
St Mary's of the Lakes
Wedding photos
Wedding reception on the terrace
The "official" picture
Visit to Batso
On the dock
John and Buick
Swimming at the Sebring's in Maryland
John with Carol and Eddie
Nancy Mack at Walden Pond
Building a Barbecue
Margery and Cousin Jean
Margery and Mo in the Lake
With George and Aunt Jean
George with Buick
Philadelphia from the Art Museum
Leaving Taunton on August 27th
On the "Statendam"
Our cabin
George with Sue
Leaving New York

Sept 69 - Sept 70: In Oxford

Our flat in Botley
Living room
The "Fair Rosamund"
Kathleen, Wilfred and Hugh visit us in October
Abbey School in Berinsfield
Oxford Bus Station
Outside the Maths Institute
Keeping warm in Luton
Christmas lunch in Bedford
February: half term in Bournemouth
Snow in March
To Paris at Easter: Le Parc at Villennes
Maison de Zola
At Malmaison
To see the Girods at Poligny
Girod's daughter
Paris photo booth
Stelly's 75th birthday
Cridlands visit in April: Westminster water tower
At Christ Church
O'Connors visit: April 19th
St Catherine's eight bumps
Punting on the Cherwell
College moat
View of Oxford
July 14th: Luna Capresse
July 31st: Restaurant Elizabeth
By the river afterwards
COV 465C
At Culham Manor
Tea in the garden at Beech Road
Hugh working
In the garden at Luton
The River Cam at Granchester
With Auntie Margaret at Ampthill Park
August 15th: Oz's wedding in Plymouth
Avebury Ring in Wiltshire
Salisbury Cathedal
The cloisters
The Kaickers and Maitlands
Malcolm and Margaret's house-cooling party
Watercolour of Hitchin Rd Stopsley about 1900
Wilfred and Kathleen

Sept - Dec 1970: In St Andrews

12b Howard Place
Maths Institute
Midge visits: October 1970
At the Lynn of Dee
The harbour
At Fife Ness
The Star Hotel
The Binghams
November 23rd
Christmas dinner 1970
Plan of new house
St Rule's tower, December 31st 1970

Jan 71 - Sept 72: Skye: new house

Glen Prosen, January 1st 1971
Mad Mill Sale
Lancaster, February 1971
Glen Feugh
Plot 37: 20 Lawmill Gardens
Skye: Easter 1971
Kilt Rock
General Wade's bridge
Talisker Bay
Wade's Road: Corrieyairack Pass
Jennifer Bingham: born May 11th 1971
Cridlands visit September 1971
Garage building
30th birthday, November 1971
Christmas at the Weatherill's
Our Christmas tree
New Ford Escort, August 1972
Remains of Imp
Malcolm, Margaret and Stellie: August 1972
With Stellie at Keswick
Jock's Road: September 1972

Mar - Apr 1973: Taunton: NJ

Taunton Lake
Unseasonal weather?
Canoe on Centennial
The beach
House from the lake
and from the dock
Picnic at Hawkin's bridge
Wading river at Hawkin's bridge
Woody Sebring
Granny's Buick
Eddie's store in Delta, Penna
Sebring cars
Mo's "hot rod"
Panama Street, Philadelphia
Mo's favourite sculpture
Rittenhouse Square
"George's" Chinese restaurant
Dorothy and cousin Jean
Robert Fulton's birthplace, Lancaster County, Penna
Cousin Jean's farm
Ruth and Bud in Ridgewood, NJ
Peter Tuppeny's fish
Margery and Thea
To dinner at the Red Lion
Kirby's mill
Mo's portrait

May - Dec 1973: Paul born

To Aberdeen to the ballet: May 12th
and an EMS meeting
Our hotel
Celebration dinner (Loin of pork and champagne)
Anstruther sea-food festival
North Haugh
Weatherills on the West Sands
Garden Party: June 1973
Dinner with Nina and Angelo in Newport
Colin and Ann's wedding
June 20th in Dumfries
Sheepdog trials
Lawside Academy, Dundee
July 1973
O'Connors visit St Andrews: Lower Largo
Tentsmuir Sands
Jock's Road, Glen Clova
Glen Ogilvy
University Botanical Gardens
Rainbow over Bogward
Mo visits: August 1973: at the West Sands
On Capel Mount
Path from Glen Clova to Ballater
Malcolm and Margaret
River Lune, near Kirkby Lonsdale
Tay Road Bridge
Lammas Market
Dave Rainbird on Jock's Road
With Pete Standish at Cairn o' Mont
Hugh and Pauline in Stopsley: September 1973
Trevor at Stopsley Common
Archery on Stopsley Common
Triumphal Steak Pie (Darts match, Strathkinness)
Profile: November 1973
At the duckpond
December 1973
Paul: born 21st December: one day old
Two days old
In the kitchen sink
Aged two weeks

Jan - Aug 1974: Hugh wedding: Paul christening

Hugh and Pauline's wedding
5th January, Shipley, Yorkshire
Hugh and Denis
February 1974
Paul's Christening: 24th February 1974
With Fr Jock
Nina and Angelo: godparents
On Dundee Law
Visit to Luton: 17th to 23rd March
At Hopkins, 400 Hitchin Road
With Auntie Margaret in Bedford
In playpen
At Loch Faskaldy, Perthshire
View from Pitlochry dam
Mo visits at Easter (April 14th)
At the Birks o' Aberfeldy
Kate Kennedy procession
Stephen King: born 7th June
First passport picture
New pram
Six months old: in the Lade Braes
George and Jill's wedding
14th July 1974
7 month picture
New high chair
New car seat
On the swings at Luton

Sept 74 - Feb 75: Kintyre

Holiday in Kintyre: September 1974
Ardnacross Cottage, by Campbeltown
Road to the cottge
On the beach
Window seat
At Lussa Loch
View from the bedroom window
Arran from Kintyre
Judy's wedding: September 1974
Judy with Thea and Margery
Jackie and Jean-Paul
Paul with Charlie
With Lucy and Charlie
George and Jill and their apartment
Ruthie and leaves
Playground at the lake
On Rita's farm
With Stelly
Visit to the Standish's
November 1974
On the swing at Cockshaugh Park
December 1974
New anorak
First snow of winter
Sue and Tony's kittens
One year old
Lorna and Aidan
February 1975
The Burn at Edzell
Willie Parnaby
Mike Beetham and Colin Campbell

Mar - June 1975: Majorca

Holiday to Majorca
Hotel Bali: March 1975
Views from our balcony
El Arenal
Sunset with US warships
View towards La Palma
Franciscan monastery behind our hotel
Hotel Bali's pool
La Palma
Paul on the balcony
Paul's lunch counter: "Pancho-chips"
Paseo Sagrera, La Palma
Train to Soller
Soller from the train
Transport to the Port
Paul with admirers
Topology conference and BMC at Newcastle
April 1975: Hadrian's wall
Denis and Margaret's wedding
Leeds: April 1975
Almost walking
At the duckpond
With Gregor
Rosemary, Ann and Alan in the garden
Ceres Higland Games: June 1975

July 75 - June 76: Elspeth born

Hovercraft to Carnoustie for the Open
Walking on his own
Denis and Margaret visit: July 1975
Trevor: September 1975
Paul and Jean to the US
September/October 1975
On the dock
With Stelly
With Thea
New anorak
At the East Sands: October 1975
November 1975
New sweater
New car: December 1975
Front page of the "Citizen"
December 1975
Second Birthday party
March 1976
Elspeth born: 2nd April 1976
With Mo
In the sink: two weeks old
Three weeks old
At Edinburgh Zoo: April 1976
Six weeks old: May 1976
10pm in June
Paul at the sailing club open day
Malcolm, Stephen and Philip King

June - Aug 1976: Elspeth Christening

At the East Sands
Elspeth at two weeks old
Paul at playgroup in the Town Hall
Our crab apple, azaleas and rhododendron
South Street
In the Lade Braes
The Lochty Railway
University Botanical Garden
At Craigtoun Park
End of June 1976
At the East Sands
In the new paddling pool
With Alan Kemlo
July 1976
Strathkinness bus-shelter
Elspeth's Christening
With Father Brian
Christening cake
Denis and Margaret: godparents
Donkey Derby at Cockshaugh Park
Letham Glen picnic: 14th July 1976
Anniversary dinner
To Isle of May with EMS
EMS photograph
Donkey ride: West Sands
Paul at Ladybank Junction
Brunels visit: July/August 1976
View from Capel Mount
With Derek Law on Capel Mount
Margery on donkey
and trampoline
Leaving from Cupar
Lammas Market: August 1976
Kings visit: August 1976
At the East Sands
Elspeth at Elie
David Rainbird at Anstruther
Elspeth at five weeks
Hamilton Hall Fire: End of August

Sept - Dec 1976: Ibiza

Holiday in Ibiza: 4th to 18th September 1976
Ibiza Pueblo Hotel
Our staircase
View from the balcony
San Antonio from our balcony
Children's tea
The farm above the hotel
Swimming in the hotel pool
Staff v guests football
Fishermen in San Antonio
San Antonio from the water
Our hotel from the sea
Our local beach: Port des Torrents
Paul eating Dracula
Road back to the hotel from the bus stop
Boat trip to Cala Bassa
Cala Bassa (5km from hotel)
Bus trip around the island
At Fantasylandia
Old gate, Ibiza Town
Above the harbour
The cathedral
The old town
The fruit market
The promenade
Last day
Elspeth with "Paco"
Edinburgh Zoo: October 1976
Elspeth in Spanish dress
Elspeth at 7 months: November 1976
Billy, Margery and Thea
Jean's birthday: November 1976
East Sands
Tandem push-chair
December 1976
Cosmos Jumble Sale: December 11th
December snow
By the curling pond
On Hallow Hill
Pete Standish visits
Paul's third birthday party
December 1976
The Pattons at Craigtoun Park
Christmas 1976
Elspeth learns to crawl
Derek and Jackie and stuffed turkey breast

Jan - May 1977: Carrbridge

Walk to Windward farm: Ist January
At the East Sands
Nine month picture
Ten month picture
Eleven month picture: March 1977
Holiday to Carrbridge: Invernessshire: 22nd to 25th March 1977

Our hotel
Skiing on Cairngorm
Skating at Aviemore
Senior Honours class: 1976/77
Children's farm at Edinburgh Zoo
April 1977
Elspeth's first Birthday
Elspeth walking: April 1977
Derek's testimonial game
John's "new" bicycle
Windward Farm Nursery: Miss Evie's
Jed Cridland born: May 19th 1977
Jed one month old
With Katherine and Fiona
Elspeth in new paddling pool

June - Aug 1977: Manchester: Luton

Paul's "Jubilee Party": 6th June 1977
Mo marries John Navas: 25th June 1977
David McKay in background
Mo's new home
John's boat
Examiners' meeting: June 1977
West Sands: July 1977
Fishing in the Lade Braes
Garden party
Elspeth's garden party dress
Picking up from Miss Evies'
With Derek and Jackie at Edinburgh Zoo
Denis, Margaret, Adrian and David in Manchester
Manchester University Museum: Dinosaur bones
John's degree ceremony: 30th July 1977
Hugh, Pauline and Robert
At Luton Airport: 31st July 1977
Dolphins at Whipsnade Zoo
Children's Zoo
Elspeth and Kathleen
Paul and Wilfred
Recreation Ground, Stopsley
Opening Parade: Edinburgh festival
Derek on roof at Bruntsfield terrace
Chamber Street Museum
Dave Rainbird on St Rule's tower
Our addition started: August 15th 1977
Margery, Rhoda, Paul and Aidan

September 1977: Marlton: NJ

Hotel in Glasgow
On to the plane: 24 hours late
Taunton Lake
Ruthie and Billy
Jean and Elspeth (Ruthie's finger)
Paul's first fish (cat fish)
Caboose in Medford
Jack Waters
Pete Standish in his garden
With Peg Standish
Boonton Station New Jersey
New York on Sunday: Central Park Zoo
Central Park
View up 5th Avenue
With Aunt Ruth: Ridgewood NJ
8th and Market Street Mall
Independence Mall
Rittenhouse Square
Delaware River from Benjamin Franklin Bridge
Mo and John Navas
Media trolley
War Memorial in Media
Costume store in Media
Billy's dragster
At Philadelphia Zoo
Canoe trip from Medford library to Kirby's Mill
Skunk at Betty Woodford's
Long Beach Island
George and Jill's new house in Seattle
Jed four months old

Oct 77 - Apr 78: Helen born

Our addition when we got home
Visit to Derek and Jackie: October 1977
On Bruntsfield links
Nursery run: Mark, Michael (Donaldson), Paul, Nicholas, Michael (Donald)
East Sands: November 1977
Playtime at Miss Evie's: December 1977
Nativity play at Miss Evie's
Paul's 4th Birthday
December 1977
Paul with Thunderbird 2
Christmas Day 1977
Kings visit: Paul, Philip, Malcolm, Stephen, Margaret
At the East Sands
Philip King
Michael and Aidan
Derek and Jackie: New Year's Day 1978
Mo and snow: February 1978
At Timothy's: 10th February 1978
Paul on new sledge
Frozen duck pond
Helen born: 3.25 am 13th February 1978 (Meal Monday)
Five minutes old
Helen 10 minutes old
12 hours old
Monday afternoon
Home again: Wednesday 15th
First bath at home: one week old
Two weeks old
Elspeth at duck pond
Helen at 2 weeks: in sling
Helen at 3 weeks
Watching TV
Helen at one month
Reading party to Blair Atholl
Atholl Castle
The falls of Bruar
Single Honours Pure Maths 1977/8 (Last Differential Topology lecture)
Family portrait
Easter 1978: dying eggs
Elspeth with chocolate egg
Paul with mumps
Helen at six weeks
Elspeth's second birthday
With Cantlays and Weatherills
BMC at Lancaster: April 1978
John Milnor lecturing
The Grey Mare's tail
George, Jill and Jed at Christmas
View of Puget Sound from their new house
Jed in April 1978

Apr - July 1978: Camping in France

New climbing frame: April 1978
Paul in front of TV
Helen two months old
Kate Kennedy procession
Paul about to go to zoo with Paul Brown
Visit to Kings: May 1978
Children dressed for Sunday Mass
Helen at three months
Paul on Gregor's tricycle
Our azalea
Visit to Derek and Jackie: June 1978
Picnic in the Botanical Gardens
In the Palm House
Black shark in Botanical Gardens glass-house
With Jackie on Arthur's Seat
View from Arthur's Seat
Visit to Stopsley for Helen's christening: June 1978
On Stopsley Common
At the "back of the football field"
Helen's Christening
With Fr John
With god-parents: Hugh and Pauline
Celebration tea
Holiday to France: June/July 1978
By Hovercraft: Ramsgate to Calais: 21st June
Reims: 23rd June
Candle to St Anthony
Windows by Chagall
Visit to champagne cellars: 24th June
Camping at Beaune: 24th and 25th June
Children's tent
Play park at Beaune
Visit to the Girod's in Poligny: 25th June to 3rd July
"Le Martinet": Girod's house/sawmill (with tents)
Jean Paul Girod on the écluse
Ann with Etienette; Jean with Helen
Elspeth with Tom
Sunday lunch: Lilian, Philippe, Ann, Jean Paul, Jean
Croix de Dan, Poligny
Les Grottes de Baume
Zoo in Besançon citadel
Visit to Arbois: Pasteur's statue
Back to Poligny on the train
Camping by the Loire: 3rd and 4th July
Orleans cathedral
Picnic at the chateau at Bloix
Chateau at Chambord
Play park at Le Havre
The "Dragon": ferry Le Havre to Southampton
Our cabin
Winchester cathedral
Wicksteed Park, Kettering: with the Wallers
Camping at Limefitts Park in the Lake District
Mountain climbing
On Lake Windermere
Windermere car ferry
Lakeside to Haverthwaite railway

July 78 - Jan 79:

Open golf championship at St Andrews: July 1978
Nicklaus playing to the 18th green (day 3)
Frigate Unicorn in Dundee
Scottish Ballet's production of "Napoli"
Derek and Jackie at Portobello
Ride on a DUKW
August 1978
East Sands with Derek, Jackie, Rhoda, Aidan
Paul and Paul Brown
Paul's first day at Lawhead: 21st August
Gregor Cantlay's Christening
Denis visits: August 1978
David visits
Family portraits
September 1978
Trevor and Sue visit
At Tentsmuir
With Derek and Jackie at Edinburgh Castle
Bonfire Night: November 1978
Fireworks at the Vysny's
At the East Sands
Pete Standish visits: November 1978
Paul with Rhoda
Helen 10 months old
Paul's 5th birthday
Christmas 1978: Elspeth with presents
Helen with Christmas present
New Year snow: January 1979
Paul's school portrait

Feb - June 1979: Inverasdale

February 1979
March 1979
Kings visit: St Andrews Castle
Helen walking
Elspeth's third birthday party
Mary Fraser and Rosemary Cantlay
Derek Brown, Aidan, Sharon and Alison
John's new bike (again)
Our new kitchen
Helen climbing: May 1979
Helen climbing: June 1979
Prof Copson receiving honorary membership of the EMS from Prof Rankin: St Andrews: June 1979
Edinburgh Zoo: June 1979
Visit to Wallace Monument and Malcolm and Margaret
Back garden paddling pool
West Sands: June 1979
Holiday in Inverasdale
Our Kitchen
Our caravan
View of Loch Ewe
Paul fishing
Caravan site from the beach
Our beach with Sue, Tony and Kirsten
View of Loch Maree
Path to the viewpoint
Visit to Inverewe gardens
Blue poppy
On the shore of Loch Ness
Camping at the Old Station Milk Bar, Bankfoot
Paul in slate quarry

July - Dec 1979: Hitchin

Changing houses with Hugh and Pauline in Hitchin: July/August 1979 By motorail from Stirling to Kensington
Pauline and Helen
Visit to the Maitlands
Visit to the Wallers
On the Thames
Royal Naval College, Greenwich
Cutty Sark
In Regents' Park
10 Downing Street
Trafalgar Square
Science Museum
London Zoo
Craigtoun Park: August 1979
At the East Sands with the King family
George, Jill and Jed visit
Edinburgh Zoo: October 1979
Halloween 1979
Guy Fawkes: at the curling pond
Paul's sixth birthday party
Paul's new bike

December 1979: Taunton

Visit to Taunton: 11th to 31st December 1979
Beach at Taunton Lake
Swans on Lost Lake
Mo and Elspeth in cranberry bog
"Piney's" cabin
Visit to turkey farm
USS Madison
Margery with new hair-do
Thea getting off school bus
Snow at Taunton
Jean and Helen
At Betty Woodford's
Elspeth and Christmas lights
Christmas morning
Visit to Batsto
Paul, Elspeth and Mo on Taunton Lake
Ruth and Bud Tuppeny visit
"Granny's" house in Ventnor
On the boardwalk at Ventnor
Jean and Rita at Longport
Rita and her mother
O'Connor's and Sebrings at Longport
On the dock at Taunton
Flight home: New Year's Eve 1979

Jan - May 1980 :

With Derek and Jackie at Cramond
Helen on Elspeth's bike
Elspeth and her snowman
Jean and Lorna on Hallowhill
Elspeth and Aidan
Ruth Tuppeny visits: January 1980
Helen's second birthday: with Sue Davie
Elspeth's "professional" portrait
Elspeth's fourth birthday
Paul in Primary 2 at Lawhead
May 1980
Ruth Law born: 22nd April 1980
Watching "Tales of Beatrix Potter"
Elspeth with Susie at Miss Evies's
Helen on the train
Paul and Elspeth on 2-wheelers: 24th May 1980

June - July 1980: Malgrat: Costa Brava

Holiday on Costa Brava: 17th June to 2nd July 1980
Hotel Sorra d'Or, Malgrat
Our hotel from the railway station
Hotel pool
Pool from our room
Our balconies
Church in Malgrat
Main shopping street
Elspeth and Helen in Spanish dresses
Malgrat from the watch-tower
Watch tower from the hotel roof
Goods train in the station
Beach at Lloret
Cake shop at Lloret
Swimming in the pool
swimming pics
Dancing sardanas
Visit to Barcelona
In the Pueblo Espagnol
Columbus "Santa Maria" replica
Alexander 14th palace
Eating tapas (calemares)
The Cathedral
St Eulalia chapel
On Las Ramblas
On the train back to Malgrat
Carmen, our waitress
Francisco: head waiter
Paul at our local bar
Elspeth with her friend Tania

July - Dec 1980: Jamie arrives

EMS Colloquium in David Russell Hall: July 1980
Garden party
Paul Halmos and Tom Blyth
North Carr lightship at Anstruther
Wedding anniversary
New bunk beds
Aidan stays overnight
Wilfred visits us
Tay Road Bridge
Donkey riding at the West Sands
Camping at Blair Castle in Blair Atholl
Mill at Blair Atholl
At the Falls of Bruar
We pick up Jamie: 8th August 1980
With his foster mother: Mrs Donaldson
First outing
NCT picnic at Earlsferry
Two month picture
Paul with Ruth Law
Rainbird visits: September 1980
Jim Tatchell's retirement: with Helen Tatchell and John Howie
George with Lillie: born
Jamie at three months
Jamie at four months: October 1980
At the Chambers Street Museum
Paul with triceratops
Guy Fawkes: at the curling pond
Paul: 7, Helen: 2 3/4, Elspeth: 4 1/2, James: 5 months
Jamie in his "French" suit
Making the Christmas cake
Paul's 7th birthday: at the Rock and Spindle
Jamie at 6 months
Christmas 1980
Christmas lunch

Jan - June 1981: Jean and Jamie to USA

Laws visit at New Year 1981
Sledging on Hallowhill: January 1981
In the sea at the East Sands
Work on new addition: February 1981
Helen's third birthday party
With Gregor and Catherine
Paul's School picture
New dancing dresses from the US
Dancing class in the Victory Memorial
March 1981
Jamie with Tyrone (in USA)
Ruthie visits us: March/April 1981
Elspeth's 5th birthday
With Meika and Emma
Jamie at the Castle beach
At Craigtoun Park
Paul at Letham Glen
With the Laws at Edinburgh Zoo
Jamie starts crawling: May 1981
Jamie's "official" portrait
At the Botanical Gardens, Edinburgh
Helen after falling in the lily pond
Kite flying on Hallowhill
Penny Fair at Lawhead: June 1981
Paul's Sports Day
Aikman and Terras closes
Final Sale: with Mrs Billing
At the East Sands
Jamie feeding himself ...
... and eating mud
Painting our new extension
Elspeth with Cindy and horse
Elspeth going to party
Helen, Elspeth and Jamie with Mary
Jamie's first birthday: June 19th 1981
Paul in Canongate Judo display

July - Aug 1981: Ayr and Leadhills

To Sundrum Caravan Park Ayr: 4th to 11th July 1981
Our caravan
Fun fair at Ayr
In the sea at Ayr
Culzean Castle
In the walled garden
On the "Waverley" to Arran
In Brodick harbour
Helen at Brodick beach
Brodick Castle
Leaving Arran
On the way back to Ayr
At Cockshaugh park with the Laws: July 1981
Ruth and Jamie
Donkey Derby
Groups St Andrews 1981: At David Russell Hall
Jill, Lillie, Jed and George
Paul and Elspeth returning from Derek and Jackie's
Holiday at Leadhills: August 1981
Our cottage
Mine at Wanlockhead
Reservoir above the cottage
The Green Lowther
Eating Kendal mint-cake
Drumlanrig Castle
Inside the castle
Jamie crawling
Adventure playground
New Lanark
Falls on the Clyde
Near the falls
Our "Christmas picture"
Elspeth's new bike
Elspeth starts school

Sept 81 - Apr 82:

Dave Rainbird visits: September 1981
Jamie walking
Trevor visits
Paul, Paul Brown and ZX81
Visit to Law's new house:October 1981
Elspeth, Helen and Aidan at Spinkey Den
At Edinburgh Zoo
Halloween: Wicked Queen and Wonderwoman
Guy Fawkes at the Curling pond
Chickenpox: November/December 1981
Paul's 8th Birthday party
Jamie walking
Christmas Day 1981: Mo visits
Christmas lunch
To the East Sands afterwards
Christmas pictures:
Spengers: Jeff, Marion, Peter and Tina
"Corasicks": Midge and John
Binghams: Jennifer and Jocelyn
Sebrings: Karol, Eddy and Ryan
Jackie's Christmas present
Sledging on Hallowhill
St Rule's Tower: with Paul Brown
Tay Road Bridge: New Year's Day 1982
Sledging: January 1982
Pete Standish visits
At the East Sands
February 1982: Helen's 4th birthday party ...
... with girls from her nursery
Derek and Jackie visit: at the East Sands
At Letham Glen
Elspeth's 6th birthday party

Apr - June 1982:

Paul in Boys Brigade uniform
Elspeth's class: Lawhead Primary 1
Paul's class: Primary 4
With Aidan in newly painted room
Helen learns to ride: on the Curling pond
With Catherine
With Karen and Christine
At Hill of Tarvit, Cupar
Walk to Schooniehill: May 1982
Gregory's Pillar: with Jonathon Haxell
With the Laws on Blackford Hill
At the Botanical Gardens
James at the Lochty railway
At Kirkcaldy swimming pool
Jamie's second birthday: outing to Tentsmuir
Jed (age 5) and Lillie (age 2)
Lillie in her sand pit

June - July 1982: Agios Nikolaos: Crete

Holiday to Agios Nikolaos: 25th June to 9th July 1982
Hotel El Greco
Our hotel from the sea
The local beach
Elspeth and Helen with Moira ...
... and Jean
... and Monique
... and Betty
Hotel cat with kittens
Jamie in "his jeep"
Fishermen in harbour ...
... and passing our hotel
The lake in Agios Nikolaos
Entrance to the lake
The lake at night
Cafe by the lake
The "Black Eagles": Cretan dancers ...
... Helen's outing
Kritsa: a mountain village
Main road near Agios Nikolaos
Taverna Trata
Jamie's outing:taxi to the beach
Outside Grigoris's Ouzeria
The square at Elounda
Waiting for the bus back
Bathing at Elounda
Agios Nikolaos from the Elounda road.
John and Elspeth visit Spinalonga
Spinalonga: ruins of leper colony and fort
Ruined houses on Spinalonga
Agios Nikolaos bus-station
Agios Nikolaos in the distance
Bus to Ierapetra
Beach at Ierapetra
Ruins at Gournia
Visit to Neapolis

July - Dec 1982: Jean and Helen to USA

Wedding anniversary: 14th July 1982
Camping at Clayton Park, Dairsie
At the Castle with Paul Brown, Rosie Woodward and Gillian and Jennifer Duff
Derek and Jackie visit with Ruth
Lammas Market: August 1982
View from big wheel
Jean and Helen to USA: 27th August to 12th September 1982
Leaving from Cupar
With Bernard
Mo's sailing boat
Mo and Tyrone
With Mo, Aunt Jean, Ruth and Thea
With Aunt Jean
Home at Dundee
Wilfred visits: September 1982
At the harbour
Derek and Jackie's "Christmas picture"
"Round the corner" ...
... pictures by Mr Roberts
Our "Christmas picture"
Jean's new bicycle
Halloween, 1982
Guy Fawkes
Paul's birthday
Christmas 1982
Christmas lunch
Jed, Lillie and George

Jan - Apr 1983: Broughton-in-Furness

Tay Road bridge: New Year 1983
East Sands
Helen at nursery
Paul and ZX81
Bread van
Helen's birthday
... big sisters, little sisters
Central Motors for new car
Holiday to Broughton-in-Furness: March/April 1983

Above Coniston
Sawrey Knott
Hard Knott pass
Lake Windermere
To visit Wilfred in Southport
Tea with Hugh and Pauline
Alexander O'Connor
Frith Hall, Ulpha
Torver Low Comon
Rebecca Law: born 20th March 1983
Elspeth's 7th birthday: April 1983
Dressed for Easter
Paul and Elspeth
BMC at Aberdeen

Apr - June 1983:

Weekend in Glen Clova: above the hotel
Walk up to Loch Brandy
Helen's nursery class: without Helen
Boys' Brigade Annual Inspection
Edinburgh Zoo and the Laws
Ruth and Jamie
Rebecca Law
Jamie's third birthday
Opening presents
Outing to East Sands
Helen and Elspeth's ballet with Miss White
Boys brigade display at Kilrymont: June 1983
Elspeth's gymnastic display
Elspeth's Sports Day

July 1983: Lido di Jesolo: Italy

Holiday to Italy: 2nd to 16th July 1983
Flying from Glasgow
Our flats
... and the model of them
Helen, her German friend and Elspeth
At our beach
Our "section"
Helen with her "Sorry" note
Boarding ferry to Venice
View from the ferry
From the Ponte della Pieta
Piazzetta San Marco
Inside San Marco
The Rialto
Lunch in the Ghetto
Grand Canal views
Unloading beer
At the Lido
Back to Punta Sabbioni from the Lido
Helen "driving" Jamie
Our favourite restaurant
Our waiter
Walk to Treporti for the ferry
Burano in the Venetian lagoon
Leaning campanile
Ladies making lace and smoking fish
Kitchen/living room in our apartment
Paul and his friend Douglas
Helen's expensive plaster
Shows at the "Kursaal":Wizard of Oz
The lighthouse
Helen with her Austrian friends
Children with Alfredo
San Giorgio Maggiore
View from the campanile
In the campanile
Eating peaches
Scuola di San Marco: hospital
Lunch at San Giovanni e Paolo
Campo Morosini
Piazza San Marco: with tourists
View from Pont dell'Accademia
Back to Lido di Jesolo via the canals
Visit to the circus
Our restaurant again
Lunch on our terrace
Visit to Luna park on last evening
Postcard of San Giorgio Maggiore
Postcard of San Martino at Burano
Il Faro

July - Aug 1983: Bala: North Wales

Elspeth with Jimmy Newton
Catherine Vysny, Kathy Petrovich and Kirsten Davie with Jamie
Jamie's outing: by train to Burntisland
With Michael Campbell at Letham Glen
At Tentsmuir
Holiay to Bala in Wales: 30th July to 6th August 1983
Our cottage: Hysbysfa: one mile from Bala
With Paul Brown
Lake Bala
On top of Mynydd Nodol (1750 ft)
Llyn Celyn in background
Up Maount Snowden by railway
Bala Lakeside Railway
At Cyffdy Farm Park
Slate Mine at Blaenau Ffestiniog
Climbing Moel Llyfnant (2461 feet)
Outside our cottage
Visit to Dave Rainbird in Liverpool
Dave's house
Mersey ferry
Visit to Formby
To see Wilfred, Hugh Pauline, Robert and Alexander

Aug - Dec 1983:

Lammas Market: August 1983
Helen starts school
Citizen report
Rebecca law visits
Trevor Smedley visits: September 1983
Elspeth joins the Brownies
Visit to Laws: at Arthur's seat
Craigmillar Castle
Derek with Rebecca
Our "Christmas" picture: October 1983
Gymnastics with Val Oswald at Lawhead
Pete Standish visits
Alistair Wood's last 5-a-side game
At Tayport
Halloween 1983
Laws at Breakfast
Guy Fawkes 1983
East Sands: November 1983
Jean's birthday: at Ziggy's
Helen in Girls' Brigade uniform
Helen and Elspeth with Lucy
Lawhead Christmas concert
Paul's 10th birthday
At Ziggy's with Paul Brown
Christmas 1983
Christmas lunch
At Sampson's grave
Christmas afternoon
Christmas pictures 1983
Jackie with Judie's eldest
Thea and Lillie at Taunton
Judie and her youngest daughter
Nancy's husband Otto and her baby

Jan - Mar 1984:

New Year on the Tay Bridge
Edinburgh Zoo
Paul and Paul Brown at the harbour
Helen's 6th birthday
On Dundee Law: February 1984
Paul at hospital in Kirkcaldy
Laws visit: February 1984
At the East Sands
To Edinburgh for lunch: March 1984
Pauls Judo Championship
Bronze medal: under 35Kg
Elspeth's 8th birthday

March 1984: Dalavich: Lochaweside

Holiday to Dalavich Lochaweside
Our cabin by the loch
Three storey bunks
Loch Awe
Camasserie Castle
Loch Awe (looking North-East)
On the Avich Falls walk
Oban glass-works
Dunstaffuage Castle
Elspeth's birthday treat: horseriding at Connel
Viewpoint over Loch Awe
At the top of Tom t-Saighdeir (303m)
Upper Tyndrum: stationmaster's office
Across Rannoch Moor
Glenfinnan Viaduct
Loch Shiel
Playpark near Fort William
Falls on Rivar Inan
Rope swing at Dalavich: Hell's Corner
MacKensie's Grove: 1910 Douglas fir
On the Duin Chorvaich walk
Loch Awe with Ben Cruachan behind

April 1984:

BMC at Bristol
SS Great Britain in dry dock
Flic-Flac gymnastics display
Rolling Easter eggs on Ben Lomond
Boys' Brigade display
Cambo open farm at Kings Barns
St Andrews Castle beach: Mayday morning
By train from Ladybank
Helen making "get-well" card
Visiting Jean at Cameron hospital
Visit to Laws ...
... and Zoo
Home from Brownie disco
Lawhead Primary 1
Primary 3
Primary 6
Brownies at Craigtoun hospital
Jamie's 4th birthday ...
... hedgehog cake
Jamie in Dundee Royal Infirmary

June - July 1984: Porticcio: Corsica

Leaving from Kirkcaldy
With Judy and John O'Donaghue in Green Park
Dinner in Pizza Express
Waiting in Gatwick
Holiday to Porticcio Corsica: 27th June to 11th July 1984
Terra Bella apartments
Rue Centrale, Terra Bella
Our pool: Helen diving
Paul playing cricket
Boat service to Ajaccio
Ajaccio harbour
Cathedral in Ajaccio
Road from the beach
Our beach
Beach pictures
Helen with Moira MacGilvray
Elspeth with Lorna MacGilvary
Beach picnic
"Death slide" at playground
Hire car: Renault 16
Menhirs at Filitosa
View of Propriana
Harbour at Propriana
Lunch at Olmeta Plage
With "wild" kittens
At the fishmongers
Pizza at "Le Beach"
New pizza oven at Tera Bella
Last evening
The Parks
Plane home

July - Aug 1984: Hawkeshead, Lake District

Fishing in Lade Braes
15th wedding anniversary: 14th July 1984
Horse-riding at Barbarafields
Play park at the curling pond
Lime kilns at Ceres
Jack Nicklaus's honorary degree
Last day of 1984 Open
Coffee at Old Course Hotel
At Craigtoun park
Holiday in Lake District: 28th July to 4th August 1984
Black Fell Cottage, near Hawkeshead
Our kitchen
Walk near cottage
Cottage back garden
At Hilltop: Beatrix Potter's home
Dry-stone walling at Brock's Hole
At Tarn Howe
Above Windermere: in the rain
On a guided walk
The "Gondala" on Coniston Water
Visit to Hugh's at Formby
Above Grasmere
Above Coniston
Loughrigg Tarn
Top o' Selside above Coniston (1015 feet)
Loughrigg Fell (1101 feet)

Aug - Sept 1984: Jean, Elspeth in Hilton Head

Visit to Abbotsford
Visit to Laws
At the US consulate in Edinburgh
Moon-buggy in Chambers Street Museum
At the Lammas Market
At the East Sands
Dave Rainbird visits
James starts at Canongate Nursery
Jean and Elspeth to Hilton Head South Carolina
Leaving from Edinburgh Airport
Mo and Jean's house
Mo's car
At the "wild beach"
At the South beach
Blue Ribbon stables
Elspeth with Spanish moss
Juliet Low's house in Savannah
Japanese restaurant
Pirate house Savannah
At South Beach with palmetto
Mo and her brother David
Waterslide at "Waterfun Park"
Mo's swimming pool
Return to Edinburgh Airport

Oct - Dec 1984:

Sunset over Bogward
At Kinkell Braes
Near the Maiden Rock
Visit to Cambo
Paul and Elspeth on BMX's
Our "Christmas" picture
Hallowe'en 1984
Laws visit
Guy Fawkes at the curling pond
Lawhead Christmas concert: Paul with Mr Swiffen
Elspeth with recorder group
Helen and Catherine in "Nativity" play
James at nursery
Elspeth in Brownie play
Paul's 11th birthday at Ogilvy's pizza restaurant
Birthday tea wth Michael Campbell
Dorothy Lamb on the last day of term
Christmas pictures
Jed and Lillie (Hallowe'en 1984)
Midge's daughter Ivy: 7 mos in November)
Karol Sebring
Jennifer Bingham (13)
Jocelyn Bingham (10)
Opening presents on Christmas Day
Christmas lunch

Jan - Mar 1985: New Malden

Elspeth with ZX81
Jamie in front of Mr Robert's
New Year's Day: Tay Road Bridge
Laws visit
Paul and jamie
To Edinburgh Zoo with the Laws
Riding at Barbarafields (with Natasha)
Pete Standish visits
Snow on Hallowhill
Frozen duckpond
Saturday lunch at Ziggy's
Riding near Scotstarvit Tower
Visit to Laws at New Malden: February 1985
On the station at Inverkeithing
At Covent Garden
Blizzard in New Malden
On the bus to Kingston swimming pool
Sunday lunch
Visit to Hampton Court
Helen's birthday tea
Law's new house
At Hamley's toy shop
Helen's 7th birthday party
Elspeth with Brownie "shield"
Knot Theory course 19845
Sledging on Hallow Hill
On coastal walk from Kings Barnes to Crail
In the rain in Tentsmuir
Lunch in Pancake Place in Glasgow

March 1985: Mungrisdale: Lake District

Our cottage in Mungrisdale
The cottage in 1954
Walk near the cottage
Paul chopping kindling
Picnic near Derwent Water
At Bowscale Tarn
Climbing Cats Bells (above Derwnt Water)
In the "Cosy Cafe" in Portinscale
At Castle Head in Keswick
At the Lodore Falls by Derwent Water
Above Derwent Water
Ashness Bridge
Visit to Wilfred at Southport and Hugh and Pauline at Formby
With Robert
Elspeth and Alexander
Our local in Mungrisdale
At Castlerigg Stone Circle
George Hotel in Penrith
Riding in Bassenthwaite Village
Walking on Hadrian's Wall

Apr - July 1985:

Paul, Elspeth and Helen's school photo
Elspeth's 9th birthday
Lunch at Ziggy's
Swimming and tea with Morag
BMC at Cambridge: Trinity College
Easter Sunday: rolling eggs on Hallow Hill
Snow at Cambo
Kate Kennedy procession
"Minstrel" (with "William Wallace")
Kate and Bishop Kennedy
Jamie's mumps picture
Paul in scout uniform
Paul with Fife Primary Orchestra: Langlands School
Jean in Edinburgh (to get Paul's passport)
Helen and Elspeth with Rachel
Lawhead Primary 7
June 1985
Laws visit
At Spinkie Den
Hamid Ali and his family for Sunday lunch
Helen's enrolment in Brownies
Jamie's fifth birthday
With Mr Roberts
School concert: June 1985
Paul with Mr Swiffen's woodwind group
Paul in cowboy sketch
Helen and Elspeth's gymnastic dispaly
Helen's medal: 2nd under 8's
Fivepenny fair
Paul as fortune teller
Jamie's Sports Day (with Miss Blair)
Helen's Sports Day (with Rachel)
Ruthie with her horse: Fred
To London: July 1985
Kirkaldy Station: 2nd July 1985
In Derek and Jackie's garden
Lunch at the V and A
In Hyde Park
Celebrating 4th July
Jamie and Rebecca
With Jackie and Rebecca in Kew gardens

July 1985: Denia: Costa Brava

Our apartment
Helen and Elspeth at the swimming pool
Local shopping centre: Les Fonts
Golden Disco
At our beach
Helen and Elspeth with Emilia
Paul and Elspeth on water slide
Jamie on new air-bed
Morning coffee (with brandy)
Paul and Elspeth washing up
Jamie and Paul on water slide
Flameco at local café
Landing fish
Fish market
"Bulls in the Sea" festival
Boat trip from Denia harbour
Towards Las Rotas
Dinner at our "local": La Campana
Dinner at El Poblet
Sunday lunch: paella at Reataurante Jamse
Lunch at a pizzaria
Frozen oranges and lemon dessert
Denia market
Buying sausage and cheese
Denia main street
Jamie and Paul at the barbers
Waiting for the bus back to the apartment
Views of Denia
At Denia castle
Lady feeding stray cats
Children's silhouettes
Dessert at lunch: figs, apricots, apple tart
Dinner at Hostella Loretta
Denia main street in the evening
Anniversary dinner: July 14th at La Compana
Visit to Benidorm by train
Train back to Denia
Visit to safari park at Vergel
Waiting for the taxi home
Visit to Las Rotas
Lunch at the Restaurant Mena
At the "gypsy market"
Last day picnic (with cuttle-fish sandwiches)
Watching bull-fighting on TV
Souvenir T-shirts

July - Aug 1985: Balintore: Easter Ross

Donkey Derby, Cockshaugh Park
Paul to USA: 25th July to 16th August 1985
At Edinburgh Airport
Outside Sea-Pines Golf Club on Hilton Head Island
John's 40th birthday
Lunch in the garden: smoked salmon and champagne
To Falkland Palace with the Group theorists (with Anita Mordente)
"Groups St Andrews 1985"
Holiday to Balintore in Easter Ross: August 1985
Balintore playground
Coastal walk North of Balintore
To Wick by train
Fearn Station: early morning
Caithness glass works
Walk to Old Wick Castle: at the Trinkie sign
At Portmahomack on the Dornach Firth
Above Nigg Bay construction yard
Climbing in the rain: near Loch Beag (NH642846)
Dinner on the last day: salmon and strawberries

Aug - Dec 1985:

Derek and Jackie visit: August 1985
Paul home from USA: Edinburgh Airport
Lammas Market: August 1985
On roller-blades on the curling pond
Jamie's first day at Lawhead: 19th August
Paul starts at Kilrymont
Paul in scout uniform
Dave Rainbird visits with Phil
Sunday afternoon in Crail
Helen and Jamie ready for school
Paul Brown playing croquet: September 1985
Buying shoes in Bayne and Duckett: with Morag Patterson
Mo and Aunt Jean visit
By the "Himalayas"
In the Woollen Mill
Visit to Wilfred at Bradford: 6th November 1985
Wilfred's funeral: Sacred Heart, Stopsley
Wilfred and Kathleen's grave: Vale Cemetery
694 being "rewindowed"
Raisin Monday lecture
Presentation of new Judo mats
Jean's birthday lunch at Ziggy's
Exhibition at the Crawford Centre
Paul's 12th birthday tea
Brownies' Christmas Play
Helen as "innkeeper's wife"
Jamie and Helen's Lawhead Christmas Concert
Playing "Trivial Pursuits"
On the phone to Mo in the USA
Christmas Day 1985
Jennifer and Jocelyn Bingham
The King family
Midge's daughter Ivy
Ruthie's horse Fred
"Mother Goose at Kirkcaldy

Jan - Apr 1986:

New Year's Eve
New Year's Day
Visit to Edinburgh Zoo
"The Last Cartridge"
Walking near Windward Farm
Riding at Barbarafields
Helen's 8th birthday party: February 1986
Helen's new sewing kit
At Tentsmuir sands
At Earlsferry
Helen wins prize in "Guys and Dolls" colouring competition
Deep snow near Drumcarrow Craig
In the Lade Braes
Pete Standish visits: March 1986
Laws visit
Jackie and Jean in Pepita's
Helen's class on a "Nature Walk"
Elspeth's 10th birthday tea
Crocuses by the front door
Senior honours class 1985/6
Paul's scout hike
Brownie pack holiday at Logie
On the Scott monument in Edinburgh

April 1986: York

Our flat (third floor)
York Minster
The Minster from our flat
On the city walls
Model of the Shambles in "The York Story"
St William College
Micklegate Bar
The Jorvik Viking Museum
Helen striking a "Viking" coin
York Abbey
BMC at Hull: April 1985
William III statue at Hull
BMC General Meeting (Sproston, Strauss, Yeadon)
York Railway Museum
"Marmaduke's Haunted House Restaurant", York
On the train back to Scotland

Apr - June 1986:

Fife Junior Orchestra
Richard Horobin and Paul on clarinets
Jamie riding Sandy
Lunch at the Old Course Hotel
Weekend at Fort Augustus: 26th April 1986
Hotel Lovat Arms
On General Wade's road over the Corriearack
Hotel breakfast
Caledonian Canal
Jamie's 85/6 P1 Class
Helen's P3 Class
Elspeth's P5 Class
Paul with BBC computer
Paul in charity concert in the Younger Hall
Paul and Jamie go to judo
End of Lawmill Gardens
Elspeth with her oboe
Cock at Cambo
Jamie learns to ride: round the corner ...
... and on the curling pond
Visit to the Edinburgh Butterfly Farm
Jamie with Duncan Murray
Our azalea in bloom
On a bridle track near Barbarafields
Jamie's 6th birthday party ...
... picnic at Cockshaugh Park
Lawhead P1 - P3 Sports Day
Painting by Elspeth

July 1986: New Malden

Visit to Laws
Chessington Zoo and Circus
On the river at Hampton Court
Walking from Kingston to Teddington
Pub lunch by Teddington Lock
At Hamley's toy shop
The queen and West German president at Victoria
At Starlight Express
Ice cream at St Katherine's Dock
Visit to HMS Belfast
In the engine room

July 1986: Salema: Portugal

Holiday to Salema Portugal: 3rd - 17th July 1986
Our villa
The swimming pool
View from our balcony
Salema village
The beach
House martins by our balcony
View from our balcony
Views of Salema
Visit to Lagos
Statue of King Sebastian
Café in the main square
The old slave market
Statue of Henry the Navigator
The fort at the harbour
Lunch in our villa
At the "Pescador"
Beach picnic
At the "Atlantico"
At the "O Pereira"
At the "Beach Bar"
Breakfast on our balcony
Out to dinner on our anniversary
Jean's new necklace
Children's tea at the "Boia Bar"
Dinner outside at the "Beach Bar"
Visit to caves with Marco: "A real Portuguese fisherman"
Visit to Sagres
Henry the navigator's fort ...
... and school of navigation
Walk back from Boco del Rio
The new harbour
Helen in "Talent contest"
The "Sol Divino" Restaurant
Helen and friend
Beach picnic on the "last day"
Dressed for dinner on the "last day"
Waiting in Faro airport

July - Aug 1986: Pooley Bridge

July 1986: Camping: July 1986
At Ballintuim
Camping at Kenmore
Loch Tay and Kenmore
At the birks of Aberfeldy
Pooley Bridge: Lake district: August 1986
"Finkle Cottage"
"The lady of the Lake" passing "The Raven"
Aira Force
Above Ullswater nearby
On the path from Howtown
Hayeswater (reservoir)
Ascent of the Knott
On the Knott (2423 feet)
Visit to Lowther Park
Paul and Elspeth's helicopter ride

Aug - Oct 1986:

Lammas market
Elspeth "flies up" from Brownies
Trevor Smedley on the Eden course
Hugh and family visit
Robert and Jamie at the East Sands
Jackie and the children visit
Elspeth and Rebecca at Cambo
September 1986
Jean on Folly
Paul at the Balgove links
Paul and Richard Horobin after orchestra audition
At Anstruther harbour
Leuchars airshow: Spitfire over Strathkinness
October 1986
In Glen Luss
Above Loch Earn in Glen Vorlich
October holiday at Glendoll Youth Hostal,with Pete Standish and Richard Horobin
Walk up the Shank of Drumfollow
Top of Dreish (3108 feet)
Picture with the warden
Crown roast for Sunday lunch
Kitten in birch tree
Elspeth's enrolment in Guides
Elspeth and Jamie at Halloween
Dave Rainbird visits

Nov - Dec 1986:

Guy Fawkes at the curling pond
At Cockshaugh Park
At the Clash of Wirren above Glen Esk
In the Angus Glens
Jamie eating lunch in the rain
Diplodocus in the Bell-Pettigrew: St Andrews Day
December 1986
Helen and Elspeth: Gymnastics Championship
Elspeth and friends at the school concert
Jamie as Rumpelstiltskin in school play
Paul's 13th birthday: Pancake Place
Skating at Glenrothes
Tea with Dorian and Richard
"Christmas pudding" cake
Paul's new bicycle
Christmas tree and new sweaters
Opening presents
Christmas lunch
Christmas afternoon: Weat Sands
Boxing Day run at Craigtoun
Visit to Edinburgh Zoo
Lunch at the Zoo
Laws visit for New Year
Wine bags at midnight
Christmas pictures
George and family
Jed and Lillie
Lillie with her fish in Ozona
Midge's daughter Ivy
Card from Mo and Aunt Jean
Jocelyn and Jennifer Bingham

Jan - Mar 1987: Jean and Jamie to Florida

New Year's Day: Tay Road Bridge
Playing "Twister"
Morton Crescent in the snow
Sledging on Hallowhill
February/March 1987
James at Anstruther
Lunch at the Cellar, Anstruther
UGC Maths panel visits St Andrews
Helen's "Lots of Legs" cake: 9th birthday
Madras v Waid: Paul and Paul Brown
Paul with orchestra playing at Waid Academy
Paul with Mr Swiffen's wind band
Helen in her Brownie Show
Jean and Jamie to Florida
Mo and Jean's apartments: from the dock
Jamie picking oranges
Signing the raft
Mo's living room
Mo with Susan
Jean outside her apartment
Sea World, Florida
At the "Polynesian Motel"
Jamie with "Baby Shamu"
Mo feeding dolphin
Jamie with his perch
Pulling up crab traps
Flamingo at "Sunken Gardens" in St Petersburg
Cabbage Palms on Caladesi Island

Mar - May 1987:

John making up exam questions
Sunday afternoon ice-cream outing
Helen with new tee-shirt
Gymnastics display in the Canongate
BMC at St Andrews: 1st to 4th April 1987
Elspeth's 11th birthday: with Morag
Paul's Easter hike: at Killin
Ruthven barracks
Kingussie Youth Hostal
Bison at the Highland Wild-life Centre
Reindeer in the ski-lift car-park
Green Loch (An Lochan Uaine) near Loch Morlich
Jamie on a forest trail
Trout farm
Loch an Eilein
May 1987
Kate Kennedy procession
James in Cosmos Judo Championship
At Bannockburn
Jamie after his eye-test
At Turkish restaurant in Dundee
At Hill of Tarvit
Helen on Lindy
At Craigtoun after the "Lifeboat Walk"

May - June 1987:

Lunch at the "Green Man" in Kinross
On Loch Leven
Loch Leven castle
Laws visit
Jamie's new snooker table
Husain Ali's celebration dinner: St Andrews Hotel
At Earlshall Castle, Leuchars
Lawhead School picture
John Howie and Wilson Sutherland at examiners' meeting
Coming home from Lawhead
Jamie and Robert Thorpe at Lawhead Sports
Jamie's 7th birthday: Snooker cake
Tea with Mr Roberts
Jamie's new bike
Lunch at Ziggy's
Mr Swiffen's Wind Band at the bandstand
Elspeth in Mr Swiffens Wind group ...
... in Lawhead concert
Elspeth in Lawhead concert ...
... and Helen
Jamie in Ninewells

July 1987: New Malden

2nd - 9th July 1987
Paul and Jackie to Wimbledon
Lunch on the "Wilfred" on the Embankment
Helen getting pointe shoes
Paul buying rubber chicken
Tea at the Barbican Centre
Law's water slide
To Oxford for St Catherine's reunion
At 4 Beech Road, Botley
Alan Tayler and Malcolm King
Graeme Segal
At the Isabella Plantation, Richmond Park

June - July 1987: Zakynthos

Holiday to Zakynthos: 9th - 23rd July 1987
Our villa in Vassilikos
View from the sea
A "local"
Waiting to move to another villa
Our next villa
Our first villa from the second
Walk to St Nicolas beach
St Nicolas beach and church
Lunch on our terrace
Local "phone box"
View of the Vassilikos peninsula
At the viewpoint above Zakynthos Town
Zakynthos Town and harbour
Icon exhibition
Lunch in town
Gerekas Beach
Zakynthos Town
Ferry trip to the mainland
Zakynthos Town from the ferry
Chlemutsi Castle on the mainland
Lunch in Killini
The Ionian beach from the sea
The path to the beach
Rebuilding the beach bar
At the Ionian Taverna
Pig roast at the Ionian
At the Costas Brothers' taverna
Helen and cat at the "baby restaurant"
At Porta Roma
Zouzou beach
Local wild-life
Dead rat in our villa
Boat trip to various beaches and Pelouza Island
Our new hotel (Hotel Esteria, Laganas)
Last day boat trip to Keri caves and Marathonissi
Swimming by the Keri caves
Last night at the Sarakina taverna
Last day on the beach
Beach café
In the heat at Zakynthos airport
After refuelling at Corfu and Brindisi

August 1987: Borrowdale: Lake District

John's birthday
Lammas Market
Visiting Mr Roberts at Dunino
Holiday to the Lake District: August 1987
Our house: "The Moraine", Longthwaite, Borrowdale
Post Office, Rosthwaite
View from our window
Mo and Jean stay with us
On top of Castle Craig
Yew Tree restaurant in Sea Toller
Boat trip on Derwentwater
The "Jaws of Borrowdale" from Derwentwater
At the bus-stop near our house
Our local at Stonethwaite
After lunch in Buttermere
Keswick bus-station
"The most beautiful bus-ride in England"
Above Rosthwaite on the path to Watendlath
Watendlath at the tarn
"Home of Judith Paris" in Watendlath
Rainbow over Stonethwaite valley
On Walla Crag above Derwentwater
Path from Longthwaite to Rosthwaite
Swimming in the Stonethwaite Beck

Aug - Dec 1987:

August 1987
Dave Rainbird visits
Morag, Elspeth, Helen and Megan at the East Sands
Trinkie ...
... and Winston
Six weeks old: September 1987
Cats at eight weeks
Calum's presentation
Coastal walk from Kings Barns (Rock and Spindle)
Lunch at the Peoples' Palace, Glasgow
St Andrews harbour
At Vane Farm Nature Reserve, Loch Leven
Halloween 1987
Martin's butchers before it shuts
Mr Swiffen and wind group
Elspeth and Helen in Lawhead school show
Paul, Richard Edwin and Roderick Burnet in the audience
Jamie in his Nativity play
Frost on the Old Course
Sunday lunch at Rusacks' Marine Hotel
Lunch at Kingarath in Craigrothie
Paul's birthday treat: playing the Old Course
Paul and Dorian at the R and A Clubhouse
Paul's "Pizza cake": 5+7+1+1=14
Christmas Day: opening presents
After lunch
Fife Athletic Club ...
... Boxing Day handicap run at Craigtoun
Lunch at Edinburgh Zoo
New Year's Eve
Photographs sent with Christmas cards
Ruthie, Thea and Margery
Ruthie and Robin
Thea's parrot
Jane Mack with Thea in Miami
Lillie, Jed and George
Mo's Christmas wreath by Ruth
Midge's daughter Ivy
Jennifer and Jocelyn Bingham
The Sprengers

Jan - Mar 1988: New Malden

New Year's Day 1988
Woollen Mill Sale: January 2nd
Sunday afternoon: Lade Braes
Visit to Laws: February 1988
Helen opening 10th birthday presents
Birthday cake by Jackie
Trip to "Cats"
March 1988
Cats on their way to the vets
Trinkie recovering in Elspeth's bed
Paul playing with Fife Concert Band at Kilrymont
AUT lobby of Parliament in London
Gymnastics prize-winners
SH students' final lecture

March 1988: Norfolk Broads

Holiday on the Norfolk Broads: 28th - 31st March 1988
The "Swan Radiance" at Rockford St Mary
Rockland Broad
Steering on the River Wye
At Reedham Bridge
At Loddon
At Burney Arms Mill
Norwich Cathedral
With Rick Poole in the cloisters
Norwich Castle
Lunch at "Pizza and Pancakes too"
Easter 1988
Paul on Easter egg hunt
Paul in sponsored run ...
... for Madras Girls Hockey Team

April 1988: Elspeth to Florida

Elspeth to Florida: 21st March to 12th April 1988
Leaving Edinburgh
First fish
With Susie
Sunset from Mo's balcony
George and family
Mo, Ruth, Margery, Thea and William Alexander
BMC at Exeter
Tom Blyth, Rick Thomas and Colin Campbell
Derek at librarians' conference
From Glen Devon to Dollar on the drove road
Castle Campbell in Dollar
"Gold of the Pharoahs" exhibition
At the Loon Fung in Edinburgh
Elspeth tapping
"Strathkinness School of Dance" Concert

May - June 1988:

Fife Primary Schools Orchestra ...
... at Waid Academy
Paul and Jamie in new spectacles
Paul studying for exams
Rick Poole visits
Lawhead Primary 3
Lawhead Primary 5
Lawhead Primary 7
Madras Wind Band in Town Hall concert
At the Castle beach
Penny Fair at Lawhead
Helen on "Noah's Ark" stall
Elspeth and Lucy in ...
... "drench the wench"
Helen in "ivy-tree house"
Visit to Scottish deer farm
Jamie's 8th birthday
Birthday tea
"Infant Spots Day": Mrs Cox as starter
Jamie skipping
Lawhead Summer Concert: Elspeth in the "Blue and the Grey"
Mrs Coul's orchestra
Mr Swiffen's Wind Ensemble
Junior Sports Day
Last day of school

July 1988: Hawes: Yorkshire

Holiday at Hawes: 2nd to 9th July 1988
"Yarn House", Gayle, Hawes
Above Aysgill Force in Sleddale
Near Sedbusk
On the Pennine Way at Hawes
Livestock market at Hawes
Trout farm near Gayle
Bolton Castle
Above Hardraw
Garsdale Head to Settle on the Settle-Carlisle Railway
Hardraw Force
Helen astride the border at Carter Bar
Gayle Falls postcard
Borrowdale postcard

July 1988: Arran

Post card from Paul from Orleans
Karl and his parents on the Eiffel Tower
Karl and children on St Rule's tower
At St Andrews harbour
St Andrews EMS Colloquium
Smale lecturing
14th July at the Gunga Din
Holiday in Arran at Slidderywaterfoot
Ferry from Ardrossan
Our cottage
View of Ailsa Craig
Walk to King's Caves at Blackwaterfoot
On the beach at Machrie
Trip on the Waverley to the Kyles of Bute and Rothesay
Goat Fell and Brodick Castle
Stone circle near Machrie

August 1988:

Cats' birthday treat
Visit to Edinburgh Zoo
Lammas Market
Ruth MacDowall visits
Paul starts at South Street
Elspeth starts at Kilrymont
Jackie, Ruth and Rebecca visit
Children's reace at St Andrews Highland games
Walking round Glendevon reservoir
Dave Rainbird at Cellardyke Harbour
Paul playing for Madras against Kinross
Kite-flying at the West Sands

Oct - Nov 1988: Skye

October holiday 1988: trip to Skye
Outside Inverness Youth Hostal
On the Kyle of Lochalsh line
Delay at Achnasheen
Boarding Skye ferry
View from our room at Kyleakin Youth Hostal
Children boarding ferry to Kyleakin
Walking above Kyle of Lochalsh
Castle Maol above Kyleakin
View of Kyleakin
Railway Station at Kyle of Lochalsh
Jim Langley's final 5-a-side football game
1988 Christmas picture
Halloween 1988
Megan Reid and Helen
Elspeth playing for Madras aginst Kilgraston
Elspeth dressed for school party
Cleanin g the duck pond: first time in 30 years

December 1988: Tenerife

Holiday to Playa de las Americas Tenerife: 16th to 23rd December 1988
Orlando apartments
One of our balconies: in Pluto
Views from the balconies
Helen in the pool
Lunch at a pizzaria
Sunday lunch at Los Christianos
Sunday tea and ice cream
On the promenade between Los Christanos and Playa de las Americas
At the Octopus water park
Parrot at the nearest bar
Various dinners
Free(!) computer game at the Orlando apartments
Hibiscus on our balcony
Paul and Elspeth on jeep safari on Paul's birthday
Transplanted palm trees
Visit to Santa Cruz
Lunch in a "self"
Drink at a tapas bar
The "river" in Santa Cruz
Shopping street
Santa Cruz bus station
Paul's 15th birthday cake: with sparklers
On the promenade in Playa de las Americas
View from the bar at the beach
View of the "friendly Swede"
Dutch girls selling bathing suits
Elspeth and Helen in theirs
Dinner on the "last day"
El Dornajo
In the disco/pub quarter
Last lunch
Grilled langoustines
Swimming before getting the airport bus

Dec 88 - Mar 89:

Christmas 1988
Poinsetta Christmas tree
Photographs from Christmas cards
Lillie and Jed
Willam Alexander at two
Midge and Ivy
Picture from Ruth McDowell
Mo in Indonesia
New Year 1989
Derek and Jackie visit
New year's Day
"Beauty and the Beast" at the Dundee Rep
Lunch at Edinburgh Zoo
Helen and Fiona
Paul playing against Welsh schoolboys
Pete Standish: February 1989
Lunch at Kingarath
Helen's 11th birthday: St Andrews Leisure Centre
Red Nose Day: March 1989
5-a-side against the students
Undergraduates' final lecture picture
Paul's Fife Wind Band Concert
Elspeth with NE Fife Intermediate Orchestra

Mar - Apr 1989: Nottingham

Our cottage in Papplewick
Papplewick church
Elspeth's birthday lunch
Peter Schafus carving
Robin Hood's oak in Sherwood Forest
George Green's restored mill
At Nottingham Castle
Victorian pumping station
At "West Side Story"
Pubs at Southwell
Southwell Abbey
Lindisvarne Castle on Holy Island

Apr - June 1989:

Pruning ivy
Watching rugby
Kate Kennedy procession
Helen at the Flic-flac club: May 1989
Girls' Under-12 Gold Medal: presented by "big Lucy"
Castle beach
Laws visit
Galway Group theory meeting
Alex, Colin and Edmund
University of Galway
Pub in Salthill
Dublin pub
Ted Hurley at "McSwiggans"
Helen in "drench the wench"
Penny fair
Jamie's 9th birthday
Swimming party at the Leisure Centre
South Street
Elspeth and Marianne
Thomas Fischer visits on Kiel exchange
Football in the Lade Braes
Germans' farewell party at Madras
Helen in school concert
Helen with Mr Lake

July 1989: Ireland

Children at PGL adventure camp at Dalguise
At the Hermitage
Holiday in Ireland: 1st to 7th July 1989
St Stephen's Green, Dublin
Our hotel in Dublin
Grafton Street
In Grafton Street
Trinity College
Outside Dublin castle
At Galway Airport
Aran Island ferry
On the "Aran Speedbird"
Quayside at Inishmore
Kilronan on Inishmore
"Man of Aran" cottage
Aran Island walls
Abbey at Cong
River at Cong
Hen's Castle in Lough Corrib
Cliffs of Moher
At Lahinch
Murphy's House: Tyrera
Jean with Rita at Liskinee
Amy, Paddy-Joe, Letty and Joe
At Liskinee with May, Tom and Patrick
Jean, Rita and Letty
Lake at Kilkishen: Lough Cullannyheeda
Yeat's Tower near Gort
Bewley's tea-room in Dublin

July 1989:

We pick up Grizel: 10th July 1989
20th wedding Anniversary: 14th July
Lunch at Ziggy's
Dinner at Parklands
With Grizel and Celtic T-shirts
Donkey Derby
Picking soft fruit
Paul away to Aviemore
Day trip to the Isle of May
Mike and Aidan Wetherill

August 1989: Barge holiday

With Mo and Jed on the Leeds and Liverpool Canal: 5th to 12th August 1989
Locks near Chorley
On Burnley embankment
Breakfast on the barge
At Salterforth
Pub at Foulridge
Pizza lunch at Wheelton
With Mo and Jed at Cellardyke harbour
Fife Wind Band at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe
Lunch at Fat Sam's afterwards
Visit to the Birrell collection in Glasgow
Kinross butterfly farm

Aug - Nov 1989:

"Discovery" at Dundee: august 1989
To Edinburgh Festival: Septermber 1989
Elspeth playing for Madras
Christy O'Connor at the Dunhill Cap
Lunch at "The Ubiquitous Chip" in Glasgow
Rick Poole visits
Helen goes to Florida
Helen in Ozona
Helen's passport photo
Halloween 1989
Derek visits for Mackenzie's retirement

December 1989: Lanzerote

Holiday in Puerto del Carmen Lanzerote
Our apartments
From our balcony
Outdoor pool table
Breakfast on our balcony
Sunset from the balcony
Balcony of the children's apartment
Helen in our pool
Local beach
Los reyes
Early morning from our balcony
Sunday lunch at the harbour
"Wild" cats
Sunset at the beach
Platos combinados at "El Drago" snack bar
Visit to Arrecife
Visit to Timanfaya (volcanos)
Lunch at ElGolgo (cabrito!)
Our jeep
Playa Quemada
Breakfast at San Bartoleme
Snack bar at San Bartoleme
Last sunset
Children in flat behind us
Swimming before the airport bus

December 1989: Christmas

Christmas 1989
Cats waiting for turkey
Christmas lunch
Helen dressed to go to Rachel's
Christmas supper
Queuing for New Year meat
Christmas pictures
Karol Sebring

Jan - Mar 1990:

January/February 1990
Tay Road Bridge on New Year's Day
Pete Standish visits
Paul breaks his arm
Helen's 12th birthday
Only snow of the winter
Helen and Elspeth on the train to London
Reading party at Firbush Point
Fife Concert Wind Band at Kilrymont
John in London after Macintosh demo
March 1990
James in cub play
Edinburgh Zoo ...
... and Elspeth's tap exam

April 1990: Kendal

Holiday in Stavely: 31st March to 6th April 1990
Our apartment (downstairs)
Dinner on the terrace
Our local
In the Kentsmere valley
Rydal Water
Snow in Grasmere
Rydal Water
Underbarrow Scar near Kendal
Motor Museum in Keswick
The "Mortal Man" in Troutbeck
Trout End, Troutbeck
On Wansfell Pike
View of Ambleside
Early morning train to Keswick

Apr - July 1990:

Simnel cake and Easter eggs
Easter quiz
Laws visit
Helen's Primary Orchestra concert at Kilrymont
James' and ...
... Helen's class pictures
James at dinosaur exhibition in Edinburgh
May Day holiday 1990
View of Loch Long from Ardgarten
At the Arboretum in Cairndow
Above the Youth Hostal at Ardgarten
James and Helen half-way up the Cobbler
Visit to Galway: 9th to 15th May
Colin and Eddy
Sean Tobin's "birthday party"
At the Black Fort on the Aran Islands
Rita with Emma
Emma and Pauline Meehan
Finola and the other Murphys
Ruined tower at the head of Callan Lake
Jim Murphy
At Doolin County Clare
June 1990
Jenny's show in St Andrews Town Hall
Helen's "musical afternoon"
Jamie's 10th birthday
Helen in Jazz show at Falkland Festival
Replacing Lawmill Gardens pavements
Helen and Jamie at the Penny Fair
Helen in end-of-term show
Helen after jumping in the Burn
At the railway museum in Glossop
Youth hostal at Cowden in the Peak District
James and Helen onstage at Buxton Opera House

July 1990: Camping in France

Holiday in France: 2nd to 16th July 1990
Camping at Dax
Sign on Dax church
Swimming at Messanges Plages in the Landes
Café de Commerce, St Vincent de Tyrrosse
French railway sign
A "Hypermarket"
Camping at Moulin de David, Montpazier, Dordogne
Beaumont en Perigord
Lunch at Limeuil
Canoeing from Siorac to Limeuil on the Dordogne
On hired bicycles
Lunch and shopping at Villeréal (Lot et Garonne)
Elspeth in the church at Villeréal
Afternoon tea in the chateau at Biron
Dinner in the chateau at Biron
Castillionès (Lot et Garonne)
Issigeac (Dordogne)
Villefranch de Perigord
Church at the bastide near Fumel
Lunch by the Garonne
Hotel at Ustaritz
Seminary/school of St Francis Xavier
Beach at St Jean de Luz ...
... and ballet shop
Camping at Cabo Higuer in Spain
Harbour at Hondarribia in Spain
Pamplona during the San Fermin fiesta
The church at Roncevalles
St Jean Pied de Port: from the castle
Our camp site
Picnic in St Jean Pied de Port
Our hired car: Peugeot 309
Pelote au grand chistèra
Anniversary dinner ...
... in Restaurant Ipoutchainia, Ascarat
14th July fireworks
Sunday lunch picnic
Lourdes candlelit procession
Christmas card from Le Moulin de David

July - Aug 1990: Whitby

Open championship at St Andrews
Helicopter over Davies' boat at East Sands
Wedding anniversary
Jamie at gymnastics
Holiday in Whitby: 4th to 11th August 1990
View of the town from the Abbey
Whitby Abbey
Our cottage at Sleights
Lunch in the local fish and chip shop
At Runswick Bay
Beach and boats at Staithes
North Moors Railway at Goathland
Mallyan Spout near Goathland
Robin Hood's Bay
Rowing and canoeing on the Esk at Sleights
Rievailx Abbey
Castle Howard
Cats coming home from kennels

Aug - Dec 1990:

August 1990
Lammas market
String quartet at Edinburgh Festival
Helen starts at Kilrymont
Jackie and girls visit
Dave Rainbird visits
At Tentsmuir
Helen and Elspeth playing hockey
Paul and Dorian playing rugby
Coppelia in Edinburgh (with Nureyev)
Jean to Florida
At Glasgow airport
Ruth and Jean
Clams at Molly Goodhead's
Robin and Ruthie
With Jean and Mo at the Oxford House
In Jean's pool at Tarpon Springs
Ruthie, Robin and Mo
Jean at Honeymoon Beach
Mo at Caladesi Island
Ruthie's boat and truck
Helen, Fiona, and Catherine: Halloween 1990
At the Birrell Van Gogh exhibition: 23rd November 1990
AUT "outing" to lobby parliament: 11th December 1990
At York station
In front of the Minster

December 1990: Lanzerote

Holiday to Costa Teguise Lanzerote: 13th to 20th December 1990
6.30 am at Glasgow Airport
Our apartment entrance ...
... and local shop
Beside our pool ...
... and in our apartment
Free afternoon tea and cakes
Elevenses on the balcony
Elspeth with pregnant cat
Bird-of-paradise flower
Our pool and apartment
Arrecife: at the market ...
... and at the fort
Our hire car: Ford Fiesta
Church at Teguise
At the Mirador del Rio
La Graciosa from the Mirador
Cueva de los Verdes
Harbour at Orzola
Morning beer ...
... and parrot (Fred) at the Snack-bar Erik
Playa de las Cucharas
Paul on hired mountain bike
Foyer of Hotel Teguise Playa
Local beach: Playa Jublillo
Last day picnic
Flying home -- in the rain
Graciosa and North Lanzerote from the air

Dec 90 - Feb 91:

Chrismas 1990
Paul's 17th birthday
Christmas morning 1990
Christmas lunch ...
... and dinner
Christmas afternoon: West Sands
Paul dressed for "Sleaze Ball"
Elspeth dressed for her ball
Florida spider
New Year 1991
Laws visit
On Hallowhill
January 1991
Pete Standish visits
Helen's birthday ...
... and outing to "42nd Street"
Reading party to Firbush Point Loch Tay: February 1991

March 1991: Paris

Trip to Paris: 18th to 21st March 1991
Hotel Florida: VI ième
Concert at the Opera de la Bastille
Concorde Metro station
Studios Wacker
Musée d'Orsay
Notre Dame
La Samaritaine
On the Champs Elysée
On the Pont des Arts
Les Halles
Tea in the Place des Vosges
The Pyramid at the Louvre
Lunch in St Germain

Mar - June 1991:

BMC at Bath: 26th to 28th March 1991
Reception in the Pump Room
Roman Bath
Bath Abbey
Royal Crescent
Helen's "Musical Evening"
Elspeth back from German geography trip
Helen at Carlyn Burn's Easter course
Trip to Galway: 16th to 19th May 1991
Thornton arrives: 7th May 1991
Yvonne Gray's show ...
... Cupar Corn Exchange: 1st May 1991
Christening garden furniture
Paul's last day at school
Paul's football cake
Rape fields around Bogward
Paul and Vidar dressed for 6th year ball
James and Timothy at the Penny Fair
James' 11th birthday
Norwegian Wind Band: from Langenes
Ida and Eline
Bandstand concert
Midsummer Eve at the West Sands
At the beach party
Kilrymont summer concert
Farewell party
Farewell disco
Graduation garden party
Jamie in summer concert

July 1991: Paxos

Holiday in Paxos: 8th to 22nd July 1991
At the hotel Divani Palace in Kanoni, Corfu
The back of the hotel
Mouse Island
Lunch at the Old Port, Corfu Town
Hotel Constantinople
Ferry to Paxos
Corfu: Old POrt
Gaios on Paxos
Dinner at Spiro's in Gaios
Sunrise from our balcony
Lunch ...
.. and bathing at Mongonossi beach
Beach picnic at Lakka
Spiro's again
Cliffs ...
... and arch at Tripitos on the West coast
Jean and Helen on the arch
Ruined windmill at Mylos
Fisherman's cat
Statue at Gaios
Venetian olive tree
Boat to Parga
Lunch on our balcony
14th July on Antipaxos
Sunday lunch
Caique back to Paxos
Alexis' restaurant
Gaios square
Sunset at Mousmouli cliffs
Ouzo and mezes on the balcony
Café kitten
Gaios harbour ...
... and new port
Voutami beach ...
... and taverna on Antipaxos
On the "express" boat back to Paxos
Strike on Paxos
Marmari beach picnic
Levrechio beach near Loggos
Waiting for the bus at Loggos
Gaios harbour
Our hired boat
On Kanini beach
Kipos beach
Lunch at Laggos
Last day lunch overlooking the beach
Taverna cat
Last day dinner: Volcano taverna
Stop at Loggos on the way to Corfu
Corfu town
Nut stand at the Listons

July - Nov 1991: Norway

Elspeth to hockey camp at Banff
Aidan's 17th birthday
John's birthday tea
Trevor Smedley visits
Lammas market
Old and new car
Elspeth starts at South Street
"La Clemenza di Tito" at the Edinburgh Festival
Dave and Jackie and girls visit
Jean and Mo on Norwegian Mail Boat: 1st - 12th September 1991
The Polaris under Sortland Bridge
Crossing the Arctic Circle
Cat above Bergen
Audrey and David
Beryl and Philip
The Troll Fjord
Paul on holiday in France: August - September 1991
De Lavigne's house in Boussage
La Grande Motte
Paul starts at Aberdeen
Helen and Catherine at PTA fashion show at Kilrymont
Visit to Laws
Lunch at an Indian restaurant
Jamie at the Science Museum
Helen, Catherine and Jamie dressed for Hallowe'en
November 1991
Jean's 50th birthday lunch: The Cellar, Anstruther
New leather jacket at Anstruther harbour
Early Thanksgiving lunch
Visit to Paul at Aberdeen
Elspeth after charity football match

Sept - Dec 1991: Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife

Holiday to Puerto de la Cruz Tenerife: 17th to 24th December 1991
View from our apartments
Swimming pool on the roof
View over the beach
Bar by the harbour
Launching a "life-boat"
Sunday lunch: paella in a restaurant at Punta Brava
Paseos lit up for Christmas
Watching football
Bus station
Shop window crib
Oldest house in Puerto de la Cruz
"Back Street"
"Restaurante Tropical" on Lomo street
Fun fair at the harbour
Helen's favourite shop
Our nearest bar
At the banana plantation
Artificial waterfall at the casino
Picnic lunch at the aiport
View of the volcano on take-off

Dec 91 - Mar 92: Jean to Florida

Christmas 1991
Christmas morning
After lunch at the East Sands
Christmas tea
Ruthie with pig and parrot
Ivy Corasick
Carlyn Burns in "Jack and the Beanstalk" at Perth
Laws visit for Hogmanay
Bursting wine-bags at midnight
New Year's Day on the Tay road-bridge
Elspeth playing hockey for Madras FPs
Lunch above Loch Tay with JH students: January 1992
Jean to Florida: 26th February to 18th March 1992
Bok Tower, Lake Wales
Mo at Molly Goodhead's
Robin and Mo
Beach at Boca Raton
Jean with papaya tree
Ruthie, Thea and Mo
Mo and Ruthie with Rose and Jack
Jean's balcony ...
... and news-stand
Jean with Phil
Phil's boat at Clearwater marina

March 1992: Amsterdam

Holiday to Amsterdam: 23rd to 26th March 1992
Van Gogh Museum
Ann Frank's house
Our lunch restaurant
The Rijks Museum
John in "pissoir"
Traffic referendum
In the Vondel Park
Ballet at the New Musichouse
Rembrandt's house
Early evening gin

Apr - June 1992:

Jean's new spring outfit
Mother's Day present
Helen's new boots
Aunt Jean's picture of Helen in Yvonne's pre-elementary class
Elspeth's 16th birthday with Ailidh
At Mitchell's butchers
Apple conference in Bruges: 21st to 24th April 1992
Alterpiece in Bruges
Apple's final concert
To Galway for Group Conference: May 1992
Repairing sewer in Lawmill Gardens
Elspeth in Kiel: 2nd to 19th June
Colin and Eddy after Alex Wegner's oral
James' Lawhead pictures
Jamie to USA: 17th June
With Lillie
In Robin's boat
With Max
Opening 12th birthday presents
On the ferry to Caladesi Island
Mo and Lillie
Helen to Sogne Norway with Madras Wind Band:17th to 27th June

June 1992: Cycling in France

Plymouth to Roscoff to St Malo: 17th to 27th June 1992
In Plymouth
Changing a tyre at Plymouth docks
View from our hotel in Roscoff
At Plestin les Grèves
Music festival at Plestin les Grèves
Beach at Grèves des Vallées
Bar at St Julien near Morlaise
St Quay Portrieux
Beach at St Quay Portrieux
Breakfast at St Michel en Greve
Harbour at Erquy
At the market at Matignon
Church at Hillion
View of St Malo from our hotel in Dinard
Beach and café below the hotel
Maupertuis and La Condamine commemorative stamp
Ferry to St Malo
St Malo
Hydro-electric dam

July 1992: Seatoller: Lake District

Madras Summer concert
Garden party in the rain
Helen's play
Elspeth in Rhodes: 24th June to 8th July
EMS Colloquium in St Andrews: 11th to 18th July 1992
The "Colloquium singers"
Lobsters at Crail harbour
Lavateria in flower
Paul to the South of France: July - August
Holiday in the Lake District: 25th July to 1st August 1992
Our cottage in Seatoller
With Anoushka
On top of Dale Head
View of Seatoller from our cottage
Above Seatoller
At Taylorgill Force
Walking around Crummock Water
View from Castle Crag
Borrowdale from the path to Watendlath
Goat at Watendlath
John's birthday lunch

Aug - Oct 1992: Budapest/Gulet

Helen's "Hole-in-one" tea at the Old Course Hotel
Pete Standish visits
John to Budapest: 22nd to 30th August 1992
Budapest student hostal
Views of Buda from Pest
The chain bridge
The Danube at night
Edmund in café
Final dinner
Edinburgh fish-shop window
James starts at Kilrymont
Concert of Russian songs at the Queen's Hall
Paul leaving for USA: 1st to 22nd September
Dinner with Ibrahim Al-Amri
Paul back to Aberdeen
James playing rugby for Madras
Jean and Helen on Gulet "South from Marmaris": 19th to 26th October 1992
The gulet
Rock tombs
Near Fethiye
Mudbath at Ekincik
Helen windsurfing
Roman pavement
At Dalaman airport

Nov - Dec 1992:

Helen at Halloween
Jean's birthday
Collecting BNLF award in London
Pete Standish visits
Paul's 19th birthday
Christmas 1992
Christmas lunch
Christmas afternoon on the West Sands
Elspeth dressed for teen ball at Kinross
Helen in Jean's underwear
Playing Boggle
Laws visit
Jean and Jackie at the East Sands
Hogmanay 1992
Rita's daughter Carole's wedding

January 1993: Gran Canaria

Holiday to Gran Canaria: 4th to 12 January 1993
Our bungalow at Santa Clara
Sitting tenant
Beach at Playa del Ingles
Swimming pool at our development
Dunes at Maspalomas
Parade for feast of the three kings
Faro at Maspalomas
Paul and Elspeth revising
San Francisco shopping centre
Lunch on our terrace
Swimming at San Augustin
Local fisherman
View of Playa del Ingles
Original sea-front development
Our hire car: Opel City
View from Cruz de Tejada
Barranca de Fataga
Unmade road down to Mogan
At Puerto de Mogan: about to meet the Morrisons
At Puerto Rico
Parachutes landing on the dunes
At the hotel pool on our "extra day"

Feb - Apr 1993: Ozona: Florida

Burn Reading party
Glen Esk
Helen's 15th birthday
Ozona Florida: 22nd March to 5th April 1993
Mo's cat Sam
With Jane Mack on Honeymoon Beach
Harry the heron on the broken dock
At Molly Goodhead's
Pinellas County trail
Mo's kitchen
At Oxford House
Phil's boat
Greek Orthodox church in Tarpon Springs
Jean's painting
Shrimp boats after the "No name" storm
Sign on "Alternate 19"
Box fish exo-skeleton
Columbus restaurant in Ybor City
Downtown Tampa from Ybor City
Jai-alai in Tampa
Ruth MacDowall at Paul's shrimp house in Tarpon Springs
Beach at Clearwater
Clearwater pier
Our hire car
Beach sign at Venice
Visit to Ruthie Robin and pets at Boca Raton
At Japanese restaurant
At Loxahatchee Wild Life Reserve

Apr - July 1993: Aegina and Spetses

Easter Quiz
London Festival Ballet: "Witchboy" at Kings' Edinburgh
Jean and Elspeth to visit Laws and Bruges: May 1993
At Littlejohn's with Elspeth's German: Bettina
Jamie's 13th birthday
July 4th: barbecue in the garden
Sunday morning at the East Sands
Aegina and Spetses: Holiday/Group Conference: 9th to 24th July 1993
Leaving Piraeus
Arriving at Aegina
First ouzo
Pension Armontiko in Aegina town
View from the rooftop bar
Pension cat
Aegina harbour
Beach and Apollo temple
Elspeth and Helen at the beach
Harbour-front taverna
The fish-market
Nearest take-away
Town house
Open-air cinema poster
Church next to our pension
Painted ceiling in our pension
Beach and taverna at Angistri
Harbour at Perdika
Peacock on Moni Island
At the "Meze taverna"
Waiting for the "Georgios"
On board
Poros harbour
Outside Hydra harbour (with Flying Dolphin)
Arriving at Spetses
Our apartment (with awning)
View of the town from above our apartment
View from the apartment
Lunch on one of our balconies
Cooking kokaretsia
The Dappia by night
View from our balcony
View from our bedroom
Icon on the road to St Pandon monastery
St Anna monastery
Notice and entrance to St Pandon monastery
Lunch overlooking the beach
Horse-drawn taxi
School where Group-theory conference was held
Helen and Caris
Lunch at Costa on the mainland
The beach at St Paraskevi
Cats at our apartment
Lunch on our balcony with Caris and her mother
Beach and harbour at Zia in Piraeus
View of Athens from our hotel in Piraeus
Final dinner in Piraeus

August 1993: Galway

Holiday/Conference at Galway: 13th July to 14th August 1993
Corrib Village university residence
On Lough Corrib
Galway coffee shop
Peat cutter
Connemara peat bog
Harbour at Roundstone
Trip to the Aran Islands
The fort at Dun Angus
The cliffs of Moher
Limestone pavement at the Burren
Mo on the "Corrib Princess"
Dinner at McSwiggans
Galway shop window
Visit to County Clare
Aunt Rita
Helen with Amy and Finola
Uncle Joe and Amy
Letty and Jean

Sep - Oct 1993: Seattle

The children in their Irish sweaters
Edinburgh Featival: Queen's Hall: Lindsay Quartet
Lunch at the Kalpna
Dave Rainbird visits
Dunfermline Abbey
Rick Poole visits
Helen's first day at South Street
University of Birmingham: Technology in Maths Conference
Jean and Elspeth to Seattle: 9th to 23rd October 1993
George's old and new houses
View of Puget Sound from the new house
Swimming in the Pacific
Elspeth with sage-brush
Jean with Jill, Lillie and Jed

Nov - Dec 1993: Puerto del Carmen

Snow in the Lade Braes
Jean's birthday outing to Parklands
Puerto del Carmen Lanzerote: 16th to 23rd December 1993
Bella Vista apartments
View from the terrace
Apartment cat
At the main beach
Paul's 20th birthday
Apartment cat: Bella
Views over harbour
Buying sandals
Diving school at the beach
Views of Arrecife

Dec 93 - April 94: Florida

Helen with Christmas wreath
Christmas lunch
Laws on New Year's Eve
New Year's Day 1994
Pete Standish visits
Playing hockey against Argentinian visitors
Helen's 16th birthday with Catherine and Julie
Edinburgh Zoo: March 1994
Paul pruning ivy
Elspeth at fitting for ball dress
April 1994
Elspeth's 18th birthday
Helen with Catherine, Julie and Fiona
Jean in Florida: April 1994
Jean with Aunt Jean and Mo
The "Blue hole"
James' 14th birthday
Paul's first driving lesson
Paul with Sara

July 1994: Corfu

Jean and John to Corfu: July 1994
Our apartment in Kassiopi
Beach at Kassiopi
Our "landlord" and his daughter
Kassiopi harbour
Kassiopi from the fort
View West from the fort
On board the "Mickey Mouse"
Durrell's house at Kalami
Lunch at Agios Stephanos
Corfu town
Hotel Constantinople
View from our balcony
St Spiridon's church
Silversmiths in Corfu town
View from our apartment in Paleokastritsa
Our apartment
"Odysseus's ship"
Our apartment in Agios Georgios
Agios Georgios beach
Agios Mattheos
Hotel and beach at Paramonas
Dawn at Paramonas
Breakfast at Agirades
View of Agios Geogios from Agirades

July - Aug 1994: Mo visits: Loweswater

25th Wedding anniversary: at the Cellar in Anstruther
Helen working in the Farmers' shop
Ed's car leaving
Mo and Lillie visit: August 1994
Lillie with James
At Littlejohns'
Trip to May Island
Anstruther from May Island
Little Gardens of Crail
John's 49th birthday
Loweswater in the Lake District: 12th to 19th August 1994
Our house: High Park
Inside of High Park
View from our living room
Crummock Water and Mellbreak
Crummock Water and Buttermere from Mellbreak
James above Loweswater
Climbing Haystacks
Tarn at the summit of Haystacks
Ruth and Ann McDowell at Rufflet's Hotel
Dave Rainbird visits

September 1994: Madrid

Trip to Madrid: 13th to 22nd September 1994
Our hotel: Principe Pio
San Antonio de Florida
Royal Palace and gardens
Lunch at the Meson de Jamon
View of the palace from our room
Sebastian Dormido
Plaza Major
Plaza de la Villa
Dried fish and fruit shop
Sculpture by Botero
Buying olives
Gardens of Sabatini
At Palacio Real
Parque del Buen Retiro
Visit to Toledo
Library ceiling at the Escorial
Velasquez at the Prado
Gran Via in Madrid

Oct - Dec 1994: Heidelburg, Fuerteventura

Jean and James to Çesme: October 1994
Jean's birthday: at Parklands
Heidelburg EASE awards: December 1994
Jim Aiton and Edmund Robertson
At Pierre Victoire's in Aberdeen
Holiday to Caleta de Fuste Fuerteventura: December 1994
View from our apartment
Views of resort
Drinks at the capital: Puerto del Rosario
At the fish restaurant
Christmas 1994
New Year 1995

Jan - Mar 1995: Jean to Florida, Fuengirola

Helen's 17th birthday
jean to Florida: February 1995
Fuengirola: March 1995
Our apartment (7th floor)
Views from our apartment
Our hire car
Lunch on our balcony
On the train to Torremolinos
Visit to Granada
The Alhambra
Visit to Cordoba

Apr - June 1995: Canada, USA, Prague

Elspeth's 19th birthday ...
... and knee operation
Paul in security guard uniform
John to Cambridge for CAL95
Winston watching parrots
James at Murrayfield for Scotland v Roumania
Jean and Helen to Canada and USA
George steering yacht
With Lillie and Gill
Helen's German
VE day
Winston and Hector
At Falkland Palace
John to Prague
Hotel in Wenceleslas Square

July 1995: France: Bayeux, Paris

Holiday to France
With Jean and Mo in Bayeux
Paris Metro
At Chez Léna et Mimile
Hotel des Grandes Écoles
Manet paintings at the Quai d'Orsay
Nearest brasserie
St Étienne du Mont
Paris skyline from the Pompidou Centre
In the Luxembourg Gardens
Jardin des Plantes
After the Bastille Day parade
1995 Open Championship in St Andrews
Gary Player driving
MacTutor exhibition in the hospitality tent
Helen working in Farmers' shop

July - Aug 1995: Kos

Kardamena: Kos
Hotel Cleopatra, Kardamena
Harbour at Kardamena
Boat trip to Kefalos
View from the village
Fort at Andimachia
Visit to Nisyros
Sunset at the ancient fort
On the ferry to Kalymnos
View from our hotel ...
... and from the road above the harbour
View from Telendos Island towards Massouri
Before dinner drinks
John's birthday at the Babis Restaurant
The square by Kardamena harbour
Ruins in Kos Town
View of Kardamena from the road to Pili
Waiting at the bus-stop near Pili
Last day lunch at the Babis

Aug - Nov 1995: Budapest

John to Budapest
Fireworks over the Danube
Edmund and Ferenc
James starts at South Street

December 1995: Tenerife

Local beach
Trip to Mount Teide
Visit to Gomera
Breakfast at Los Christianos
Cats by the harbour
Columbus's well
Los Christianos church
Hotel Mediterranean
Christmas 1995
Christmas lunch
Christmas afternoon
Snow and Derek and Jackie

Jan - Mar 1996: Madeira

New Year's Day 1996
John Henderson's car
Helen's 18th birthday
Holiday to Madeira: 18th to 25th March 1996
Our hotel
View from our bedroom
Walking on levadas
Scabbard fish
"Dry" river after rain
Fado singing

Mar - June 1996:

Botanic gardens
Easter 1996
Elspeth's 20th birthday
Jen visits
Ben Soares wedding in Salford
BMC at Manchester
Joseph Pelikan in Dublin
Spanish Arch in Galway
River at Kingsbarns (Helen's Geography project)
Madras 6th Year Ball, 23 April 1996
Helen's public-speaking award in Edinburgh
James away on Kiel exchange: 1st June 1996

June 1996: Vancouver and Seattle

Jean and John to Vancouver and Seattle: 1st to 15th June 1996
U of BC Anthropological Museum
Our hotel (YWCA) behind football stadium
View from Stanley Park
Pigs in blankets at Ricky's
Gas Town
Concert hall in Vancouver
Killer Whale at Vancouver aquarium
View from the Skytrain
Seattle from Highland Drive
View of Olympus Mountains from George's street
Seattle from the harbour
George's "new" house
John and George at Schmitz Park
Sign at Alki Beach
George's "old" café
Jed, Jill and Lillie at Chinese restaurant
George "at work"
At Lake Washington
At Snoqualurie Falls
Landslip in Discovery Park
Swimming in Columbia River at Vantage
Eating oysters at Lofall on the Hood Canal
Half-price sushi
At the RR diner in North Bend...
... (= MarT Café in "Twin Peaks")
Roslyn (film set for "Northern Esposure")
View from Mount Si
Cherry Bank Hotel
Thunderbird Park, Royal BC Museum
At Beacon Hill Park

July - Aug 1996: Estartit

jamie's 16th birthday, Littlejohn's
Helen's award ceremony
Paul's graduation,. 3rd July 1996
Wedding anniversary, 14th July
EMS Colloquium, 13th to 20th July 1996
Holiday to Estartit: 5th to 18th August 1996
View of the town
View of Illes Medes from Muntanya Gran
Cala Calella
Cala Pedrosa
Sardanas in Church Square
FC Barcelona strip
James trying diving
Coffee - cut with cognac
Roast chicken - at "JOC's Place"
Visit to Figueres and Dali Museum
Mediaeval village at Pals
View of Estartit from Pals
Church and square at Torres de Mongri
Paul with Mo in Florida, August 1996
Dave Rainbird visits: August 1996

Sept - Nov 96: Thea's wedding

Jean to Florida and Thea's wedding: September 1996
Elspeth and Mo at the dock
At Caladesi beach
Mo on the dock
Robin, Ruthie and their van
Thea's wedding: King of Prussia PA: 27th September 1996
Mo, Thea and Robin
Alex with Ruthie and Billie
Margery and Ruthie
Taunton Lake
"Cridland's place"
With Aunt Jean
Helen with the "Malaya trophy"
Helen starts at Aberdeen
Paul starts at Strathclyde
AUT strike day
Jean's birthday

December 1996: Corralejo: Fuertaventura

Holiday to Corralejo: Fuertaventura: 17th to 24th December 1996
Christmas afternoon
On TV at Pierre Victoire's in Edinburgh
Our Christmas picture

Feb - Apr 1997: Florida and Side

Jean to Florida: 3rd to 23rd February 1997
Mo with Sam
Holiday to Side: Turkey: 25th March to 1st April 1997
Our hotel
View from our room
Side harbour
Beach shacks at Side
Harbour snack-bar
Apollo temple
Side museum
Aubergine kebab
Ann and Bulant's engagement party
River at Manavgat
Agora and stadium at Side
Byzantine bridge near Serik
Upper Duden waterfall near Antalya
Elspeth's 21st birthday: with "chalk cat"

May - June 1997: San Francisco and Seattle

Jean and james to San Francisco and Seattle: 20th May to 4th June 1997
San Francisco
James on Amtrak
With Uncle Dave
Morro Bay
Rock at Morro Bay
Uncle Dave's house
David Mack with Brian and Danny
John to Groups Galway:22nd to 26th May 1997
Edinburgh Zoo
James as Spice Girl
James and his German: Florian
James' birthday

June - July 1997: Paleocastritsa: Corfu

Jean and John in Corfu: 23rd June to 8th July 1997
"Turkey lady" home from our balcony
View from our balcony
Nearest swimming place: the "Grotto"
On the "path" to Liapades beach
Liapades village centre
At Bovina beach near Liapades
At the Club Acapulco
View of our apartment block from the swimming pool
Beach at Paleocastritsa
View of Paleocastritsa from to road to Lakones
Resting at Lakones
Angelocastro fort (in the background)
Chapel at the Angelocastro fort
Hotel Constantinople in Corfu Town
Interior of St Theodora's church
Medusa in the town museum
Starting cycle race
The "mathematicians' quarter"
View from our bedroom
Beach at Paramonas
Paramonas post cards
John at Pentation
View of Agias Gordis from Pentation
On the road from Paramonas to Gardiki
Herr Muller-Hahn at Paramonas
Donkey at Agias Mattheos
Back in Corfu Town: view from our balcony
View from the Byzantine museum
Last dinner on our balcony

July - Sept 1997: Paris

Wedding anniversary at Kinross House
Elspeth leaving for EuroRail
John to Groups St Andrews in Bath: 26th July to 1st August 1997
Tintern Abbey
Dinner in the Assembly Rooms
Helen working at McSorley's
Dave Rainbird on August Bank Holiday
Jean and John to Paris: 1st to 8th September 1997
Our hotel in the 6th
Breakfast at the Bar du Marché
Luxembourg gardens
Arc de Triomphe
Maitlands: Margot, Geoff, Tracy
Jacques Camus
Place de Contrescarpe
At La Defense
Visit to Jackie and Jean-Paul Danion at Maison-Laffite
Jackie's house being restored
Postcard from 1914
At the Marmottan Museum (with Monets)
At the Restaurant Thomieux in the 7th
Visit to Giverny
Church at Vernon
Cimitière Père Lachaise
Hotel "Du Palais Bourbon" in the 7th
Rodin Museum
"Le Penseur" in the Invalides metro
Lunch at Chevreux
La Fontaine statue
Town Hall and ...
... stained glass at St Denis

Nov - Dec 1997: Puerto de la Cruz

Burn reading party: November 1997
Helen with Donnie
Elspeth's field work: Eden estuary
Jean's birthday
Puerto de la Cruz: Tenerife: 16th to 24th December 1997
Aparthotel "La Viaggia"
Our studio
View from our balcony
Church Square in Puerto de la Cruz
La Oratrava
Dragon tree at La Oratrava
View over Oratrava valley
Dragon tree at Icod de los Vinos
Our restaurant in Lomo Street
Christmas 1997
Paul and Jen
Laws visit

Jan - Apr 1998: Florida

new Year's Day 1998
Robbie Burgess visits: March 1998
Jean and John to Florida: 19th march to 2nd/8th April 1998
On Jean's porch
At Molly Goodhead's
At Honeymoon beach
Long-eared owl at Honeymoon
Wild orchid
Corkscrew swamp
On Bonita beach
Dali museum and ...
... St Pete pier
Jean's tile
Dunedin Art Center
Dinner at Jean's -- pizza from Nick's
Margery and Alex
Ruthie, Thea, Alex and Claudia
Claudia and "great aunt" Jean

June 1998: Agias Gordis: Corfu

James' (early) 18th birthday
James ready for 6th year ball
With Robby and Pete
Agias Gordis: Corfu
View from the top of the hill
Our house -- and the "Pink Palace"
Lunch on the terrace
Our house ...
... and view from the terrace
Building at the bus-stop
Distant view of Agias Gordis
Beach at Pentati
East view from the "Kaiser's chair"
West view
Silversmith in Corfu Town
Sunset from the Café Giali
Bathing place from the Old Fort
At the Byzantine Museum
The town from the Old Fort
Corfu Town market

June - July 1998: Rhodes

Chuck and Jane visit: June 1998
At Leuchars
At Loch Earn
Elspeth's graduation: July 1998
Holiday to Rhodes: 1998
View from the Hotel Sydney
Knights' Hospital
Town beach
Retjep Pasha mosque
Temple of Apollo on Mount Smith
Omirou Street
Pension Minos
Doorway on Socrates Street
View from our room
View from the roof
Harbour and walls
Trip to Symi
Monastery at Panormitis

Aug - Sept 1998: Menorca

John's birthday picnic at Tentsmuir
James at Perth with Pete and Robbie
Lunch at Perth
Holiday to Menorca: September 1998
Gran Playa and our hotel
View from our balcony
Our bathing place
Catamaran after "accident"
Cuitadella Cathedral
Cuitadella harbour
Restaurant in rain-storm
Naveta at Es Tiedons
Upper Chamber
Spanish and Catalan at the market
Port Mahon
Helen back from travelling
Paul with black eye
Paul moves to new flat
George's graduation picture

October 1998: Jean to Chicago, Arizona

Jean to US: 7th to 24th October 1998
At Tombstone
Ruthie with birds
Ruth and Robin's lobby

Oct - Nov 1998: Paris

To Paris: 28th October to 2nd November 1998
Hotel in the Marais
Place de la Concorde
Mitterand library
Eating mussels
Parc Georges Brassens
Musée Picasso
Place de la Bastille
Pompidou Centre
View from the steps of la Madeleine
Building in the "garment district"
Tiles in Concorde metro
On Sturdy Hill with Burn Reading Party
November snow
Snow leopard at Edinburgh Zoo

December 1998: P. del Carmen, Lanzerote

Holiday to Puerto del Carmen: Lanzerote: 16th to 23rd December 1998
Playa Blanca
Christmas morning 1998

Jan - Mar 1999: Jean to Florida: Rome

January 1999
Woollen Mill closing sale
Tree in Lumbo Den
Jean to Florida with Helen: 26th January to 10th February
Helen with Sam
Holiday to Rome: 20th to 27th March 1999
Our hotel
Rome marathon
The forum
St Peter's
Vatican museum
Visit to Frascati
View from the Spanish steps

Apr - July 1999: Jed's graduation: Corfu

New Ka: 15th April 1999
Elspeth's 23rd birthday
Ben and Jo Soares's new baby
Galway May 1999
Jean to Jed's graduation in Philadelphia: 13th to 20th May 1999
Holiday to Corfu: 7th to 21st June 1999
Our balcony at the Astron
The New and Old forts
Agias Stephanos beach
Kassiopi harbour
(with weed)
Pentati beach
At Kanoni
Vaga Island
Boat back to Corfu Town

July - Sept 1999: Tarragona and Jersey

Holiday to Tarragona: 21st to 28th July 1999
Plaça de la Font
Plaça at night
View from our room
Restored house
Gate of St Antoni
Statue on Rambla Nova
Plaque outside cathedral
Cat's funeral !
Cathedral cloisters
Local forum
Visit to Montblanc
On the Ramblas
Lunch in Serrallo
(fishing quarter)
Beach at Coma-Ruga (St Vincens de Calders)
Amphitheatre at Tarragona
Summer Haar
Helen and Ilsa leave for Mexico
Lammas Market
Holiday to Jersey: 28th August to 4th September 1999
Lunch at St Aubin
Lighthouse at Corbière
At Jersey Zoo
St Helier market
Bonne Nuit Bay
Beach at Gorey
La Grève de Lecq
Hillclimbing at Bouley Bay
St Brelade's Bay
Plemont Bay
Aberdeen garden
Edinburgh Zoo

Nov 99 - Feb 00: Paris and Gran Canaria

Holiday to Paris: 30th October to 4th November 1999
Our hotel in Rue Lepic
Moulin Rouge
Display in Rue da la Paix
Montmartre vineyard
Rue Lepic market from our balcony
Canal St Martin
Sunday at Sacré Coeur
Daumier exhibition in Petit Palais
Visit to Chartres
Final lunch in Montmartre
Jean to USA: 7th to 25th November 1999
Holiday to Gran Canaria: 15th to 22nd December 1999
Playa del Ingles
View from the back of our apartment
Our balcony at Corona Blanca
View of Ayaguares from the path from Los Palmitos
Walking in the Baranca de Ayaguares
Crib at Las Palmas
Columbus's house
Las Palmas cathedral
Courtyard of the cathedral
Lunch on our balcony
Walking from Maspalomas
Capital from the air
Christmas 1999
Breakfast at the West Port
Snowdrops at Cambo
East Sands

March 2000: Sorrento

Holiday to Sorrento: 24th to 31st March 2000
Old port at Sorrento
With Sue and Kirsty at our table
Lunch at the "Foreigners' Club"
Views from our balcony
Sorrento cathedral bell-tower
Cloisters of San Francisco
At Capo di Sorrento
Visit to Naples
Visit to Capri
Visit to Positano
On walk from Sant Agata to Sorrento
Café sign in Sant Agata
Visit to Pompeii

Apr - July 2000: Cephelonia and Ithica

Visit to Denis and Margaret (and BMC): April 2000
Restored "Victorian Quarter"
River Wharfe near Bolton Abbey
Henry Moore
The Wharfe at Otley
Thomas Chippendale's house
Kirov ballet: 2nd May 2000
Elspeth with Winston
Holiday to the Ionian Islands:: 8th to 22nd June 2000
View from our hotel in Zakynthos Town
Harbour at Killini on the mainland
Argostoli on Cephallonia
In the hills above Argostoli
Cephallonian meat-pie in Lixouri
Our hotel in Sami
Filming "Captain Corelli's Mandolin"
Harbour with film-sets and warships
Lunch on our balcony
Vathi on Ithika
View from the "spring of Emmaeus"
Odysseus's statue at Stavros
Harbour at Frikes
Our swimming hole
Painting group exhibition at our hotel
Our balcony at Fiskardho on Cephallonia
Beach near Fiskardho
Poros Bay hotel on Cephallonia
View from our room: with Killini ferry

July 2000: Helen graduation: Ellmau: Austria

Helen graduates from Aberdeen University: 4th July 2000
Holiday to Ellmau, Austria: 8th to 15th July 2000
View from our balcony: Gastho Schöneblick
Walking up to Walleralm
Path below Hartkaiser
Lunch at Rahnhartalm
View of Ellmau
Church at Going
"Summer's night in Ellmau"
Cloud over Ellmau
Chairlift from Going
View near Brandstadl
Beer at Hausberg
Gondala up from Scheffau
Lunch at Treichlhof

July - Sept 2000: Gulet holiday

The "Millennial" Open at St Andrews
The QE2 anchored at Anstruther
Fish and chips at Anstruther
Paul dressed for a wedding
Elspeth in Zimbabwe
Laying Paul's floor
Elspeth in Hong Kong
Gulet holiday: 28th August to 5th September 2000
Leaving Fetiye
At Gemeler Island
Swimming at Dalyan
At Dalyan
Leaving Göçek
Mustafa: boat-boy
Ayran in Marmaris bazaar
Ataturk statue

Oct - Nov 2000: Lisbon: George's wedding

View from roof of Scottish National Museum
James starts work: October 2000
Dave Rainbird visits
Visit to Lisbon: 6th to 11th November 2000
Our hotel
View from our balcony
Railway station
Praca do Comércio from ferry to Barreiro
Tiles at market café
Nearest restaurant
Square in Barro Alta
Entrance to the Sé
Casa dos Bicos
Water pumping museum
Tile museum
Visit to Sintra
Lisbon wall tiles
Jean to Seattle for Thanksgiving and Georges's wedding
George "McKay" and relations
George's new house

Dec 00 - Feb 01: P. de las Americas, Tenerife

Holiday to Playa de las Americas Tenerife:16th to 23rd December 2000
Our apartment in Parque Santiago III
Local beach
Los Christianos harbour
In the Barranco del Rey
View of Los Christianos from Conde
Playa de las Americas
In Los Christianos
Barranco del Infierno
View of Adeje from the Barranco
Waterfall at the end of the barranco
Christmas lunch 2000
Winston with Christmas cream
West Sands: Christmas afternoon
Dinner at La Posada
Paul with sore toe
"Baby" Keith and Claudia
New year's Day
East Sands in the snow
February 2001

Feb - May 2001: Jean to Florida: Majorca

Jean to Florida: 5th to 18th February 2001
St Mark's Village
At Lake Tarpon
Jean with her paintings
Paul and Angela: March 2001
Holiday to Port da Pollença Majorca: 31st March to 7th February 2001
Our hotel: Hostal
Views from our balcony
Bokner valley
Square at Pollença
Roman bridge
Church at Alcúdia
Cala Sant Vicenç
Monastery at Lluc
Easter quiz 2001
James gets his kilt: 8th April
May Day at Balmerino
Cats' new basket

June 2001: Corfu and Epirus

To Corfu and Epirus: 4th to 18th June 2001
Corfu Town
Storks at Morfi
Beach at Parga
Breakfast on our terrace
Views from Venetian fort at Parga
Fort above Anthousa
View from fort
Square in Lefkas town
Rebuilt after earthquake
Swimming at Lefkas
Mosque/museum at Ioannina
Mosque and library
Byzantine museum
Ali Pasha's tomb and mosque
Canal at Lefkimi on Corfu
On the road to Pentati
View of Lake Korisson
Viewpoint near the monastery
Near Lake Korisson
House for sale in Agias Mathias
Angela's Snack Bar in Pentati
Swimming place in Corfu Town
Last lunch in Corfu Town

July 2001: Rhodes

Holiday to Rhodes:11th to 18th July 2001
Views from the roof of the Hotel Minos
Our "swimming hole"
Byzantine museum
Acropolis at Lindos
Captain's house doorway
Escaped donkeys
Rhodes town clock-tower
View from the clock-tower
The "New Market"
Valley of the butterflies

July - Sept 2001: St Gilgens: Austria and Gulet

St Gilgens Austria: 28th July to 4th August 2001
St Gilgens
View from the Weisswand restaurant
View from the "Mozartblick"
Swimming in the Wolfgangsee at Fürberg
St Gilgens Rathaus
Above St Gilgen at Zwölferhorn
Signpost at Weisswand
"Kaiser Franz Joseph" on Wolfgangsee
Fallen tree in Lade Braes
Paul and Angela
Elspeth in bridesmaid's dress
Gulet from Bodrum: 3rd to 11th September 2001
Leaving Bodrum harbour
Captain steering
Amphitheatre at Bodrum
Hotel Mars Bodrum
Helen and Calum visit
Paul and Angela
Dave Rainbird visits: October 2001
Edinburgh Zoo

Sept - Dec 2001: Andalucia and Lanzerote

Holiday to Andalucia: 3rd to 10th November 2001
Views from our hotel in Malaga
Malaga Alcazaba
Plaza de la Constitución
Seville hotel: Casas de los Mercadores
View from our room
Views from the Giralda
Political demonstration
Alterpiece in the cathedral
Statue of Carmen outside the bullring
Casa de Pilate
Our hotel in Ronda
Views from our room
Ronda bullring
Flamenco recital
Arabic baths
Bar at Hotel de los Hermanos
Making chorros
Holiday to Lanzerote: 13th to 20th December 2001
Our apartment
Uga village
Geria valley and vines
View of Yaiza
View of Uga
Church in Yaiza
Model village in Yaiza
Reservoir near Salamanca
Christmas 2001
"New" back room
Paul and Dorian at Madras reunion: Boxing Day
James dressed for New Year
Picture for wedding invitations
Claudia and Keith

Jan - Mar 2002: Paris

New Year 2002 on Tay Bridge
To Paris: 30th January to 3rd February 2002
Our hotel
View from our room
Museum of the Middle Ages
Primary School menus
Notre Dame
Chopin in the Museum of Romantic Life
Brasserie Balzar, Rue des Écoles
Opposite the Gare du Nord
Saturday afternoon in the Luxembourg Gardens
Cour du Louvre: Sunday afternoon
St Chappelle
Market at Versailles
The chateau
Museum of the Middle Ages: Lady with unicorn
Raphael: Lady with unicorn
Reading party to Burn: on Sturdy Hill
Easter quiz

April 2002: Costa del Sol

Holiday in Nerja and Almenucar: 4th to 11th April
Our hotel in Nerja
View from our room
Fisherman's hut
Lunch on our balcony
Nerja in the rain
Aqueduct at Maro
Walking above the Barranco de la Colladilla
Walking above Nerja near Frigliana
Our hotel
Almenucar beach
Roman aqueduct

May 2002: Paul and Angela wedding

Galway: 3rd to 6th May 2002
Normanvilla, Galway
Helen and Calum
Galway harbour from the "penthouse"
Wedding: Saturday 4th May 2002
Leaving for Australia: 5th June

June 2002: Crete

Holiday in Crete: 11th to 25th June 2002
Museum in Iraklion
Palace at Knossos
Our hotel in Chania
View from our room
Chania mosque
Paleohora: views from the castle
Sign with bullet-holes
Cafe at Anidri
Walking in the Anidri gorge
Leaving Paleohora by ferry
View from our room in Sougia
Gorge from Sougia to Lissos
Roman ruins at Lissos
Chapel at Lissos
Ferry at the beach
Views from our balcony
Harbour at Hora Stakion
The beach
Walkers leaving the ferry
Walking in the Imbros gorge
"Rent Room Garden"
with cat
Canadian mathematicians
Gounakis restaurant
View from the fortress
Mosque in the fortress

July - Aug 2002: Gulet and Westendorf

Holiday on gulet: 8th to 15th July 2002
Leaving Marmaris
Unseasonal thunderstorm
Our gulet: the Ertuncbey
At Gocek
The captain
The cook and boy
Market in Fetiye
Semit boy
Paul and Angela leave
Westendorf Austria: 27th July to 3rd August 2002
Our hotel
Views from our balcony
Cable-car above Westendorf
Westendorf from above
Swimming hole at Brixen
Chair lifts above Hopfgarten
Wilder Kaiser range from beside the Hohe Salve
Westendorf from Zieplhofe
Church at St Johann
View from the Kitzbuhler Horn
Alpine garden
The Kandleralm above Brixen
Local festival

Sept - Nov 2002: Corfu/Alicante, Murcia, Elche

Helen visits
Lammas Market
Corfu: 9th to 16th September 2002
Bathing place in Corfu Town
View from the Constantinople
At Paramonaas
The road to Gardiki
Leaving Corfu
Alicante Murcia and Elche: 2nd to 9th November 2002
Views from the citadel at Alicante
Promenade at Alicante
Alicante market
Cathedral at Murcia
Bishop's palace
Cathedral Square
Bar in Murcia
Ladies' toilet ceiling in casino
Hotel Huerto del Cura in Elche
Palm gardens in Elche
Elche cathedral
"Curate's" garden
Paul's uniform pictures

December 2002: Gomera

In Los Christianos
View from the ferry to La Gomera
Our room in the Hotel Ibo Alfaro
View from the hotel terrace
Hermigua Valley
Hotel cactus garden
Bakery in Hermigua
Heaviest rain for 10 years
Beach in San Sebastian
Torre del Conde (and our hotel)
Ocean-going rowing boat
San Sebastian from the parador
Church Square in Los Christianos
Crib in Los Christianos
Christmas 2002

Jan - Apr 2003: Lyons, Jean to USA: Malta

Lyons: 29th January to 2nd February 2003
TGV from the airport
Our hotel: Hotel Residence
Place Carnot -- with snow
River Saône
River Rhône
Place Bellecour
Lumiere museum
Vieux Lyons
St Jean cathedral
Ampère's statue -- with snow
Jean to Florida: 11th to 27th February 2003
Jean, Paul and Aunt Jean
Angela, Mo and Paul
Malta: 1st to 8th April 3003
Our hotel: British Hotel
View of Grand Harbour and Fort St Angelo from our room
Bus at Mostow
Dome at Mostow
Our Lady of Mount Carmel church
Old fish market in Valleta
Scavenging pigeons
Mgair harbour on Gozo
Our balcony at Xaghra Lodge
Church at Xaghra
Citadel at Victoria (Rabat)
Citadel at Victoria
Beach at Ramla Bay
View from "Calypso's Cave"
Windmill at Xaghra
St John's co-cathedral in Valleta
"Beheading of John the Baptist" by Caravaggio
Fresco in the Grand Master's palace -- fighting Turks
Easter quiz

June 2003: Crete

Crete: 10th to 24th June 2003
Lunch in Iraklion
Courtyard of our hotel in Irepeta
Old mosque
Pastry shop
Our balcony
Wedding at the church
View from the citadel
Bull in the museum
Lunch on our balcony
Our room in Kato Zakro
Terrace at our pension
Cliff walk
Palace ruins
Walking down the gorge
On the ferry from Sitia
Agios Nikolas
View from our room

July 2003: Lake Garda: Verona

Lake Garda in Italy: 8th to 15th July 2003
Chair-lift to Mount Baldo
North end of Lake Garda
Castle and bathing beach
Lake ferry at Limone
Riva del Garda
At Torbole

July - Aug 2003: Austria: Kitzbuhl

Wednesday morning butcher's van
Goodbye sofa
Kitzbuhl: 26th July to 2nd August 2003
Swimming in the Schwarzsee

Sept - Oct 2003: Gulet and Róisín born

Gulet holday: 8th to 15th September 2003
Our gulet in Fetiye
Under sail
Pancake lady
Head-scarf ladies
Lycian rock-tombs
View from the castle
Paul and Angela: September 2003
Róisín born: 25th October 2003
Dave Rainbird: October 30th to 3rd November

Nov - Dec 2003: Gomera

Gomera: 9th to 17th November 2003
Hotel Oasis Moreque in Los Christianos
On the ferry to La Gomera
Above San Sebastian
Harbour at Vueltas (Valle Gran Rey)
Beach at Vueltas
On the road from La Loja to San Sebastian
Sunset in Los Christianos
New camera
Róisín at 6 weeks old
Jean to Florida: 2nd to 17th December 2003
James going for driving lesson

Christmas 2003:

Christmas 2003
Boxing Day
Calum visits
At the West Sands
Kitted out for Hogmonay
Keith and Claudia
George and the Russians: August 2003

January 2004:

New Year's Day
Laying Elspeth's kitchen floor
Visit to Derek and Jackie in Linlithgow: 4th January
Paul and family visit: 12th to 19th January
Róisín's christening in Galway
Christening dress
In Salthill church
The cousins
Back to the USA

January 2004: Paris

Holiday to Paris: 26th to 31st January 2004
Le Dôme de Villiers ...
... with seafood
Rue de Levis
Musée Jacquemart-André in the Boulevard Haussmann
Parc des Batignolles
Quai d'Orsay museum
Van Gogh
The eternal flame at the Arc de Triomphe
Our studio in Pavillon Courcelles Parc Monceau
Place Bastille
Skating in front of the Hotel de Ville
The Louvre
Piero della Francesca
Parc Monceau entrance
Lines into Gare St Lazare
Pâtisserie in the Rue Lepic
Lunch in Montmartre

Feb - Mar 2004:

Paul diving
East Sands
Flowers in Lade Braes
New harbour bridge
Northern Ballet's "Midsummer Night's Dream"

March 2004: California: Pasadena

In Pasadena: 27th March to 3rd April 2004
On the way from the airport
Helen with Holly
Helen with Max
Max and Holly
Helen's engagement ring
At Descanto Gardens
Lilac Garden
Lunch at Italian deli
Holly Street apartments
Blossom in Holly Street
View from the balcony
Manhattan Beach
Bagels for lunch
View from Helen's building
Near Rose Bowl
View from the CalTech library
In Calum's lab
At CalTech's swimming pool
Digging a car-park
Pasadena Auditorium
Pasadena City Hall
Helen's swimming pool
Helen at work
Bus-stop sign
Metro under Helen's building
Helen and Max
Union Station, Los Angeles
Old booking hall
Mural on Mexican Center
Olvera Street, Los Angeles
Procession for Cesar Chavez
Down-town Los Angeles
Degas at the Norton Simon
Norton Simon Gardens
Dinner with Lachlan and Mollies
Target warning
Old Pasadena hotel
At Pie 'n Burger
Japanese garden at Huntingdon
Vesuvius erupting
View of Edinburgh
Coffee at Benny's diner
Painting in book-store
Dinner at Italian restaurant
In Victoria's Secrets

March 2004: California: Monterey

Amtrak Coastal Starlight
Observation Car
Climbing out of San Luis Obispo
In Monterey: 3rd to 5th April 2004
Cannery Row Inn
View from our balcony
Fisherman's wharf, Monterey
Whaling Station
First brick house
Doc Ricketts' memorial
Lunch beside recreation trail
Cannery Row
Jellyfish at Montery Aquarium
Kelp forest
Cuttle fish
Sea urchins
Coral reef
Santa Cruz

March 2004: California: San Francisco

In San Francisco: 5th to 9th April 2004
Hotel San Remo
Our bedroom
Entrance hall
Sea lions at Pier 39
Aquatic Park
Ghirardelli Square
View down Hyde Street
Columbus Avenue and the TransAm pyramid
L'Osteria del Forno restaurant
Turning the cable car
Columbus Avenue
Climbing Mason Street
Market Street
Martha Graham poster
Ferry Building
Gandhi walking in the car park
View from the ferry
Bus over the Golden Gate Bridge
Mexican flowers in Macy's
Union Square from Macy's roof
Entrance to Chinatown
Broadway and Columbia Avenue
Italian deli on Columbia
Cafe Puccini
View from Coit Tower
Murals in Coit Tower
Coit Tower
Diego Rivera mural in Art Institute
Building on Chestnut Street
Victorian House
View down Jones Street
Dinner with David Mack and family
Morning in Washington Square
Sign on Columbia Avenue
Trolley on the F-line
SF ballet supplies
Museum of Modern Art
Trolley on Market Street
Fog over Twin Peaks
Castro Theatre
Mission Dolores inside
and outside
Street in Mission District
In the US restaurant
John's new suit
In Macy's window
Lunch in the House of Gnocchi
Coffee in Italian bakery

April - May 2004:

Róisín at 6 months
Easter 2004
Easter quiz
Elspeth's new car
Róisín at 7 months
Róisín with Helen
Partial lunar eclipse
Paul in triathlon

15 May 2004: Fiona Lamb's wedding

May 2004: Miskolc

Miskolc University
Conference members
Library exhibition
Peter Kortesi
Lillafüred Hotel
Conference banquet
Miskolc spa
Peter Kortesi
Mountain railway
Miskolc station
Keleti station
Budapest buildings
Budapest and the Danube
London from the air
Edinburgh from the air

June 2004:

Róisín with Mo
And with Aunt Jean
Visit to Aberdeen
View from Elspeth's flat
Ken Falconer at the Examiner's meeting
Mathematics and Statistics Staff
Graduation 2004

June 2004: Crete

Lunch in Iraklion
1866 Street
Chania Gate
Beach at Matala
First ouzo on our terrace
View from the Matala caves
Walking to the Red Beach
Matala from above
Fish Taverna
Matala from the fort
Ruins at Phaestos
Agia Gallini
Pop concert
Waiting for fish
Wedding on the pier
Wedding reception
Country behind Agia Gallini
At breakfast cafe
Leaving from the bus-station
Heracles Rent-Rooms in Spili
View from room
Venetian fountain in Spili
Field behind Spili church
Mountain walk
View above Spili
Turkeys and other pets
Map of Spili area
Church at Labini
Changing buses at Koxare
Horizon Beach Hotel in Plakia
Windy weather
Walk to mountain village
Beach at Damnoni
Souda Bay
Byzantine hotel in Rethymno
Views from our window
Rethymno museum
Venetian fountain
Mosque next to our hotel
Rethymno harbour
Loukoumadhes for breakfast
Leaving Irakalion

July 2004:

Next door's "garden"
Elspeth and Martin

July 2004: Corfu

Corfu: 12th to 17th July 2004
Views of Corfu and Paramonas from the air
Hotel at Paramonas
Beach at Paramonas
At Angela's cafe in Pentati
Walk to Aghias Gordis
Beach at Aghias Gordis
Chris's Place at Pentati
On the road to Gardiki
Gardiki Castle
Donkey on road to Aghias Matthias
View of Aghias Matthias
Back to Corfu Town
Lunch restaurant
Hotel Konstantinopolis
View from our balcony
Swimming hole
Old town
Platias Helena
By boat to Varno Island
Evening on the Listons
Last lunch
Back to Glasgow

July 2004: Alpbach: Austria

Alpbach: 25th to 31st July 2004
Our Gasthaus in Alpbach
On the gondola to Hornboden
On the Panoramaweg
Alpbach from above
Schrödinger's grave at Alpbach
Walk from Nisslhof down to Reith
At the Almhof (midpoint of Hornboden gondola)
Visit to Rattenberg
The River Inn
Dinner at the pizza restaurant

July - Sept 2004:

Helen visits Paul in California: July 2004
August 2004
Calum with his mother
September 2004
Elspeth visits
End of Chloe

September 2004: Elspeth and Martin sailing

September 2004: Gulet to Greece

Gulet to Greece: 6th to 13th September 2004
Bodrum harbour
Leaving harbour
Our cabin
Fenerbachi supporter!
Beach at Kos town
Roman forum at Kos
Under sail
The captain
Leaving Symi
Datça on the Turkish mainland
Anchored at Knidos
Going around the ruins
Eudoxus's sundial
Tea in the saloon
Anchored near Bodrum
Coming back into Bodrum
Sea of Marmaris
Back to Edinburgh

Sept - Nov 2004:

James before and after
October 2004
November 2004
Jean's birthday

November 2004: Algarve

7th to 14th November 2004
View from roof of Hotel Faro
Restaurant at the end of the world
Faro street
Arco da Vila
On the roof of the Sé
Cathedral interior
Church of Sao Paulo
Igreja do Carmo
Waiting for the ferry to Ayamonte
Ayamonte from the ferry
Convent courtyard in Ayamonte
Bridge over the River Guardiana
Plaza de Ribera
Our hotel
Waiting for the ferry back to Portugal
In Vila Real de Santo António
Praca Marquês da Pombal
Our hotel
Entrance of our hotel
Breakfast room
Our hotel in Tavira
View from our room
Roman bridge in Tavira
Church of Santa Maria do Castelo
Ride on little train
Our room
The market
Back to Faro
Lunch at the yacht club
Tea on the roof
Beach at Faro
Cataplana at the yacht club

December 2004:

Paul dive pictures
Paul Angela and Róisín
Christmas in St Andrews
Christmas Day
West Sands, Christmas afternoon
Paul and Róisín at the East Sands
Wedding cake
Wedding Eve
James, Elspeth and Martin
Elspeth and Helen
With Róisín
Asleep at last!
After the Wedding: Hogmanay

29 Dec 2004: Helen and Calum wedding

"New Course" Helen O'Connor, Calum Iain Torrie, Margaret Torrie, Calum Torrie,
Jean O'Connor
"Old Course" Michael Perreur-Lloyd, Shona Gray, Ryan Jones, Duncan Stewart,
Katie Thomson
"Brookside #2 " Chris Currer, Celia Currer, Kevin Gilbert, Carol Reid, Gordon Reid
"Turnberry" Iain Davie, Hazel Davie, Jim Farmer, Denise Farmer, Janice Seltzer
"Annandale" Donald Cameron, Marian Cameron, Dougie Gillespie, Marie Gillespie,
Donald Stewart
"Royal Dalmuir" Catherine Vysny, Mr. Moore, Annah Langan, Barry Gibb,
Roz Smith
"Machrie" Norna Robertson, Eric Gustaffson, Jim Hough, Catherine Holloway,
Richard Holloway
"Ralston" Liz Little, Graeme Little, Vickie Turbine, Russell Jones, Marianne Collins
"Carnoustie" James O'Connor, Richard Bryce, Verity Dougan-Watt,
Anoushka Sankie, Alex MacAulay
"Royal Troon" Kenneth Thomson, Valerie Thomson, Derek Law, Jackie Law,
Denis O'Connor
"Cruden Bay" Mark Johnson, Julie MacDonald, Alan Baird, Ailsa Stewart,
Johanne Simpson
"The Dukes" Julie Farmer, Tom Brown, Jamie Hogarth, Mike Kynoch,
Ali Woods

January 2005:

New Year's Day: Tay Road bridge

January 2005: Tenerife

22nd to 27th January 2005
Harbour at Los Christianos
View from our hotel in Puerto de la Cruz
View of Lomo Street
Mount Tiede from the beach
Our hotel from the sea-wall
Breakfast at the harbour
Casa Iriata
Puerto from the Mirador
Playa Bollullo
Banana plantation
Filming in Garachico
Puerto de la Cruz beach
View from hotel roof
Restaurant in Lomo Street
Breakfast in the main square
Santa Cruz
Statue of José Murphy
Plaza de Espana
Our hotel
Last year's carnival costume
Carnival lights
Breakfast on the roof of the Hotel Atlantico
In El Kilo
Carnival poster
View from our room
Paintings by Arturo Michelena
Dragon tree
The market of Nuestra Senora de Africa
Tenerife auditorium
Our hotel in El Médano
View from our balcony
Kite surfers on the beach

Feb - Mar 2005:

Jean in Florida
After Ian Durham's viva
Jeffrey and Tina visit
Easter quiz
Picture from Argentina

April 2005: Tunisia

4th to 10th April 2005
Hotel Tej Marhaba
Hotel grounds
Hotel lobby
Hotel indoor pool
Our room
View from our balcony
Ribat in Sousse
View of Grand Mosque
Views from Ribat tower
Kobbe museum
Mosaics in Archeological Museum
Museum Dar Essid
View from museum roof
In the Medina
Port El Kantaoui
From our balcony
Beach at Sousse
Train to Monastir
Ribat at Monastir
Monastir in the 1860's
Bourguiba's tomb
Monastir mosque
Sunset at airport

Apr - May 2005:

Michael Weatherill retires -- again

June 2005: Athens, Naxos, Syros, Aegina

Holiday to Greece: 6th to 20th June 2005

Athens: 6th to 10th June
View from our bedroom
Hotel Attalos in Monastiraki
Rubbish strike
Roman forum
Odeon of Herodes Atticus
In the Parthenon museum
Theatre of Dionysis
View from our hotel roof bar
Guard in Syntagma Square
Monument of Lysicrates
Hadrian's Arch
In the Psiri Taverna

The Hephaisteion
View across the Agora
The Middle Stoa
Terracotta rattle
Ivory statue of Jupiter
Perfume bottle
On the hotel roof
Paros: 10th to 12th June
Leaving Piraeus
Paros cat
Church at Parikia harbour
Our hotel
View of ferry from our balcony
Frankish Kastro
Ekatonapiliani Church
In the Parakia Museum
Breakfast in our courtyard
Church interior
Naxos: 12th to 15th June
Rocks where Samina Express sank
Approach to Naxos
Restoring house in old town
Hotel Panorama
View from our room
Our hotel
The Portára
View of old town
Cycladic figures in the museum
Our room
View from the roof
Swimming in the harbour
Ouzo on the roof
Grill-man in Meze2 restaurant
Moving building materials
Beach at Agia Anna
Octopus caught at the swimming hole
Walking at Filoti
Cafenion at Filoti
Upper village
In the Kastro at Naxos Town
In the Byzantine Museum
Venetian House Museum
Leaving Naxos
Syros: 15th to 17th June
Cruise ship outside our balcony on Syros
Ermoupolis town
Town Hall
Swimming hole
Opera House
Cycladic figure
View from our room
Hotel Nisaki
View from swimming place
Church of St Nicholas
"Little Venice"
Harbour from our balcony
Climbing up to Ano Syros
Interior of Church of St Georges
Views from the top
Memorial to Vamvakaris
Highspeed 4 to Piraeus
Flying Dolphin to Aegina
Aegina: 17th to 20th June
Beach at Aegina
Sunset from our balcony
Temple of Aphia
Beach at Agia Marina
Trireme harbour in Aegina town
Our hotel: Plaza
Views from our balcony
Martellos tower
Our previous (1993) hotel
Corinth Canal

21 June 2005: St Andrews Graduation

Seamus Heaney and Tushar Das
Edmund Robertson and Ian Durham
Honours class

June 2005: Tuscany: Montecatini Terme

25th June to 2nd July 2005
Flying over the Tuscan coast
Our hotel: Corallo
Hotels on our street
Swimming pool on roof
View from our window
Montecatini Alto
Handbag shop
Tettuccio Spa
In Montecatini Alto
Duomo and Campanile at Florence
Views from the Campanile
The Baptistry
View towards Palazzo Vecchio
View of San Lorenzo and railway station
Mark Maness
Sculptor's work-shop
Facade of the Duomo
Baptistry doors
Palazzo Vecchio
Copy of Michelangelo's "David"
"Hercules and Cacus" by Bandinelli
Statue of Macchiavelli
Ponte Vecchio
Mark juggling
San Lorenzo
Leonardo da Vinci exhibition
Dinner at Villa Respigliosa, Lamporecchio
Town walls at Lucca
Lamp shop
Puccini outside his birth-place
Church of San Michele
Piazza Napoleon
Tomb by Matteo Civitali
Old cathedral
Duomo porch
San Giusto
San Frediano
Piazza Amfiteatro
Guinigi tower
S Maria Forisportam
Comic-book museum
Lucca railway station
Montecatini market
Market square in Pistoia
Duomo porch (della Robbia)
Duomo interior
Ospedale del Ceppo
Frieze by della Robbia
Palazzo Respigliosi
Church of Sant'Andrea
Pulpit by Giovanni Pisano
Memorial to Aldo Moro
Church of San Francesco
San Giovanni Fuorcivitas
"Visitation" by della Robbia
Marino Marini Museum
Portrait of Chagall
Lunch at the museum
Lamp standard at the railway station
Window dispay in Montecatini
Tuscan coast

July 2005:

"The Reaper" at St Andrews
Swimming with Helen
In Galway

9 July 2005: Ruth's wedding

July 2005: Gulet from Bodrum

Blue cruise from Bodrum: 17th to 25th July
Leaving Bodrum
First raki of the holiday
Talking Turkish with the captain
Early morning driving
Fishing stop
Swimming at Seven Islands
John with snorkel
Our gulet: Damla II
Our gulet next to last year's one
At English harbour
Moon over English Harbour
Theatre at Cleopatra's Island
Gulet movie
Our cabin
Walk to windy beach
Last day
Sailing back to Bodrum
With new Zealander fellow passengers
Inside Bodrum castle
Pictures of Bodrum in 1964
Views from the castle
The Hammam
The captain /cook with his fish
Last dinner on the gulet

August 2005:

Groups St Andrews 2005
Outing to Glamis Castle
Sunday lunch with Elspeth and Martin

September 2005: Austria: Alpbach

4th to 10th September 2005
Band going round village
Band on the terrace of the Gassenhaus
Building work on the Wiedersberger Horn
Lunch at the Hornboden
Band performng at the Postalm
Chairlift to the Sonnwennjoch
View from the top
Walking to the Zeirinsee
The Zeirinsee
View of the Inn valley
View of Kramsach from the chairlift
Rattenberg from the Inn bridge
The Ziller valley from the Reither Kogel
Lunch at the Steinerhof
Alpbach valley from Reither Kogel
Swimming at Reith
Prosecco before dinner
Walking from Wiedersberger Horn to the middle station
View over Brixlegg and Kramsach
Walking back from Inner Alpbach
Alpbach from the Mittlerer Hochenweg
Triumphal Arch in Innsbruck
The Anna column
Golden Arches and Golden Roof
Goldenes Dachl
The Helblinghaus
The City Tower
Interior of St Jacob's Cathedral
Leopold's fountain
Red squirrel in the Hofgarten
View from the Inn
Lunch at the Elferhaus
Station and Olympic ski-jump
Our Gassenhaus land-lady
Back to the Sonnwennjoch
The Ziller valley
The Rosskogelhaus and cable station
Welsh friends
Getting off at the middle station
Brass band concert
View from the Grosser Albachtaler Hohenweg
Lunch at the Pinzgerhof
Mozart balls in Innsbruch airport

October 2005:

Elspeth and Martin in Rome
In Sardinia
Elspeth's new house
David and Trevor visit

November 2005: Spain: Antequera, Ronda

Antequera: 6th to 8th November
St Sebastian's church
Our hotel: Castilla
Outside of the museum
Church of El Carmen
View of the "lovers's rock"
Giants' arch
Estepa gate
Castilla bar
Breakfast in the Castilla
Local butcher
Museum courtyard
Roman bronze
Real Colegista
Model of Alcazaba
Estrella gate
Convent of the mother of God
Castillo bar
At the railway station
Ronda: 8th to 11th November
View from our room
Our hotel: Don Miguel
Shopping street
The old casino
Lunch by the Tajo
In the old city
Church of Santa Maria la Mayor
Train to Jimena de la Frontera
Moorish fort
Arabic cisterns
Railway station advertisement
Pastelleria in Ronda
Black pasta
Morning mist over the Tajo
Road down to the coast
Torremolinos: 11th to 13th November
Monument in Fuengirola
Our Torremolinos hotel: Adriano
Statue after Picasso
From our hotel balcony
View from the breakfast room
View from Benalmedina Pueblo
Dinner in La Bodega
Lunch restaurant by the beach

November 2005:

Burn visit: watching for salmon leaping
Monkey-puzzle tree
Angelo and Pía Forté's wedding
Best man, matron of honour, Pia, Angelo
King's College chapel, Aberdeen
Jean with Pia and Angelo
Pia's brother
Lucy and Angelo's mother
Martin and Oscar
Elspeth with Max
Elspeth's new house
Cove harbour

December 2005:

To Elspeth's for Christmas
Snow on Hallow Hill
New Year's Eve

Jan - Feb 2006: Lewis born

New Year's Day on the Tay Bridge
Derek and Jackie on New Year's Day
Garden cats
Elspeth's knee operation
Putting in cat flap
Lade Braes flowers
Valentine's Day in Anstruther
Jean to USA: 19th February
Lifeboat at the East Sands
Student pier walk
James in Pizza Express
James to California: 28th February
Lewis born 25th February

January 2006: Gran Canaria

24th to 30th January 2006
Hotel Concorde, Las Palmas
Sea view from our room
View from the dining room
Distant view of our hotel
Swimming at Playa de las Canteras
Cacti on hotel roof
Calle Mayor de Triana
Gabineta Literario
On the hotel roof
Views from the roof
In the hotel pool
Afternoon tea
Cactus garden
Flats on the promenade
Hotel Puerto de las Nieves
Hotel interior
Beach at Puerto de las Nieves
Yacht in trouble!
Los Berrazales
Valley of Agaete
Sheltering from the rain
Church at Agaete
Church at Puerto de las Nieves
Cactus on our balcony
Finger of God -- before
-- and after
Fish sellers
From the bus back to Las Palmas
Hotel Parque in Las Palmas
Kiosque in the park
Views from the roof
View from our balcony
Fish counter in Hyperdino
Calle des balcones
Cathedral interior
Plaza Espiritu Sancto
Church of St Juan in Telde
Church of St Francisco in Telde
Tea in the park
Bus fire on the way to the Botanical Gardens
Botanical Gardens
Lunch on the last day

March 2006: James in California

James to visit Helen: 1st to 13th March 2006
Olvera Street, Los Angeles
Union Station
Manhattan beach
Visit to Las Vegas
View from hotel

March 2006:

March snow
T-shirts from Paul
Lewis pictures

March 2006: Tuscany: Siena

In Siena: 29th to 31st March 2006
Our hotel: Piccolo Hotel il Palio
Smallest bathroom ever?
Views from our balcony
Lunch at Pizzaland
Il Campo
The Duomo
Uncompleted nave
Restoring the facade
Italian elections imminent
View from the walls
Botanical Gardens
Church of Sant' Agostino
Fresco from 1338
16th Century fresco
Fresco of the birth of Mary ...
... and the Nativity (about 1480)
Painting by Perugino (about 1520)
The Due Porte
Il Campo
Church of Santa Maria di Provenzano
Picnic on our balcony
Exhibition in Santa Maria della Scala
Local restaurant: Salotto
Basilica dell'Osservanza
View from the basilica
San Domenico
Coffee in Mother Theresa Square
Accademia Chigiana
Palazzo delle Papesse
The Duomo
Floor carvings
The library
Political meeting

April 2006: Tuscany: Volterra

In Volterra: 1st to 3rd April 2006
Square in Colle di Val d'Elsa
"The Curse of the Were-Rabbit"
San Gimignano in the distance
Our hotel in Volterra: Albergo Nazionale
View of the hotel from the Citadel
Our balcony
Bus-stop from our balcony
Village streets
Chocolate tools!
Le Balze (cliffs)
Election posters
San Franciso gate
The Duomo
The Baptistry
Morning fog
Piazza dei Priori
Etruscan gate
San Guisto in distance
Roman amphitheatre
Alabaster "creations"
Inside the Baptistry
Alabaster sheep in crib
Della Robbia plaque
Local Football match
Picnic on our balcony
Inside the Duomo
13th Century pulpit
Porta a Selci
State prison
Sunset from our balcony
Ristorante "Don Beta"
Views from the bus-stop

April 2006: Tuscany: Pisa

In Pisa: 3rd to 5th April 2006
The Arno (North bank)
Duoma and leaning tower
The Baptistry
Palazzo Arcivescovile
Shop on the Borgo Stretta
San Michele in Borgo
Ice cream at "Coppelia"
Piazza dei Cavalieri
Statue of Dini
Our hotel: Di Stephano
Inside the Baptistry
The Camposanto
The "Inconsolable"
"Master of the Triumph of Death"
Betti's memorial
Mossotti's memorial
University Botanical Gardens
Santa Maria della Spina
Old shipyard
Inside the Duomo
City Walls
"Nando" sea-food restaurant
Leaving Tuscany

Apr - May 2006:

Paul and Angela visit Mo
Mayday at Tentsmuir
Lord Mackay visits Maths Institute
Alan Hood with Copson (computer)
Our purple lilac
Our white lilac
"O'CONNOR" in Cyrillic

May 2006: Miskolc conference

17th to 21st May 2006
Hotel Nemetzi, Budapest
View of Buda
Lisabeth bridge
Putting back trolleybus poles
Train to Miskolc
Would you ride in this taxi?
Students' last lecture
EFR's lecture
Photos from 1951 International Congress
With Peter Kortesi at paper-mill museum
At Sarospatak castle
Underground wine tasting
Entrance to the tunnels
Budapest station buffet
Jewish memorial and fishermen
Chain bridge
Hungarian Academy of Science

June 2006: Andros, Tinos, Naxos

Greek holiday: 5th to 26th June
In Rafina: 5th to 7th June
Our hotel
First lunch
The harbour
First ouzo
666 on 6/6/06. Scary!
Leaving on the "Penelope A"
In Andros: 7th to 9th June
Hotel Niky in Chora
Our bedroom
Views from our balcony
South beach from the town square
North beach
Derelict Xenia hotel
Turkish fountain
South beach -- with ducks
Archaeological Museum
The Hermes of Andros
Byzantine lion
Back on the "Penelope A"
In Tinos: 9th to 13th June
Tinos town from the sea
Our hotel: Favie Suzanne
Views from our balcony
Turkish fountain
View from the ruins of the ancient capital
Bell tower on basilica
The beach
The harbour from the headland
Lunch on our balcony
Memorial to the Elli
Archaeological Museum
Pilgrim crawling to the basilica
On the road to Kionia
Swimming at a tiny beach
In Naxos: 13th to 16th June
Hotel Panorama
Gyro pitas for lunch
Walk to the temple of Demeter
Monopati back to Ano Sangri
Waiting for the bus back to Chora
View from back of Venetian fort
Picture in gallery
Our landlady at the swimming hole
Boarding the Panagia Hozoviotissa
Leaving Naxos

June 2006: Milos, Sifnos, Serifos

Harbour at Ios
Harbour at Sikinos
In Milos: 16th to 20th June
Chronis Hotel in Adamas, Milos
Hotel Portiani
Views from our balcony
Lunch on the balcony
The best town beach
Boat trip round the island: leaving harbour
Cape Vani
Sea caves on West coast
Swimming at Kleftiko
Passing the Panagia Hozoviotissa
Lunch on Kimilos
The Delphini Express
Glaronissia: Seagull Rocks
Klima with Plaka above
The Seabourn Spirit
Hotel Portiani breakfast
Street in Plaka
View North from Plaka
Fort above Plaka
Cafe in Tripiti
Walk back to Adamas
Morning at Adamas harbour
Mining Museum
Girl in cafe
"La Parisienne": fresco from Crete
In Sifnos: 20th to 22nd June
Our balcony in Kamares
Hotel Boulis gardens
View from our balcony
Early morning swim
Hotel Boulis from the beach
Breakfast in the courtyard
Lunch in our room
In Apollonia
Walking to Artemonas
View over Apollonia and Kastro
Outside toilet!
Beach at Kamaras
Waiting for the ferry
Agios Georgios
In Serifos: 22nd to 24th June
Approaching Serifos
Hotel Areti in Livadi, Serifos
View from our balcony
Our room
View of Chora
Town Hall in Chora
View of Livadi from Chora
Prickly pear flowers
Lunch on the balcony
Hotel cat
Cemetery by hotel
Agios Georgios again
Livadaki beach
Lunch at the beach taverna
Polishing the "Lucky Seven"
Waiting for the ferry
Parting view of our hotel

June 2006: Athens

In Athens: 24th to 26th June
Arriving at Piraeus
Attelos Hotel
The Parthenon
Roman forum
View from hotel roof
Archaeological Museum
Museum courtyard
Student protests
Trip to Cape Sounion
Temple of Poseidon
Dinner in Psiri Taverna garden
Metro to airport
Ferry going into Rafina
Piraeus harbour
Corinth Canal

July 2006: Galway

Helen visits for Julie's wedding
To Galway for Lewis's christening: 6th to 11 July
Jean with Lewis
Angela and Róisín
Playpark in Salthill
Feeding swans at Galway
Dinner at K C Burkes
Promenade at Salthill
At Donnelly's in Barna
Before the christening
With Fr Gerry and Sinead
Fr Gerry, Louis
Italian cousin, Kelly, Katie, Sinead's daughter with Lewis, Michael
Party at Ano Santo hotel
Fergus, Tom and Paul
Róisín, Margaret, Paul, Louise, Lewis
Jean, Ann, Albert
Jean, Angela, Margaret
Sinead, Jean, Angela
Beach at Salthill
Pub opposite church
Frances's house
Walking(!) to the play-park
Roncalli B&B
At McSwiggans
The Salmon Weir
At Spidall
Oysters and Guinness

July 2006:

Anniversary lunch
Anniversary dinner
East sands
Birthday dinner

July 2006: Catalonia

19th to 26th July: To Girona and Catalonia
Girona from the air
Views from the bridges
Plaça Independencia
Walking around the walls
The cathedral
The Arab baths
Arab baths and Sant Feliu
Part of a Roman sarcophagus in Sant Feliu
Shop fronts
Catalan politics!
Afternoon tea
Our hotel
The ramblas
Views from the volcano
Early morning balloons
Breakfast in the Plaça Major
The market
Warning at the Parc Nou
Evening crowds
Art nouveau buildings
Dancing sardanas
Beech woods at Fageda d'en Jordà
Monday market on the Ramblas
The Carme cloisters
Decoration in Plaça del Conill
Interior of the cathedral
Pont Vell
Our hotel: "Els Jardins de la Martana"
Monastère Sant Pere
Gate on the bridge
Doorway of Sant Vicenç
Bridge at night
Beetles on "basket plant"
Town from the hill
Interior of our hotel
Hotel hound
Bar at bus-stop
Girona in the great heat!
Escape to air-conditioning

September 2006: Gulet: Marmaris to Fethiye

4th to 11th September 2006
Marmaris marina from the Castle Bar
Mosque and bazaar
Marmaris castle
View from castle ramparts
Our gulet: before the exodus
... and after
Ship's boy catching octopus
Partial lunar eclipse
Flipper dancing and Braveheart I
With Brian and Margaret
Sex (?) menu; Starkers (?)
Our gulet: Aganda
Family fishing boat
Flooded building
Twisted trunk
Before dinner drinks
Morning mist
(Another) gulet under sail
Hoisting our sails
Making a parking space in Fethiye
Fethiye fish market
Fethiye castle
Farewell picture: Brian, Margaret, Jean, John Alison, Richard
Route from Marmaris to Fethiye
Islands near Goçek

September 2006:

James to see Helen's new house
Living room
Scotland v Faeroes
St Andrews surfing
To Helen's to help with decorating
Living room fireplace
Helen and Max
Farmers' market
Nearest pub
Dinner at Indian restaurant
Getting the Sunday paper
Lunch at "Little Italy"
Outside of Helen's flat
Frank Smith's retirement

October 2006:

Maths Institute generator
Edinburgh Zoo with Denis
Chinese otters
Red River hogs
Randy rhinos
Róisín and Lewis pictures
Róisín's mermaid costume
Elspeth and Martin visiting Florida

November 2006: Algarve

Edinburgh Museum
Faro: 5th to 12th November 2006
Café Aliança in Faro
with stork
Hotel Faro
Railway station in rain
Hotel Colina dos Mouros
The Sé
Statue of Sancho I
Views from the castle walls
Moorish gate
Ponta Romana
Views from our balcony
Lunch on our terrace
Casa Velha restaurant
Fish market
Olives by River Arade
At the cork factory
Bridge at Portimao
Views from our balcony: Hotel Rio Mar
Town beach
Forte da Ponta da Bandeira
The Old Slave Market
Statue of Dom Sebastiao
Fire Station
Praia do Pinhao
Praia de Dona Ana
Lighthouse at Ponta da Piedade
Gate in town wall
Igreja Santo António
Igreja Santa Maria
Lunch on our balcony
Faro again
From the bus back to Faro
Kitchen at the Adega Nova
View from the hotel bar
Our room and balcony
Boat trip to the Ilha Deserta
Lunch on our balcony
The beach at Faro
Cataplana at the Yacht Club

Nov - Dec 2006:

Helen and Calum visit
Dave Rainbird visits
In the Whey Pat
At Magus Muir
Christmas Day
East Sands: Hogmanay

January 2007:

Tay Bridge: New Year's Day
Dumbleton's party

January 2007: Gomera and Tenerife

21st to 28th January 2007
Los Christianos
Waiting for the ferry
Ferry to La Gomera: view of Playa de las Americas and Los Christianos
Hotel Garajonay in Gomera
View from our room
Shop window display
Church in San Sebastian
San Sebastian beach
Talking to Cuban lady
Taxi drivers
Torre del Condé
Waiting for the ferry
Garajonay Express
Vueltas from Google
Our apartment in Vueltas: Vidal 2
Views from our apartment
Beach at Vueltas
Playa des Ingles
Lunch on our balcony
Playa Santiago
Lunch at Playa Santiago
Rain in Las Vueltas
Barranca de Argaga
El Medano from Google
El Medano: view from our hotel
Views from our room
Ready for demolition!
Playing cards in the morning
Waves movie
Churros for breakfast
Restoring the beach after the storm
Sunday lunch: tapas for two
El Medano from the air

February 2007:

Moon with new camera
Lade Braes flowers
Helen visits
Martin and Elspeth
Rough seas viewed from the Maths Institute
Kinness Burn in spate
Sand patterns after the storm
Shells on the West Sands
Polo on the West Sands
Rough seas on the East Sands
South Street cat

March 2007:

View from Maths Institute
Crocus in crack
Lunar eclipse: 3rd March

March 2007: Barcelona

Central Barcelona
Gothic Quarter
Entrance to our apartment
Views from our apartment
Granja La Pallaresa
Ballet studio
Tiles in Carrer de Petritxol
Shop windows
On the funicular to Montjuich
On the roof of the Miro Museum
Boqueria market
Plaça de Sant Josep Oriol
Placa Reial
Post Office
View of Santa Maria del Mar
Roman walls
Bar El Portalon
Our apartment
"Japanese" building at Plaça Boqueria
Building at the Metro Lesseps
Parc Güell
Sagrada Familia
Casa Vicenç
Flower stall on Las Ramblas
Mushrooms in the market
Arc de Triomf
Parrots in their nest
Estació de França
Leaving in the rain

April 2007:

Easter Saturday: new car
New Ka with old one
Fisher and Donaldson's chocolate machine
Mike Weatherill
Lade Braes flowers
Flowers in Spinkie Den

May - June 2007: Erin born

St Andrews Castle
Helen visits Paul
Erin born: 29th June 2007

June 2007: Glasgow

Glasgow: 5th to 6th June 2007
Helen and Max
Kelvingrove Museum
Van Gogh
Van Gogh
Two strings to her bow: Pettie
West End windows
Walking up Partick Hill

June 2007: Mytilini: Lesbos

To Lesbos: 7th to 8th June
View from Athens Airport hotel
Rafina from the air
Lesbos from the air
View from Hotel Lesvos, Mytilini
Restaurant Averof
Mytilini harbour
Ruined mosque
Varieties of ouzo
Google image

June 2007: Molivos: Lesbos

Molivos: 8th to 12th June: Sea Horse Hotel
Views from our balcony
Breakfast at the harbour
The hotel
Molivos castle
Gate at the castle
View from the castle
Turkey in the distance
The harbour
Village street
At the beach
Lunch on our balcony
Sea urchins
Google image

June 2007: Mytilini and Chios

Mytilini: 12th June
Gulf of Kalloni from the bus
Mytinini beach
Statue of liberty
Chios: 12th to 14th June
Kyma hotel
Breakfast room
View from or balcony
Chios town harbour
Turkish cemetery
Lunch on our balcony
F/B Samothraki
View of hotel from the ferry

June 2007: Samos

Samos: 14th to 20th June
Our hotel in Vathi
Views from our balcony
Sunset from the terrace
Old Vathi
Archaeological museum
The Kouros (570 BC)
The cathedral
In the cafe after Sunday service
Pl. Pythagorio
The hotel from the beach
Outing to Kokkari
Hotel cat
Hotel guests
Our hotel and beach from the ferry
Kokkari from the ferry
Google picture

June 2007: Ikaria

Ikaria: 20th to 23rd June
Samos Spirit docking in Agios Kyrikos
Statue of Icarus
KKE offices
Restaurant customers
Our pension: Pension Akti
View from our room
Swimming with the crane
Agios Kyrikos
Swimming with the oil tanker
Ferry-boat: Milena
Final view of our pension
Welding balconies
Google picture

June 2007: Naxos

Naxos: 23rd to 28th June
Our hotel
Swimming place
By bus to Apeiranthos
View of Chora
View of Filoti
Marble vase
Folklore museum
Waiting at the bus-stop
The brothers at the Meze2
Ruins of ancient town
Leaving on the Highspeed 3
Google image

June 2007: Evia

Evia: 28th June to 4th July
On the ferry from Rafina to Marmari
Sun through smoke from forest fires
In Karystos
Hotel Karystion
View from our balcony
Karystos harbour and castle
Our beach
Saturday evening by the harbour
Hotel breakfast
Archaeological museum
Our beach with hotel in the distance

To Myli and the Castello Rossa
Waiting in the wind
Taverna in Myli
Castello Rossa
Walk up to Aetos
Newspaper picture of Glasgow Airport bombing
Leaving on the Artemisia
Seagull movie
Final dinner in Rafina
Google image

July 2007:

Wedding anniversary in Pittenweem
St Monance windmill
James leaves for Florida from Cupar
FC Barcelona at St Andrews

July - Aug 2007: James in Florida

Róisín in princess dress
Paul and Lewis
In the pool at Tampa
Aunt Jean
Mo with Erin

July - Aug 2007: Saalbach: Austria

To Austria: 28th July to 4th August 2007
River Inn on approach to Saltzburg
Celebration in Saalbach
Our hotel: Pension Norika
Top of the Kohlmais-Gipfelbahn
View of the Loferer Steinberge
Distant view of our hotel
Saalbach and Hinterglemm
Golf course!
Our hotel from the Schattberg X-press
Views on the way down
On the Höhenrundweg
Panorama from the Westgipfelhutte
Elevenses at the Mittelstation
View from the top of the Zwölferkogel
Grosserglockner range
Lunch at the Sportalm ...
... with music
Views from our balcony
Lunch at the Schöneleitehutte
Thunderstorm after we got back
Walking on the Pascheweg
Lunch at the Spielberghaus ...
... with chicken
Apfelstrudle at the Wallner restaurant
Seefest at Zell-am-Zee
Saltzburg airport
Dakota at Saltzburg airport

Aug - Sep 2007:

Edinburgh during the festival
Newly decorated back bedroom
Helen's bump

September 2007: Gulet

In Glasgow
Gulet from Marmaris to Fethiye
In Marmaris
Our gulet: Canimsin
Buying figs
Marmaris marina
Leaving Marmaris
Our captain with last year's captain
Sailing with 'Thomas Cook I'
Rock tombs
Barbecued fish
Flying boat bruises
The last beach
Duck pond in Fethiye bazaar
Ataturk poster
Dalyan lake and 'turtle beach'
Mytilini on Lesbos
Molivos on Lesbos
Distant view of Samothrace
Flying over Thassos
Rainbow approaching Glasgow

October 2007:

The 'witch'
James with company car
Colin Campbell at the EMS
Dave Rainbird visits
At Falkland Palace
Seal and Dave at the East Sands
Neil Dumbleton retires
Róisín's birthday

November 2007: Nice

Surfing at the East Sands
Holiday to Nice: 10th to 17th November
Kincardine bridges
Coming in over St Aygulf
Beach at Nice
Our apartments: Citadines
Hotel Negresco
Nice Opera Huuse
The Cathedral
New trams
Sculptures in Place Messena
Rue de France
Views from our room
Nearest takeaway
Orthodox cathedral
Promenade des Anglais
Museum of Naive Art
Moses in the Bulrushes
Anatole Jakovsky and his cat
by T Pouget
With the museum cat
Ulysses and the lotus tree
by Grandma Moses
by H Rousseau
Visit to Antibes
View over the harbour
The market
The cathedral
Plage de la Gravette
Lunch at the Auberge Provençal
Smoking hairdresser
Heads by Holui
Views from our 'sun-terrace'
Matisse's house
Tour St Francis
Lunch at Restaurant du Gésu
Palais Lascaris: the pharmacy
Bedroom ceiling
Master of the Knights of St John
Musée des Beaux Arts
Paintings by Rooul Dufy
by Degas
Nearest restaurant
Takeaway couscous
La Rotonde
Olive trees on the path to St Jean
Restaurant du Port, St Jean Cap Ferrat
Coastal footpath
Path round the edge
Primary school menu
Nice hotels
On the Promenade des Anglais
Poster about banning smoking
Cap Ferrat
Jean's birthday orchid

December 2007: Christmas in Aberdeen

Christmas Eve dinner with James
Christmas Day at Elspeth's
The goose
Christmas afternoon by the cliffs

January 2008: New Year in Glasgow

Derek and Jackie on January 1st
Janaury 2nd: by the Clyde
The Waverley
The Tall Ship
Glasgow Botanic gardens
In the Kibble palace
Hunterian Museum
Kneller's portrait of Newton
Glasgow Cathedral
Kelvingrove Museum
Painting of Ceres
Quentin Blake drawings
Paintings by Cadell
In the Dumbarton Road
Lunch at noodle restaurant
Burrell Collection
Blake exhibition
Helen home from California
Helen visits in St Andrews
Tree down in Lade Braes

January 2008: La Palma

Holiday to La Palma: 22nd to 29th January 2008
View of La Palma from the plane
Dinner in Los Christianos
Leaving harbour
Aboard Fred Olsen
Santa Cruz de La Palma
Our apartment building: La Fuente
Sea (!) view from our living room
Town beach
Iglesia del Salvador
View from apartment roof
"Santa Maria"
Iglesia del Salvador interior
Mudecar roof
View of Tenerife
On our roof
Hermita de San José
Museo Insular
Plaza San Francisco
Shoe repairer
Breakfast on the Avenida Maritimo
By bus to Mazo
Templo de San Blas
View down to Santa Cruz
Carnival posters
View from our window
Lunch in our room
Santo Domingo
Hermita de Nuestra Senora de la Luz
Carnival shop
Walking up to the Sanctuario de la Virgen de las Nieves
View of the Sanctuario
View down the barranca
Church interior
Walking back
Italian coffee cup
View of Calle O'Daly
Sailing ship "Roald Amundsen"
Our "new" flat
Tapas for lunch: Vegetable pie, stuffed squash, octopus
Sea view from our apartment
View from the mole
Hermita de Nuestra Senora de la Luz
Dawn on the ferry back to Tenerife
Los Christianos
On the beach at El Medano
View of Mount Tiede from the plane

February 2008:

Snowdrops at Cambo Farm
King's Barns beach

March 2008:

Elspeth and Martin visit

April 2008: Algarve

Holiday in the Algarve: 3rd to 12th April 2008
Breakfast in the courtyard of the Residential Algarve
Visit to Estoi
Cloisters in the museum in Faro
Cockle picker
Cathedral in Olhão
Fish market
Vegetable market
Ballet poster
In the "Adega Nova" restaurant
Faro beach
Statues at the airport
Cataplana at the yacht club
Cook at the "Fim do mundo"
In the bus station
In the rain in Loulé
Café Calcina
Tiles in the Igreja Matriz churcch
Loulé market
Loulé Jardim Hotel
Bus times
Still raining!
View from the castle
Bacalão on street stalls
Sea view from our balcony
Restaurant Romeu waitress and son
Local café
Quarteira bus-station
Fountain in Quarteira
Our balcony in Residential Romeu
Quarteira harbour
Back to Faro
Adega Nova
Flying over Faro beach

May 2008:

On the coastal walk on the May Day holiday
Helen and Calum visit
Lunch in the garden
Picture of Tiree
On the Himalayas
At St Monance windmill
Weekend in Glasgow
At Morton's on Byers Road
In the Kelvingrove Museum
39 weeks and counting
West End windows
Highland funeral
In Kelvingrove Park

June 2008: Peloponnese: Kiato

Holiday to the Peloponnese: 7th to 30th June 2008
Kiato: 7th to 10th June
Our hotel: Triton
Views from our hotel
Ancient site at Sikyon
Corinth canal (postcard)
Church at Kiato
Google map
Castle at Argos

June 2008: Nafplion

Napfplion: 10th to 17th June
Hotel Byron
View from our balcony
Old mosque
Mosque fountain
St Spiridon Square
The Bourtzi
Sýntagma Square
Military Museum: the Averof
"Venizelos leading Greece to Victory"
Old train station
Walking to a distant beach
The square at night
Site of Capodistra's assassination
Lunch in our garden
View from our garden
Arvanitia beach
Google map

June 2008: Tiryns, Epidaurus, Mycenae

View of Nafplio (and prison farm)
Guide dog
The stadium
The Lion gate
The "back" gate
Austrian bikers
Castle at Argos (again)

June 2008: Galata and Poros

Galata: 17th to 21st June
The Methana peninsula from the bus
View of Poros from our balcony in the Hotel Galatia
Blaxos Taverna
Alyki beach
View of Poros from the beach
View of Galata from Poros
Poros Museum
Fish market in Poros
Lunch taverna
Family outing
Google map
Leaving Galata

June 2008: Methana

Methana: 21st to 25th June
Hotel Saronis
View from our balcony
Google map
Ferry to Aegina

June 2008: Aegina

Aegina: 25th to 28th June
Views from our (second) balcony
Temple of Aphaia
Google map
Leaving for Athens

June 2008: Athens

Athens: 28th to 30th June
Hotel Metropole
Views from the roof
Syntagma Square
Benaki Museum: mural in snack bar
3rd Century AD portrait
National Garden
Byron's statue
Local reataurant
Agias Eleftherios
Views from Lykavitas Hill
Lunch in the Psiri Taverna
Hotel at the airport
Corinth Canal
The Alps

July 2008: Galway

Galway: 1st to 7th July
Angela and Erin
John and Erin
Paul and Erin
Lighting candles in the Claddagh Church
With Mike in the children's shoe shop
Jean and Margaret
Lunch by the Spanish Arch
Erin and Tom
At Salthill playpark
Picnic in "Padraig O'Conaire" shelter
On Salthill promenade
Martin and Lewis
Frances and Erin
Erin's christening
Godparents: Mike and Louise
Erin, Louis and Aunt Mary
Elspeth and Martin
Lucy and Róisín
Lunch at "The Cottage"
Tom and Aunt Mary
Róisín with plaits
At Salthill beach
At Galway museum
Galway hooker
Padraig O'Conaire statue

July - Aug 2008: The Burn

Anniversary dinner - in the garden
Visit to the Burn: 30th July to 4th August 2008
At Edzell Castle
At the "Rocks of Solitude"
At Fettercairn distillery
Fettercairn Memorial Arch
Ramsey Arms
The South Esk
At the head of Glen Esk
Esk movie
Adam McBride
With Ellen
Andy (Burn "Controller")
Brechin Railway
Sad fate of the Lochty Railway locomotive
At Carnoustie beach
Paul's pictures

July - Aug 2008: Alexander born

Alexander James Torrie: born 30th July 2008
One week old
Two weeks old
Gregory's pillar

September 2008: France: Poligny

Holiday to France: 6th to 2oth September 2008
Gare de Lyon, Paris
Station at Mouchard
Poligny: 6th to 8th September 2008
Trou de la Lune
View of town from the trou
Le Martinet
Sunday afternoon festival
Our hotel
View from our room
Girod's sawmill
Madame Girod
Girod children
Croix de Dan
Dinner with Madame Girod
Cour des Ursilines
Old lavoir
Poligny station

September 2008: France: Besançon

Besançon: 8th to 11th Sepember 2008
Place de la Révolution
Our hotel
Court in Palais Granville
Fra Bartolemo painting in the Cathedral
Cathedral clock-tower
Views from the citadel
Winding gear for the well
Vauban statue
Porte Noire
Hôpital St Jacques
Fontaine des Dames
Mummies in the Musée des Beaux Arts
Roman Besançon
Cranach the Elder
Bellini: Drunkenness of Noah
Bar in Rue Battant
Hôtel de Champagney
Old synagogue

September 2008: France: Cycling

Auxerre: 12th September 2008
Our hotel
Bistrot de Palais
Cycling to Ligny-le-Châtel: 13th September
Bar at Chemilly-sur-Yonne
Covered market at Seignelay
Abbey at Pontigny
Hotel at Ligny-le-Châtel
Barn roof
At Maligny
"Cycling" menu
Other menus
Cheese course
Cycling to Cravant:15th September
Church at Ligny-le-Châtel
Church at Chablis
Climb up to Courgis
View of Chitry
Entering Chitry
Beside the Canal du Nivernais
Our room
At Vermenton
Back to Auxerre: 17th September
The stoning of St Stephen
Fourier's birthplace
Exhibition by François Brochet
Back at the Bistrot de Palais

September 2008: France: Sens and Paris

Sens: 17th September 2008
The market
The Hotel de Ville
Sens Cathedral
"Cataract operation"
Station at Sens
Back to Paris: 19th September
Gare de Lyon Paris
Our hotel
Our room
On the Viaduc des Arts
Aux Cadrans
At Charles de Gaulle airport

October 2008: Jean to Florida and California

Jean to US: 5th to 26th October 2008
Helen and Alex
Paul and family at the weekend
George visits
Paul's house in Monterey
Róisín at primary school
Halloween 2008

30th Oct 2008: Elspeth and Martin's wedding

Hamilton Island: Australia
Uninvited guest

November 2008:

Alexander at three months
Jed and Susan
Harper Ames Cridland-Hughes: born 20th October
Cat-sitting for Elspeth in Aberdeen: 11th to 15th November 2008
Lighthouse at Aberdeen Harbour
Bridge at Ellon
Dunes at Balmedie
Aberdeen in the 1950s
Provost Skene's house
Painted ceiling
Butchers in Banchory
River Dee in Banchory
With James in the College
At the Rustico Italian restaurant

22nd Nov 2008: Elspeth and Martin's party

December 2008: Christmas 2008

Christmas pictures: on Cartmel beach
Ruth married David Vargas in September
George on his boat
With Valerie and dog
Jed with Susan and Harper
Torrillos: Claudia, Keith and Grace
Christmas morning
Paul's Christmas pictures

January 2009:

New Year's Day

January 2009: Andalucia

Holiday to Andalucia: 17th to 25th January 2009
Picos de Europa from the air
Antequera: 17th to 19th January
Dolmen de Viera
Dolmen de Menga
Peña do los Enamorades in the distance
Porta de Granada
View of the citadel
Plaza Castilla
Sunday lunch
Plaza del Coso Viejo
Train in the rain
Granada: 19th to 23rd January
Atrium of the Hotel Reina Christina
Our flat in the Plaza de las Pasiegas
Corral del Carbón
Plaza Bib-Rambla
Arab baths
Alhambra from Carrera del Darro
Generalife from the Albayzin
Café Central
Views from our flat
Cathedral facade
Cathedral interior
Head of John the Baptist
The Generalife: Summer Palace
With the Generalife cat
Posada courtyard
View from the posada
Arab baths
Snow on the Sierra Nevada
Dinner in the Rincon de Lorca
Fish stall in the market
Breakfast at the Café Via Colón
Monasterio de San Jerónimo
Ham shop
Knife shop
Café Gran Central
Torremolinos: 23rd to 25th Jauary
View from our balcony in the Hotel Cervantes
Lunch outside
Dinner at La Bodega
Our hotel at night
Churros and chocolate for breakfast
Sunday lunch at the beach

February 2009:

Mar - Apr 2009: Tenerife

Holiday to Tenerife: 27th March to 6th April 2009
Our flat in El Medano: Marazul 19
Views from our balcony
Saturday morning market
Views of the beach
Our local: tapas bar
Kite surfing
Four days in Puerto de la Cruz
Tenerife Ving aparthotel
Our room: fourth floor centre-right
Views from our balcony
Views from the hotel roof: Mount Teide
Playa Jardin
Gardens by the beach
Flowers by the bus station
Lunch in Plaza del Charco
Ronaldinho doll
Fishing port
Walking near La Caldera
Los Organos
View down to the coast
Merluza in "El Tropical" Restaurant
Final dinner in Puerto de la Cruz: Seafood platter
Santa Cruz
Plaza hotel
View of Plaza de España from our balcony
New tramway to La Laguna
Dragon tree
Palm Sunday: bus to Las Teresitas beach
Mid-morning snack
Castillo San André
Shrimps at the Confradia des Pescadores
Spanish flag and Tenerife (!) flag
Mural in the casino building
Plaza de España at night
Teide from the aeroplane

Apr - May 2009: Easter

Helen and Alexander visit
Cross outside Boots
With Julie
At the harbour
Easter Saturday: with James Elspeth Martin and Calum
Chocolate cake
Easter Sunday
Jackie Law comes for lunch
May Day

June 2009: Greece: Rafina and Karistos

Holiday to the Sporades: 10th June to 9th July 2009
View of Skiathos and Skopelos
View of Halkidha
Rafina harbour from our balcony
Avra hotel in background
Ferry to Evia
Karistos Evia: 11th to 15th June
Karistos in 1905
Karistos in the 1950s
First swim of the holiday
Lunch overlooking the beach
Breakfast at the Hotel Karistion
View from our room
Interior of the Bourtzi
"Private" beach
View from the hotel porch
Cavo Doro restaurant
Octopus pictures

June 2009: Erétria

Erétria: Evia 15th to 19th June
On the bus from Karistos
Eviana Beach Hotel, Erétria
Views from our balcony
Erétria museum
Excavated ruins
Ferries from our balcony
Ferry to Skalá Orepoú
Erétria from the water
High bridge at Halkidha
Fire-fighting plane

June 2009: Skyros

Skyros: 19th to 23rd June
On board the Achillea from Kymi
The Chora in Skyros
The "sleeping platform"
Our terrace
Athens News letter
Rupert Brooke statue
View of Magazia and Molos
Beach at Magazia
Pipe kitten
Windy day for the beach!
Leaving on the Achillea for Kymi and Alonissos
Port of Linaria

June 2009: Alonissos

Patatiri Alonissos: 23rd to 29th June
View of Kymi and Kymi Paralia
F/B Achillea
Patitiri harbour
Hotel Liadromia
Hotel lobby
View from our balcony
Harbour from the breakfast room
Town beach
View from the Chora
Walking back to Patitiri
Rousoum Gialos beach
Mavrikis Museum
Attempted assassination of Venizelos
View from the museum
Kitchen at the To Kamaki ouzeri
Steni Vala
Beach at Steni Vala
Boat-trip round Peristera island in the Stella
Distant view of Steni Vala
"Blue" cave
Lunch at Kalamakia
Kokkinocastro (Red fort)
Swimming off the rocks
Morning rainstorm
HighSpeed 1 to Skopelos
View of the Chora from the ferry

June - July 2009: Skopelos

Skopelos: 29th June to 2nd July
Hotel Akti
Views from our balcony
In the Chora
Mama Mia film publicity
Limnonari beach
Town beach
Dinner with Norwegian at closest taverna
Panagia Thalassini to Skiathos

July 2009: Skiathos

Skiathos: 3rd to 6th July
Hotel Akti
Views from our balcony
The old harbour
Café on the Bourtzi
Fish restaurant
Swimming "hole" at the Bourtzi
"Banana" beach
Religious procession around the town
Speed Cat 1 to Agios Constantinos and Athens

July 2009: Athens

Athens: 6th to 9th July
Hotel Arethusa
View from our room
View from the hotel roof
The Erectheion
Roman forum
Syntagma Square
Tram to Glyfada
Glyfada beach

New Acropolis Museum
Goulandris Museum of Cycladic and Ancient Art
Daily life in Antiquity exhibition
Flying over Skyros

July - Aug 2009: Islay

Anniversary lunch in the garden
John's birthday at the East Sands
6th to 13th August: To Islay for Alexander's Christening
Our cottage
Portnahaven (Elspeth and Martin's Christening present)
Shore Street, Portnahaven
In the 1900s
Outside Calum's parents' house
In "An Tigh-Seinnfe" pub
King Street
Alexander's christening
Port Charlotte
Bowmore across the bay
Visit to Bruichladdich distillery
Wave-power generator
At the Islay Show
Chainsaw sculptor
Belly dancing
Living room in our cottage
Derek and Jackie visit
"Show Dance" in the village hall
Lochside Hotel, Bowmore
Portnahaven watercolours
At Debbie's coffee shop
"Flymaybe" on its way in
St Andrews: East Sands
Helen Calum and Alexander visit St Andrews: 19th to 25th August

September 2009: Provence: Cavaillon, Orange

Holiday to Provence: 5th to 19th September 2009
Cavaillon: 5th to 7th September 2009
Hotel Toppin, Cavaillon
École maternelle menus
Roman arch (100 AD)
Lunch on the hotel terrace
Mont Ventoux from our bedroom
Views from the top of the cliffs above the town
Saturday market
Loch Ness café
Leaving Cavaillon
Orange: 7th to 9th September
Theatre and town from above
Hotel Le Glacier
Inside the theatre
Triumphal Arch
Hotel de Ville
Chagall's picture in Museum
Nureyev at the Paris Opera
Theatre in the 19th Century
Arch -- without scaffolding

September 2009: Provence: Arles, Nîmes

Arles: 9th to 12th September
Our hotel: on the Rhone
Site of Van Gogh's Starry Night
Views from our room
Cathedral door
Ancient arena
View from the top of the arena
Garden of the Éspace Van Gogh
Le petit train des Alpilles
Abbey de Montmajour
Paintings by Van Gogh
Picasso in the Museum Réattu
Posters for the Rice Feast
Salon de Thé des Arts
Place de Voltaire
Bull running
Nîmes: 12th to 15th September
SNCF station at Nîmes
Cathedral in Place des Herbes
Denim museum
Hotel Majestic
View from our hotel
Mosaic in Archaeological Museum
Model of arena
Place de l'Horloge
Maison Carée
Jardins de la Fontaine
Temple of Diana
"Allez Diable"
The arena
Place des Herbes again
Poster for Wine Harvest festival

September 2009: Provence: Avignon

Avignon: 15th to 19th September
Crossing the Rhone by train
Our hotel
Pont St Bénézet
Green Wall at the market
Breakfast café
In Place Pie
Musée Lapidaire
Musée Angladon
Église St Pierre
Watermill in Rue de Tienturiers
Palais des Papes
Ferry over the Rhone
Villeneuve de Avignon
Petit Palais
Musée Calvet
Avignon airport

October 2009:

Dunhill golf
Dave Rainbird visits

November 2009: Florence

Porta al Prato
Our apartment: Residence Porta al Prato
Santa Maria Novella
Uffizi gallery
Botticelli: Judith
Birth of Venus
Cranach the elder: Luther and his wife
Cranach the elder: self portrait
Caravaggio: Medusa
Dürer: portrait of his father
del Vecchio: Judith
Gentilleschi: Judith slaying Holofernes
Piero della Franchesca
Raphael: Virgin of the goldfinch
Raphael: self portrait
Titian: Venus d'Urbino
Titian: Venus and Cupid with a Partridge
Vasari's corridor
Palazzo Vecchio
Queue at the entrance
Piazza della Signoria
Monument to Sir John Hawkwood
Vasari's frescos
Views from the top of the dome
Interior of the dome
Baptistry doors
Mercato Centrale
Fresco in Baptistry
View from top of department store
Palazzo Vecchio
Bargello Museum
Donatello: David
Leda and the Swan
Giambologna: Florence subduing Pisa
Michelangelo: Bacchus
Piazza del Ciompi: Vasari's Loggia del Pesce
Mercato di Sant'Ambrogio
San Croce
Michelangelo's tomb
Galileo's tomb
San Croce in 1966 flood
Inner cloister
Gaddi: Legend of the Holy Girdle
Lippi frescos
Donatello's pulpit
Textile Museum
View over the town
Garibaldi meeting King Emmanuel
Pitti Palace
Raphael: La Gravida
Titian: Portrait of an Englishman.
Gabbiani: musicians
Views from the Ponte Vecchio
Take-away near our apartment
Sant'Appolonia: del Castagno: Last Supper
Piazza Santissima Annunziata
San Marco: 14th Century mosaic
Interior of Santa Maria Novella

December 2009:

John to London to appear on In our time: 10th December
Lights in Regent Street
Hamley's toy shop
Oxford Street lights
St Pancras Station
Snow at the West Sands: 20th December
Opening presents at Elspeth and Martin's
Elspeth's new iMac
Christmas lunch
Stonehaven harbour
Paul and Angela's Christmas card
Helen and Calum's Christmas card
Thea's card
West Sands: 28th December

January 2010: Fuertaventura

New Year's Day
3rd January
9th January
Holiday to Fuertaventura: 13th to 20th January
Our apartment block in Playa Jandia
Views from our balcony
View from our bedroom
Our development from above
Tango show
"African" market
Hibiscus of the day
View of Morro Jabla
View from the village
Fisherman's cooperative
The port (with ferry to Gran Canaria)
Path back from the port
View of the beach from above the village
Lunch on the balcony
Flamenco show
Chipmunk (= Barbary ground squirrel)
Breakfast place: Bar Las Tapas
In the pool
Google map (Our apartment marked in red)

Feb - Apr 2010: Easter 2010

James for the weekend; 13th February
Helen visits with Alexander: 29th March to 4th April
Demolition in Cupar
Easter Sunday on the West Sands

April 2010: Lanzerote

Holiday to Lanzerote: 5th to 13th April 2010
Arrecife 5th to 8th April
Hotel Lancelot
Our room
Views from our room
Roof-top swimming pool
View from the roof
Panorama from our balcony
Arrecife church
Dundee couple
View from the fortress
Puerto del Carmen: 8th to 13th April
The harbour from our apartment
Our apartment from the harbour
Lunch on the balcony
Main beach at Puerto del Carmen
Our apartment
Waiting for the cat-cookie lady
Walk along the coast
Little beach
... with divers
Panorama from our balcony
Nearest bar/restaurant

Apr - May 2010:

Vettriano exhibition at Kirkcaldy
Vettriano self-portrait
Days of wine and roses
Other Scottish painting in Kirkcaldy
S J Peploe
J D Fergusson
W McTaggart: At the end of the links
Lost seal!
Storm damage
May Day holiday at Vane Farm
At Hill of Tarvit
John's not Hungary lecture
To Aberdeen for the weekend
Aberdeen art gallery
Bushey village
John Singer Sargent
Dyce: The ferryman
Barbecue at Elspeth's
Lunch at Stonehaven
Replacing gas pipes

June 2010: Greece: Rhodes

Holiday to the Dodecanese: 9th June to 7th July 2010
Over the Austrian Alps
Rhodes: 9th to 12th June
Hotel Anastasia
Hotel tortoise
Cruise ships by the beach
Amboise gate to the Old Town
Ibrahim Pasha Cami mosque
Mastapha mosque
Street of the Knights
Leaving on the Dodecanesus Pride
Turkish gulet
Agia Marina, Leros
Google map of Rhodes Town

June 2010: Lipsi

Lipsi: 12th to 18th June
Harbour at Lipsi
Town beach
Our flat for one night
Views from the flat
Beating an octopus
Breakfast in the village square
Sea eagle
Grilling octopus
Plati Gialis
Ouzo on our Hotel Calypso balcony
Liz and Dave's house
View from our balcony
Chapel past the beach
Ierapetra and Patmos Star racing for the quay
Five islands boat trip
Sea caves at Macronissi
The Margarita
Lunch at Marathi
Beach at Marathi
Lipsi harbour
The village from the top of the hill
Liz and Dave
Trompe l'oeil on side of restaurant
Agios Ioanis chapel
Leaving on the Dodecanesus Pride
Google map of Lipsi

June 2010: Patmos

Patmos: 18th to 23rd June
Views from the Hotel Effie
Views from the monastery
Monastery of St John the Theologian
In the Chora
Path back to Skala
Cave of the Apocalypse
Above Skala
Merika beach
Fishing harbour
Melloi Bay
Local store
Hotel Effie
Petras Beach
Kambos beach
Cafenion in Kambos
Merika Bay
Mural in the Pandelis taverna
Cruise ship from our balcony
Leaving on the Ierapetra
Google map of Patmos

June 2010: Leros

Leros: 23rd to 28th June
Hotel Miramare in Lakki
Views from our room
Swimming hole
Castle at Platanos
Beach at Alinda
Agia Marina
Hotel Maleas Bay in Alinda
Our balcony
Chora from our balcony
Moon over Agia Marina
Alinda Museum
Roman sun-dial
Military cemetery
Google map of Leros

June - July 2010: Kos

Kos: 28th June to 1st July
Hotel Maritina in Kos Town
View of ruins from our room
The harbour in earlier years
One of the town beaches
Hippocrates' plane tree
The reconstructed Roman Villa
The Odeon
Archeological Museum
The Asklepion
Western archeological site
Swimming by the bus-station
Leaving on the Diagoras
Google map of Kos (Asklepion at bottom left)

July 2010: Tilos

Tilos: 1st to 5th July
Hotel Irini
Rocky beach
View of Livadhia from the main road
Path back to the town
View from taverna in Megalo Chora
Pygmy elephant skeleton
Path to Lethra beach
Road to the Monastery
Monastery of Agios Pandelimon
Livadhia on early morning walk
The Tilos Star back to Rhodes
Walking map of Tilos
Google map

July 2010: Rhodes

Rhodes: 5th to 7th July
Old town in the early morning
Beach (with beach dog)
Umbrella shop
Final lunch
Google map of Rhodes New Town

July 2010:

150th anniversary Open Championship
James visits for weekend
"New" fireplace
Repainted toilet
John's 65th birthday outing ...
... to Anstruther
California pictures
At the zoo
At Disney World
Birthday presents
Tractor cake
Birthday party

August 2010: Paul visits

Paul Angela and children visit: 12th to 16th August
By the harbour
in the cathedral
At the castle
At the East Sands

September 2010: Gulet from Fethiye to Marmaris

31st August to 6th September 2010
Breakfast in the amphitheatre
The map from Fethiye to Goçek
Cleopatra's baths
The cook
Under sail
Storm arriving
Eighteen at breakfast
The Aganda
Jean with Sabena
Coming into Goçek
Drink at the Dice (= DJ) bar
Rest of the route
Leaving at dawn
Wave movie
Club Med 2 at the Dalyan River
Referendum poster
Final bay
Captain and cook barbecuing
Ripple movie
Leaving for Marmaris
The cook in his galley
View from the Panorama Bar
Thomson Celebration docked at Marmaris
Google map of Fethiye to Goçek

October 2010: Phoenix

To America: 22nd October to 16th November 2010
Wembley stadium
Phoenix: 22nd to 24th October
Flying over Arizona
Our hotel: Country Inn and Suites
Hotel pool
Ruthie and David visit
Phoenix Zoo
Dinner at Sushi restaurant

Oct - Nov 2010: Pasadena

Pasadena: 24th October to 13th November 2010
At Caltech
Before and after falling in lily pond
Alexander in Trader Joe's
2879 Butter Creek
Alexander outside Macy's
Swimming in Helen's pool
Alexander swimming
Lunch at "Pie and Burger"
Pasadena Farmers' Market
Halloween parade at an elementary school
Eilidh Rose born: 30th October 2010
Halloween fireman
George and Valerie visit
Lunch at Culture Café
Picture in garage sale
Pasadena Arboretum
Eilidh's foot
Eilidh's first outing to Tournament Park
Pasadena bag-lady
Lunch van at Caltech
Amtrak station at Glendale
Amtrak Surfliner
Saying goodbye to the train

November 2010: Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara: 13th to 15th November 2010
The Pacific
Military parade in Santa Barbara
Sunrise over the swimming pool
Sambo's restaurant
Private pullman car at the Amtrak station
Santa Barbara Mission
Murals by David Alfaro Siqueiros
Benjamin Franklin statue
Joe's café
Cycle ride to Biltmore
Rusty's Pizza Parlor
Lunch at Rudy's restaurant on Bath Street
Hotel Oceana
Santa Barbara from the train
Downtown Los Angeles
The plane home

10th Dec 2010: John O'Connor's retirement

December 2010:

Snow on 6th December
Christmas 2010 in Aberdeen
Christmas pictures
Calum and Alexander at Christmas lights switch-on in Pasadena
Thea's card
Alexander and Eilidh

January 2011:

1st January: Tay Bridge
Dundee Museum: the Tay whale
Crail by W E Lockhart (1846-1900)
J M W Turner
East Sands: 9th January
Scottish Ballet's Cinderella
Festival Theatre: 13th January
Jean and June Richies
James visits: 30th January

February 2011: Fuertaventura

Views from the Erskine Bridge Hotel: 1st February 2011
Holiday to Fuertaventura: 2nd to 16th February 2011
Flying over the Picos de Europa
Above Faro
Approaching Fuertaventura
Flamenco show
View from our balcony
Barbary ground squirrel
Barranca behind our complex
Aloe vera cures all!
Costa Calma
View from the bus
"African" market
Hedgehog eating the cats' food
Ferry coming from Gran Canaria
Visit to hotel kitchens, etc.
Surfer movie
Flying back over Lanzerote

Feb - Mar 2011: Charles Cottrell born

New gas pipes for Morton Crescent
Dorothy's 60th birthday party
19th February 2011
Elspeth and Martin visit
28th February 2011
Beach at Elie
New gas pipes for Lawmill Gardens
Swan Lake at the Playhouse in Edinburgh
View of Carlton Hill from John Lewis's café
At Hill of Tarvit
View over Cupar
Derek and Jackie visit
Tea at the Gateway Centre
Dinner at Peat Inn
Charles Gordon John Cottrell born: 24th March 2011

April 2011:

To Aberdeen for Elspeth's birthday
Elspeth's birthday cup-cakes
Visit to Aberdeen: 12th to 15th April 2011
Lunch at The Boathouse in Stonehaven
Lade Braes flowers
California pictures: March and April 2011
Easter Sunday: 24th April

May 2011: Visit to Galway

May Day party at the East Sands
Walk to the Rock and Spindle: 2nd May
Maiden Rock
Charlie's first smile!
Visit to Ireland: 11th to 18th May 2011
Aer Arran plane at Edinburgh
Erin ready to go
O'Grady's on the pier at Barna
Visit to the O'Deas
Salmon weir
First holy communion service at Crusheen
Lucy on the bouncy castle
Atlantaquaria in Salthill
Our room in the Bunratty Mansion Hotel
Bunratty Castle
View from the castle
The Doctor's house
The school-house
Sea-gulls on Dorothy's roof
Soroptomists' tree in the Lade Braes down after gale on 23rd May
California picture
Elspeth and Charlie visit: 30th May to 1st June
Lucy and puppy

June 2011: Greece: Chania and Kissamos

Holiday to Greece: 8th June to 7th July 2011
Chania: 8th to 10th June
NOT the Doge hotel!
Bougatsa for breakfast
Turkish Market
Archaeological museum
Converted Turkish baths
Kissamos: 10th to 16th June
Gallini Beach Hotel
View from our balcony
Hotel beach
The Cellar taverna
Archaeological Museum
By bus to Falasarna
Village square
Egret on a wire
Venetian well
Vitsentzos Kornaros (ex Pride of Winchester)

June 2011: Kythera and Monemvasia

Fellow passengers
Kythera: 16th to 19th June
Hotel Notara in Diakofti
View from our room
View of Diakofti
Baptism celebration
Sunday lunch
V Kornaros again
Monemvasia: 20th to 23rd June
Hotel Pramataris
View of the rock from our balcony
The old town on the rock
Swimming in our knickers
The swimming hole
The Star Flyer and the Aegean Odyssey

June 2011: Sparta and Tripoli

Sparta: 23rd to 25th June
Hotel Menelaion
View from our room
Hotel pool
Main square
Archaeological museum
Olive oil museum
Dionysos garden restaurant
Ancient Sparta
Roman amphitheatre
Fruit and vegetable market
Tripoli: 25th to 27th June
Hotel Arcadia
View from our room
Archaeological museum
Coffee in the KTEL station

June - July 2011: Loutraki and Karystos

Loutraki: 27th June to 1st July
Hotel Achillion
Lift guard
Corinth Canal
St Paul's basilica in Corinth: on his feast day
Old spa building
The waterfall
New bathing shoes
To Karystos Evia: 1st to 7th July
Fish stall at Rafina
Leaving Rafina on the Evia Star
Hotel Karystion
View from our room
Lunch on the veranda
Swimming with the dredger
Castello Rosso (Red fort)
The aqueduct
Digging mud out of the laundry
Our hotel and beach
Panorama from the new mole
Leaving Marmari on the Artemis

July 2011:

James visits: 8th to 10th July
Anniversary breakfast: picnic at East Sands
Elspeth and Charlie visit: 18th to 21st July
John's birthday
Concert in South Street

August 2011: Family Reunion

Lammas market
West Sands in the rain
Helen visits Aberdeen: 1st to 3rd August
Charlie doing his front work
Children and grandchildren visit: 10th - 19th August

September 2011: Ruth visits

Ruth and David visit 5th - 14th September
In the Lade Braes
On Hallows Hill
In St Mary's Quad
Coffee at the Criterion
At the East Sands
Putting at the Himalayas
Scottish Fisheries Museum at Anstruther
Fish and chips lunch
Dundee Museum and Art Gallery
In Strathkinness to see the Leuchars Air Show
Red Arrows
At the West Sands
In Lumbo Den
At Ferrytoll

September 2011: Bordeaux

Holiday to France: 17th to 27th September2011
Visit to Bordeaux: 17th to 20th September
Our hotel: Adagio Gambetta
View from our balcony
Saturday night shopping at Auchan
Place de la Comédie and Grand Théâtre
Snails at the Cheminée Royale
Cathedral at night
Patissier near our hotel
Cathédrale St André
Musée d'Aquitaine
Grosse Cloche
Fléche St Michel
By the Garonne
Pont de Pierre
Oysters for Sunday lunch
Visit to the Grand Théâtre
École Maternelle menus
Poussin and Moses exhibition
Musée des Beaux Arts courtyard
Musée des Arts Decoratifs
Place de la Bourse
Le Regent café
Breakfast at Flunch
Monument aux Girodins

September 2011: Libourne

Visit to Libourne: 20th to 22nd September
Our hotel
The Mairie
Musée des Beaux Arts
Old tower by the port
Picnic lunch ouside the hotel
Steak tartare
Church at Montagne
View towards St Emilion

September 2011: Duras

Visit to Fiona and Hugh at Vue de Duras: 22nd to 27th September
The view
Our room
The chateau at Duras
Duras village
Vue de Duras from the top of the chateau
Our car: Fiat Panda
Dinner at Le Cabri
The Dordogne at Bergerac
Powlownia tomentosa (Empress tree)
Montségur: Market hall
Butcher's window
Monday market in Duras
Le Cabri again

October 2011:

Dunhill championship
East Sands

October 2011: Segovia

Holiday to Spain: 5th to 19th October 2011
Visit to Segovia: 5th to 10th October
AVE train from Madrid
First view of the aqueduct
Our apartment near the cathedral
The cathedral
View from our apartment
At the market in the Plaza Mayor
Inside the cathedral
The Tree of Life
John and suckling pig
Views from the Alcázar tower
Isabella being proclaimed Queen of Castille
Mudecar ceiling
In the Hall of Monarchs
St James the Moor-slayer
Church of St Estaban
The Alcázar from our apartment
The cathedral from the Plaza Mayor
Old door in the regional museum
Santos Justo y Pastor church
"Unofficial" guide
Frescos above the altar
Adam and Eve
Cain and Abel
Suckling pig
View of balloons from our apartment
Walk by the River Eresma
Church of the Vera Cruz
Maltese banner
Lunch in the Plaza Mayor
Plaza Mayor demonstration

October 2011: Salamanca

Visit to Salamanca: 10th to 14th October
Our apartment in Plaza de la Libertad
View from our apartment
The Plaza Mayor
Dinner in the Restaurant Cervantes
The market ...
... with suckling pigs
The house of shells
The University
Lecture room of Fray Luis de Léon
The old library
On the Roman bridge
Novelty Café
From our balcony
Plaques in the Plaza Major
The Cathedral: Main door
The new cathedral
Above the altar in the old cathedral
Tapas for dinner ...
... with ice-cream for dessert
Casa Lis Museo de Art Nouveau y Art Decó
Exhibition: Ballet Russes de Diagilev ...
... y su influencia en el Art Déco
Up the cathedral tower
Nave of the new cathedral
Nave of the old cathedral
Convent de las Dueñas
Franco's plaque in the Plaza Mayor

October 2011: Ávila

Visit to Ávila: 14th to 17th October
Hotel El Rastro
Convent of St Theresa
Procession from the convent to the cathedral
Plaza del Mercado Chico
St Theresa
Map made with flowers
Walk around the walls: view of the cathedral
Basilica de San Vincente and church of San Andrés
Waiting for the procession
Waiting for the fireworks
Fireworks movie
Church of San Pedro
More walls
Courtyard in Hotel Palacio de los Veleda
El Greco portrait
Monastery of San Tomas
Tapas at the Bar Rey Nino

October 2011: Alcalá de Henares

Visit to Alcalá de Henares: 17th to 19th October
Changing trains in Madrid
Hotel Miguel de Cervantes
Don Quixote and Sancho Panza
Facade of the university
Bishop's palace
The cathedral of los Santos Justo y Pastor
Calle Mayor
Cervantes' house
Café in the market
Plaza Cervantes
Academic procession in the university
Archaeological museum

November 2011:

Dave Rainbird visits: 31st October to 3rd November
Charlie's Halloween costume
Visit to Aberdeen: 9th to 12th November
Bouncing movie
Lunch at The Boathouse, Stonehaven
Stonehaven surf

Nov - Dec 2011: Tenerife and Gomera

Holiday to Tenerife and Gomera: 21st November to 5th December
Mount Teide from the air
Los Cristianos
Los Cristianos: 21st to 25th November
Our hotel: Big Sur aka Oasis Moreque
First swim in Los Cristianos harbour
Views from our balcony
Visit to Alcalá
Birthday balloons ...
... and cava
Our hotel from the dock
Benchi Express
Las Vueltas Gomera: 25th November to 2nd December
Apartmentos Ivan
Swimming in Las Vueltas harbour
Coffee at the Confradia Pescadores ...
... and lunchtime tapas
Lunch on our balcony
Cat-cookie lady
Hibiscus of the day
Banana-packing plant
Barranca de Argaga
View from our terrace
View from our balcony
Las Caletas
La Playa
El Médano: 2nd to 5th December
Hotel El Médano
Views from our balcony
Bomberos launching their jet-ski
Lunch on the balcony
Serenaded with concertina
A clear view of Teide
Model in the airport

December 2011:

Charlie's first snow
Christmas in Aberdeen
Elspeth Martin and Charlie visit: 28th December
Some Christmas pictures
The Torrillo family
Helen's Christmas card picture

January 2012:

To the Laws for Hogmanay/New Year
View from Cockleroy Hill
Korean War Memorial
Linlithgow Loch
New chimney pot

February 2012: Fuertaventura and Lanzerote

Holiday to Fuertaventura and Lanzerote: 31st January to 14th February 2012
Flying over the Picos de Europa
Puerto del Rosario: 31st January to 4th February
Our hotel: JM Puerto Rosario
Views from our room
Playa Chica
Cruise-ships: Aida Sol and Mein Schiff I
View from Playa Blanca
Baby goats
Unanumo Museum
Puerto del Rosario bus-station
View from the bus
Corralejo: 4th to 10th February
Our complex
View from our balcony
Windy beach
Lunch at the Avenida
Ilsa de Lobos
In the pool at the complex
Dinner in our apartment
Lunch on our balcony
Corralejo harbour
El Cotillo: old harbour
Fortaleza del Tostón
Leaving Corralejo harbour on Fred Olsen
Arrecife: 10th to 14th February
Hotel breakfast
Hotel Lancelot
View from our balcony
View from the roof
Mein Schiff I again passing our hotel
Carnaval costumes
Carnaval poster
Los Arroyo house
Café interior
Charco de San Ginés
San Ginés church
Getting ready for the opening
Shop-window display
Castillo de San José
Museum of Modern Art
Exterior courtyard
View from Castillo San Gabriel
Norwegian Jade cruise-ship

Feb - Mar 2012:

Marshall's closing down sale
Tree down in the Lade Braes
Visit to Aberdeen: 10th - 11th March
Aberdeen Art Gallery ...
... Rembrandt etchings
Union Terrace Park
Burns and gull
Beach at Aberdeen
Charlie at nearly one
Crawling movie

March 2012: Nice

Holiday to Nice: 20th to 29th March 2012
View from our balcony at Citadines Promenade
Promenade des Anglais
Trompe l'oeil building
Breakfast at the patisserie
Wig shop
Nice opera house
Baie des Anges from the Citadel
Lunch at Du Gesu
View from Galeries Lafayette
Primary school menu
Tea on our balcony
Éze village
View from the top
Cactus garden in the chateau
Place Garibaldi
Lunch in Socca d'Or
Musée Massena
Museum of Asian Art
Lunch at the Café Turin
Dinner in our apartment
Train to Monaco
Walk from Cap d'Ail
Monte Carlo
Cocteau Museum
At the Arénes in Nice
Matisse Museum
Ruins of Roman Nice
Promenade des Anglais
Political meeting
Musée d'Art Naïf
Picture in the Bar des Crépes

April 2012: Easter

Elspeth Martin and Charlie visit for Easter
Swings at the East Sands
In Mitchells' café
St Andrews Castle
Wemyss Pottery exhibition
St Andrews Botanical Gardens
View from the roof of St Andrews University Museum

May 2012: Ireland

Visit to Ireland: 10th to 15th May 2011
Barna Harbour
Outside O'Grady's on the Pier
Dinner at Milano's
Róisín's First Holy Communion: 12th May
St Ignatius's Church
Róisín Ní Chonchúir = Roisin O'Connor
At the Salthill Hotel
Angela's shoes
At the Galway Aquarium
Watching Home Alone
Coffee and hot chocolate at Coco's
Visit to Ennis
View from our room
Daniel O'Connell

May 2012: Hungary

HMTM-12 Conference in Hungary: 22nd to 27th May 2012
Budapest hotel: Grand Hungaria
Lutheran Church
Chain Bridge
Opera House
Liz and Stefanie
Kurtoskalac for breakfast
Kéleti Station
Buffet at the Railway station
Sárospatak hotel
Old picture of Sárospatak
Sárospatak castle
River Bodrog
Péter Körtesi
Edmund Robertson
Liz Rudge
Dinner at the Vár restaurant
Stefanie Eminger
Colin Campbell
Conference dinner at the Rákóczi castle
John O'Connor
Visit to Tokaj
Tokaj museum ...
... with stork
Visit to Disnókő Tokaji estate
Leaving Sárospatak
Hungarian Parliament
Views of Buda
Statue on the Academy of Science
"Nostalgia" tram
Hungarian Comenius Society Medal

June 2012:

To Stonehaven to meet Denis and Margaret: 6th June 2012
At the Boathouse Café
At the Ship Inn
Peploe exhibition in St Andrews

June 2012: Greece: Mykonos

Holiday to Greece: 14th June to 19th July 2012
Edinburgh to Athens on EasyJet
Port of Piraeus
Mykonos: 14th to 19th June 2012
Leaving Rafina on the Penelope A
Hotel Madalena
Hotel swimming pool
Ouzo on our terrace
New hotel
Superferry II from Mykonos to Naxos
Stopover in Naxos
SeaJet 2 from Naxos to Santorini

June 2012: Santorini

Santorini: 19th to 25th June 2012
Kokkinos Villas in Akrotiri
Views from our room
Caldera beach
Ouzo and sunset on our terrace
Bus to Thira town
Kokkinos Villas in the distance
Museum of Akrotiri finds
Thira in the distance
Akrotiri Archaeological site
Akrotiri village
Bagpipe maker in Akrotiri
Caldera beach from a distance
Lunch at the beach taverna
SeaJet 2 to Ios

June - July 2012: Ios and Sikinos

Ios: 25th June to 1st July 2012
Hotel Helena: ferries at the bottom of the garden
The port from the path up to the Chora
Main Square in the chora
Beach at Milopotas
The "sunken church"
Waiting for the ferry
Tzamaria beach
Kolitzani beach
Agios Georgios from Ios to Sikinos
Hotel Helena from the ferry
Sikinos 1st to 5th July 2012
Porto Sikinos Hotel: view from our terrace
The hotel
Lunch on our terrace
View from the top of the hill at Kastro
Walk up to the chapel
Early morning above the port
View over to Ios
Hotel breakfast
Courtyard in the hotel
Restaurant by the beach
From Sikinos to Naxos on the Artemis

July 2012: Naxos

Naxos: 5th to 10th July 2012
Hotel Anna
Hotel cat: Tom
At the swimming hole
Kouros at Melanes
Another kouros
Entrance to the aqueduct
Waiting for a taxi
The Mitroupolos
Swimming instructor
Ancient chora museum
Leaving for Paros on the Blue Star Paros
From Paros to Tinos of the SeaJet 2

July 2012: Tinos and Evia

Tinos: 10th to 13th July 2012
Hotel Avra
Street to the cathedral
Candle shop
Beach at Aghia Ioannis Bay
Staircase in the Avra
On the bus to Pirgos: Syros in the distance
Sculpture workshop
Marble Museum
Main square in Pirgos
View from our balcony
The harbours from the monument
Aghia Fokas beach
SeaJet 2 to Rafina
Karystos Evia: 13th to 19th July 2012
Hotel Karystion

Ouzo snacks
View from the Red Fort
View from our balcony
Archaeological museum
Back to Rafina on the Panorama

Jul - Aug 2012: Paul and family visit

28th July to 4th August
East Sands
Pier walk
Lade Braes
Louis on a log
Pictures from Melbourne

Aug - Sept 2012: Croatia

Holiday to Croatia: 26th August to 5th September 2012
Dubrovnik: 26th to 30th August 2012
Main street: Placa
Dominican monastery
Franciscan monastery ...
... and its pharmacy
Swimming hole under Lovrijenac fortress
Mussels by the harbour
Walk around the walls
Lovrijenac fortress
Dominican monastery
Our street with Lepur Apartments
Painting in our apartment
Lokrum Island
Back to Dubrovnik harbour
Šipan Island: 30th August to 3rd September 2012
Postira ferry
Approaching Suđurađ
View from our balcony: Apartments Stanko Pavlovic
Gecko in our apartment
Šipanska luka
Suđurađ from the bus
Lopud Island
Back to Dubrovnik: Franjo Tuđman Bridge
Cavtat: 3rd to 5th September 2012
Lokrum Island from the bus to Cavtat
Dubrovnik old town from the bus
View from our balcony at Villa Rozic
Villa Rozic at top of the hill
Our balcony: RH arch
Račić mausoleum
Swimming beach
111 steps to our room
Google Maps

September 2012: Helen and family visit

Leuchars Airshow: 15th September
With June Richies
Helen and family visit: 23rd to 28th September 2012
In New Park Wood
Anstruther Fisheries Museum
St Andrews Cathedral

October 2012: Gulet

Dunhill Links Championship
St Andrews Pier walk
Charlie's new nursery
Gulet: Marmaris to Fethiye: 8th to 15th October 2102
Fountains in Marmaris
Fountains movie
Beach at Marmaris
Leaving Marmaris
Early morning departure from Dalyan
Thunderstorm in Cleopatra's Bay
Approaching Gojek
Pancake lady
Our gulet: First Choice at "Flat Island"
Very big problem
Approaching Fethiye
Eilidh's birthday and Halloween

November 2012:

James visits 17th - 18th November
James growing a moustache for November
Charlie's nursery pictures
Jean's birthday flowers from James

Nov - Dec 2012: Tenerife

Holiday to the Canaries: 26th November to 10th December 2012
Mount Teide from the plane
Los Cristianos and Playa de las Americas
Santa Cruz: 26th to 30th November
View from the Hotel Atlantico
Auditorio de Tenerife
Mercado de Nuestra Señora de África
Church of Nuestra Señora de la Conceptión
Mudecar ceiling
To La Laguna on the tram -- in the rain
Church of Nuestra Señora de la Conceptión
Museo de Bellas Artes: Circumcision triptych
Flight into Egypt
Curse of the Cruise Ships
Decorations at El Kilo
Museo de la naturaleza y el hombre
Guanche mummy
Dolphin skeleton
Las Teresitas beach at San Andrés
Sopa de mariscos
Puerto de la Cruz: 30th November to 4th December
Puerto de la Cruz from the bus
View from the roof of the Ving Hotel
Playa Jardin
Botanical gardens
Sunday morning churros
La Oratrava bonatical garden
Liceo de Taoro
Crib in the town-hall square
Casa de los Balcones
Iglesia San Agustin: St James and a moor
Parador del Teide: 4th to 6th December
Teide from El Portillo
The parador
View from our room
Roques de Garcia
View from the swimming pool
Mount Teide at dawn
Walking in the Cañada Blanca
4.00 buses ready to go
Part of las Siete Cañadas
Down through the cloud!
Los Cristianos: 6th to 10th December
Beach at Los Cristianos harbour
El Médano
Lunch at Tasca El Lagar
Sunset from our balcony
Los Cristianos from the pier (
Our hotel = H10
Hotel cat
Hotel crib
Playa de las Vitas
Flying over El Médano

December 2012:

West Sands: Christmas afternoon
Boxing Day at Craigtoun park
Christmas in Melbourne
Cricket movie
Helen and Calum's Christmas card
Erin's prize-winning picture

Jan - Feb 2013:

Tay Road Bridge on 1st January
New Ford Ka: 16th January
Old and new
Laws visit: 18th to 20th January
Snow on Hallowhill
Dinner at the Vine Leaf
James visits: 3rd February
Cormorant in the Lade Braes
Heron at the harbour

March 2013: New York

Round the world trip: 28th February to 12th April 2013
New York: 28th February to 5th March
Leaving Amsterdam on a jumbo
6th Avenue on the way to our apartment
Views from our apartment
Breakfast deli
Our building: Radio City Apartments
Leaving on the Staten Island ferry
Ellis Island
View from the ferry
Wall Street
Empire State building
Chrysler building
Central Park
Still snow on the ground!
On 5th Avenue
Hamburger in the lobby of the Parker Meridien Hotel
Empire State viewing platform -- in Lego
Dinner: Pastrami sandwich
High Line Park
Greenwich Village
Washington Square -- with piano
Ruthie's building in Waverly Place
Grand Central Station
Gertrude Stein in Bryant Park
New York Central Library: Reading room
Entrance to the Empire State building
Rockefeller Plaza
Feels like 20°
Radio City Apartments
MOMA: New York Museum of Modern Art
Van Gogh
Le Douanier Rousseau
View from the museum
Cafeteria waitress
Sculpture garden
Lunch in an Irish pub
Carnegie Hall
Stephen Gough
Limo to JFK airport
Queen's and Manhattan
Harrisburg PA
The Rockies

March 2013: Pasadena

Pasadena: 5th to 12th March
Welcome to Los Angeles
At Alexander's nursery
Trying on new clothes
At Target
Grandparents' day at Alexander's nursery
Norton Simon Museum
Cranach the Elder
Van Gogh
At Pasadena Arboretum
Dinner at Italian restaurant
View from the back yard
At Eaton Canyon Park
Coffee on Lake Avenue
Early morning at Allen Metro Station

March 2013: Honolulu

Honolulu: 12th to 16th March
Over Ko Olina beach
Our hotel: Aston at Executive Centre
Views from our apartment
Views from the breakfast room
Sandy Beach
'Iolani Palace
Aloha Tower
Hawaii State Art Museum
Fish in the harbour
The Falls of Clyde
Swimming pool at the hotel
Waikiki beach
Duke Paoa Kahanamoku statue
Ala Moana beach
Epic retaurant
Hawaii Theatre
The Brothers Cazimero
Hula movie
Bandstand at the Palace
Mission house museum

March 2013: Sydney

Sydney: 18th to 22nd March
Meriton Serviced Apartments, Kent Street
Views from our apartment
Breakfast at Pieface
Walking tour of central Sydney
QVB: Queen Victoria Building
General MacQuarie statue
Outside the "Rum Hospital"
The Customs House
Our tour guide
"The Rocks"
Swimming pool at the Apartments
Pub dinner
Botanic Gardens
Our building
Opera House
Orpheus in the Underworld
Back to the pub
Manly Cove beach
Main beach at Manly
Views from the Manly ferry
View from the Opera House after La Bohème
Darling Harbour
The James Craig
Replica of the Endeavour
(Wooden) Pyrmont bridge over Darling harbour

Mar - Apr 2013: Melbourne

Melbourne: 22nd March to 7th April
Melbourne from the bus from the airport
On North Brighton Station
Prahran Market
Charlie driving
Charlie and his friend Archie
At Brighton Beach
Rack of pork on the barbie
Charlie's birthday outing to Melbourne Zoo
At Southern Cross Station
Birthday cake
New scooter
Guide for Melbourne walking tour
The old gaol
The 8-hour monument
Parliament House
Palace Theatre
Entrance to Chinatown
Dragon made of plastic bottles
Monument to crossing the continent
Victorian arcade
Old women's hospital: Blood and bandages style
Flinders Street Station
Lunchtime crowd
Charlie in Scotland rugby strip
At North Point playpark
Swimming at Oakleigh
National Gallery of Victoria
Black swan tutu
Elizabeth Thompson: The 28th Regiment at Quatre Bras
St Kilda beach
South Melbourne Market
At the Sunday craft market
Eureka Tower from the Botanic Gardens
St Kilda
Beach boxes at Brighton Beach
Wreck of HMVS Cerberus in Half Moon Bay
Trompe l'oeil doorway in Middle Brighton
Building work in Male Street
Brighton library
Sign in South Yarra
The Polly Woodside
Restaurant tram
View of the Yarra
St Kilda Botanical Garden
A dragon tree
Lunch in St Kilda
Melbourne Cricket Ground
Shane Warne statue
MCG inside
Lunch with Elspeth
Docklands tour on free coach
Charlie with new robot ...
... and with new crane
At Brighton beach
Leaving for the airport

April 2013: Hong Kong

Hong Kong: 8th to 11th April
Hotel Ovolo: Queen's Road Centre
View from our room
Lin Heung Tea House
Tram to Victoria Peak
Man Mo Temple
Lunch at the Lin Heung
View of Kowloon
Star ferry to Kowloon
Nathan Street in Kowloon
Gingko House restaurant
Our room at the Ovolo
Riding up on the escalators
Botanic Gardens
Lunchtime crowds
On the tram in the rain
Coffee at the Regal Hong Kong Hotel

May 2013: Family visit

17th to 23rd May 2013
Jamie and Róisín
Eilidh and Róisín
Edinburgh Zoo: 20th May
Sun bear
At the East Sands
"Hello Kitty" umbrella!
Castle beach

June 2013: Glyphada, Delphi and Galaxidi

Holiday to Greece: 6th June to 9th July 2013
Glyphada: 6th to 10th June
Our hotel
Glyfada beach
View from our balcony
Tram to Athens
The Parthenon from the tram
Delphi: 10th to 12th June
Our pension
View of Itea and Galixidi from our balcony
Archaeological site: Roman forum
Athenian Treasure house
The theatre
Performance in the theatre in the 1930s
The stadium
Delphi village church
Archaeological museum
The Naxian Sphinx
Bronze charioteer
Model of the site
Galaxidi:12th to 15th June
Villa Ianthia
Our balcony
Cats' lunchtime
Galaxidi duck-house
Delphi in the distance

June 2013: Lamia, Trikala, Kastraki, Ioannina

Lamia: 15th to 17th June
Our hotel
Platia Laoy
View over the town
Archaeological museum
Trikala: 17th to 19th June
Our hotel: Hotel Panellenion
Hotel interior
Ouzo snack
The clocktower
The "Turkish quarter"
The Kursum mosque
Mosque and mausoleum
School celebration at the Matsopoulos mill
Kastraki: 19th to 21st June
Our hotel
Rocks above Kastraki
View from the bus to the monastery
Varlaam monastery with Roussanou nunnery beyond
View over Kastraki
KTEL station at Kalambaka
Ioannina: 21st to 24th June
Our hotel
Views from our balcony
Aslan Pasha's mosque
Ali Pasha's mosque and tomb
Byzantine museum
Sunday breakfast
Archaeological museum
From the Dodoni shrine
Ballet shop window

June - July 2013: Corfu

Views of Corfu Town from the ferry from Igoumenitsa
The "swimming hole"
The Old Port
Paramonas: 24th June to 1st July
Paramonas hotel
Angela's café at Pentati
Parasoudi Beach
Swift chicks at Gardiki Castle
Lunch at Paramonas
In Agias Matheos
Paramonas turtle
Paleokastritsa: 1st to 5th July
Our hotel: Apollon
Views from our balcony
On the road to the monastery
Monastery cats
Seaview apartments (where we stayed in 1997)
The Grotto
Triada beach
Beach wedding pictures
Corfu Town: 5th to 9th July
Mousaka at the Rouvas restaurant
The Venetian well
Bellissimo Restaurant in Lemonia Square
View from our balcony in the Konstantinopoulas
Views from the roof bar at the Cavalieri hotel
The Listons
Ouzo snack at the Mouragia taverna
In the Old Town
View from Vido Island
Beach on Vido Island
Boat from Corfu town to Vido
Lunch at the Ninos restaurant
Europa Café on the Listons
Olga's Original Designs
Final swim

July - Dec 2013:

Charlie with friend Jackson
New slide
Calum's parents
Eilidh's cake
Heron at the harbour: 14th July
Anniversary dinner
East Sands
Jamie visits
Dinner at the Vine Leaf: 31st July
August: Groups St Andrews conference
Lammas Market
Last Leuchars air-show
Eilidh's birthday
Elspeth, Martin and Charlie on holiday: November
Martin's boat
Elspeth's "button ring"
Jean's birthday jigsaw
St Andrews Day: free entrance to the Golf Museum
Dawn over Lawmill Gardens
Christmas Eve dinner
Christmas Day
Christmas afternoon: West Sands
Charlie's bike movie
Christmas in Pasadena
Christmas in Melbourne
Torrie's Christmas card
Boxing Day dinner
Lade Braes heron
"Snow" in LA

Jan - Feb 2014:

New Year's Day: Tay Road Bridge
9th January: To Edinburgh
Turner Exhibtion in the National Gallery of Scotland
Sam Bough
Arthur Melville
Lunch at the Kalpna
Hansel and Gretel at the Festival Theatre
Gingerbread house
Helen celebrating
Helen's new bathroom ...
... and curtains
East Sands
Blocking Bogward road
Buses down Lawmill Gardens again!
Lade Braes flowers
Paul's visit to Helen
Helen's birthday
Eilidh's dance movie

Mar - Apr 2014: Isobel born

Isobel Charlotte Torrie: born March 5th
Charlie's birthday outing and party
Townhall flag
Heron in Botanical Gardens
400 year celebration of Napier's logarithms
Merchiston castle
Jean's scar
John's scar
Alexander, Eilidh and Isobel
Eilidh and Isobel
Easter in Melbourne
Easter in Pasadena
Easter in St Andrews
Rhododendron in the Lade Braes

May 2014: Cluj

Harry the Hawk
Hamish MacHamish's statue
May Day holiday
Hamish is one year old
Isobel's 2 month picture
History of Mathematics and Teaching in Mathematics Conference: Cluj Romania: 21st to 24th May
With Peter Kortesi
Representatives of the Transylvanian School
Plaque on Bolyai's birthplace
Honorary degree ceremony
"Cocktail Party" lunch
Stefanie Eminger talking
Pagliacci at Cluj (Kolozsvár) Opera House
Liz Lewis talking
Peter Kortesi
Presentation to Edmund
Hotel Universitas
Salt mine at Turda (Torda)
Salt stalactites
Alba Julia (Gyulafehérvár)
St Michael's cathedral (built 1009)
Mihai Vitazul (Michael the Brave)
Orthodox cathedral
Aiud (Nagyenyed)
Wine tasting
Isobel's 3 month picture

June 2014: Heraklion and Agios Nikolas

Holiday to Greece: 31st May to 1st July 2014
Heraklion: 31st May to 3rd June
Our hotel: Capsis Astoria
View over Elefterias Square from our balcony
Swimming in the hotel pool
Archaeological museum
The Phaestos disc
Minoan goddess figures: 1600BC
Venetian Loggia: town hall
St Mark's church: exhibition of El Greco pictures (copies)
Dinner at Λiγo Kρασi Λiγo Θαλασσα ...
... = A little wine a little sea
Free gifts: watermelon, loukoumades and raki!
St Titos's church -- once a mosque
El Greco
Fountain in Platia Lionaria (Lion Square)
Agios Nikolas: 3rd to 6th June
The beach with our hotel: Palazzo Arhontiko
The "lake"
Views from our apartments

June 2014: Kato Zakros and Sitia

Kato Zakros: 6th to 13th June
Our room: Coral apartments
"Greek night"
Dancers from Boston
Zakros gorge: Gorge of the Dead
Minoan Palace at Zakros
Waitress at the Amnesia Café
Waitress at the Platanakis taverna
The gorge from a distance
The beach from the bus-stop
Palm trees at Vai
Sitia: 13th to 18th June
View from our balcony at the Hotel Itanos
At the snack bar Oβελiξ (= Obelix)
Sitia beach
Greek football fans
Sunday morning backgammon
Archaeological museum: Linear A script
View of the harbour from the fort
Panorama from our balcony
Catching the ANEK line Prevelis

June 2014: Karpathos

Karpathos -- Diaphani: 18th to 22nd June
Nikos Hotel on the left
Our balcony
Italianate fountain
Taking the kid for a walk
Noon shadow on Midsummer Day
Another Nikos
Karpathos -- Pigadia: 22nd to 27th June
Our apartments
Jewelry shop cat
On one of our balconies
View from "the acropolis"
Early morning beach
Archaeological museum
The harbour
Leaving on the Kasos Princess

June 2014: Kasos and Heraklion

Kasos: 27th to 29th June
The harbour at Φρη (= Fry)
View of the village from Agia Marina
Duck house
Kasos Princess on the left
Our hotel
Grading the beach
Views from our balcony
Leaving on the Prevelis again
Heraklion: 29th June to 1st July
View from our balcony at the Hotel Marin Dream
Breakfast overlooking the fort
St Minias's Cathedral
Venetian shipyards
Dawn over the port
Cunarder Queen Elizabeth docking
Playgroup picture
Historical museum
El Greco's Baptism of Christ (c1570)
El Greco's Mount Sinai (1570)
Lunch at the Lato Hotel restaurant
St Minias Metropolitan Cathedral

July 2014:

Isobel's four month picture
Wedding anniversary: at Tentsmuir
Fife in the Frame exhibition
Lower Largo: G L Hunter
St Monans kirk: J G S Smith
W McTaggart
By the harbour Crail: D MacIntyre
Near Cupar: R H Blyth
St Monans: E Decker
At the Burn Edzell: 22nd to 24th July
North Esk
Salmon leap movie
St Cyrus beach
At the Rocks of Solitude
John's 69th birthday
Dinner at the Vineleaf

August 2014: Family visit

Family visit: 1st to 8th August
At the East Sands
Putting on the Himalayas
Isobel's 5 month picture
Lammas Market

September 2014: Sète and Narbonne

Holiday to the South of France: 7th to 24th September 2014
Tarn gorge bridge from the aeroplane
Sète: 7th to 12th September
Waiting for the train at Agde
Sunday lunch by the canal
Our hotel L'Orque Bleue
The Canal Royale
Fountain in Place Lèon Blum
Electric boat trip on canal
Waterside shacks on the étang
Lifting rail bridge
Boats for jousting tournament
Gathering storm clouds
Musée International des Arts Modestes (sheltering from the storm!)
Les Halles
Place Aristide Bruant
Views from Mont St-Clair
Chapelle Notre Dame de la Salette
Sète beach
Ripples movie
Crêpes for lunch at the beach
More practice needed!
Breakfast café by Les Halles
Narbonne: 12th to 16th September
Our hotel: La Residence
Pont des Marchands
Views from our window
Les Halles at sunset
Canal de la Robine
Cathedral (13th Century)
Cathedral cloisters
Underground at the Horreum: Roman forum
Les Halles
Lunch counter
Dinner at the Coque Hardi
Fig tart
Sunday market
The beach at Port-la-Nouvelle
Pizza in the rain
The Donjon and Hotel de Ville
Views from the top of the Donjon
Roman murals in the archaeological museum
Trip on a barge on the Canal de la Robine

September 2014: Carcassonne and Béziers

Carcassone: 16th to 20th September
Our hotel: Pont Vieux
Views from our window
Hotel cat: Isador
La Cité
Duck hearts
Church of St Vincent (14th Century)
Fountain in Place Carnot
Exhibition in Musée des Beaux-Arts
Les Blanchisseuses
Self portrait of Marie Petiet
La Cité and Pont Vieux
Basilique St Nazaire (11th - 14th Century)
Restaurant Le Pas Sage
Leaving Carcassonne
Canal de Midi from the train
Béziers: 20th to 24th September
Our apartment block
Sunset from our balcony
Allées Paul Riquet
Musée Taurin
Engravings by Goya
Beach at Valras-Plage (after the storm!)
Sunday afternoon band at Valras-Plage
View from ouside the cathedral
St Nazaire cathedral
The nine locks on the Canal de Midi
View of the citadel/cathedral from the canal
TGV crossing the Orb
Béziers from the air

Sept - Nov 2014:

Isobel's 6 Month picture
Elspeth, Martin and Charlie at St Kilda
Isobel at 7 Months
Eilidh's 4th birthday
Jamie's Halloween costume
Halloween parade
Elspeth, Martin and Charlie on the Gold Coast
Knitted coat for an Australian tree
Jean's birthday picture

Nov - Dec 2014: Tenerife and Gomera

Holiday to the Canaries: 24th November to 12th December 2016
Flying into Tenerife
Los Christianos: 24th to 27th November
Views from our balcony at the hotel H10
Los Christianos harbour from the hotel roof
Swimming in Los Christianos harbour
Playa del Camison
Bar Gavota
San Sebastian Gomera: 27th November to 1st December
The courtyard at the Parador
Our room
Outside of our room
Stormy water movie
View of Mount Teide from the parador
View of the parador from the town
Beach cat
Swimming at the beach in the harbour
Last sight of John's sandals
View over San Sebastian from the bus
Las Hayas: 1st to 2nd December
Our casa rural
View from our terrace
View down the Valle Gran Rey
Vueltas: 2nd to 9th December
View from our balcony at Hotel Gran Rey
Apartamentos América
Views of Vueltas from the terrace
Sun setting over El Hierro
Pizzeria Pinocchio
Packing bananas
Back over the mountain
San Sebastian: 9th December
Kiosko Ramon
Leaving on the Fred Olsen ferry
Los Christianos from the ferry
El Médano: 9th to 12th December
Sun deck from our balcony
Our room
Jean swimming before breakfast
Tasca El Lagar
Beach sculpture

December 2014:

James at Madison Square gardens in New York
Helen's Christmas card
Ruthie's card: wild boar friend
Christmas in Melbourne
Christmas in Pasadena
Flowers from Helen
Toy from Elspeth
West Sands on Christmas afternoon
The harbour on Boxing Day
Craigtoun on 29th
New Year in Australia

Jan - Mar 2015:

Tay Bridge: 2nd January 2015 ...
... in the wind
James to Melbourne to visit Elspeth
At the Australian Open tennis
Edinburgh: 5th February: Indian exhibition at Chambers Street Museum
Lunch at the Kalpna
Birmingham Royal Ballet
Helen and family in Salt Lake City
Isobel's 11 month picture
Lade Braes flowers
Isobel at one year old

March 2015: Dublin

Visit to Ireland: 10th to 18th March
In Dublin: 10th to 13th March

Our hotel: Best Western Academy Plaza
The Dublin spike in O'Connell Street
Trinity College
Hamilton's bust
Book of Kells
Oscar Wilde
National Gallery of Ireland
Fra Angelico
Bram Stoker's house
St Stephen's green
The Ha'penny bridge
James Joyce
Parnell Heritage bar
A Midsummer Night Dream at the Abbey Theatre
Bottom and Wall
National Museum of Ireland
Bog people
Gold boat
Lunch at Davy Byrnes' pub ...
... with oysters
Parnell memorial
Molly Malone

March 2015: Galway

In Galway: 13th to 18th March 2015
Lunch in Garvey's bar
Mothering Sunday lunch
Coral beach
St Patrick's Day parade
The Salmon weir

March 2015: Faro and Beja

Holiday in Portugal: 18th March to 2nd April 2015
In Faro: 18th to 23rd March 2015
Our hotel: Hotel Eva
Views from our balcony
First Portuguese custard tarts
Cloisters in the Faro Museum
Railway exhibits
Gardy's patisseria
Igrejo do Carmo
The Bones chapel
Galão and Pasteis de nata
Sunset over the airport
Tiles in the Restaurant 2 Irmãos
Shellfish diggers
In Beja: 23rd to 27th March
Our room ...
... in the Hotel Bejense
Praça da Republica
Visigoth Museum
Inside the Pousada (old Convento de São Francisco)
Igreja de Santa Maria
Praça da Republica at night
Regional Museum in the ...
... Convento Nossa Senhora da Conceição
Hospital da Misericórdia
Old hospital pharmacy
Roman ruins under glass
Jardim Gago Coutonho E S Cabral
Happy Easter!

March 2015: Évora and Lisbon

In Évora: 27th March to 1st April
Our hotel: Hotel Riviera
Our room: with vaulted ceiling
Roman "Temple of Diana"
Distant view of the aqueduct
Public gardens ...
... with peacocks
The cloisters
Student group
Porta de Moura: Roman gate
Praça de Giraldo
Évora museum
Évora pousada
The aqueduct
Courtyard with wisteria
Igreja de São João Evangelista
View from the Palácio Cadavel
Palace kitchen
Lisbon: 1st to 2nd April
Views from 25th April bridge
The aqueduct

Apr - May 2015:

Easter in Pasadena
Hamish's second birthday
East Sands at Easter
Lade Braes notice
Mayday holiday on the Coastal path
Visit to Aberdeen
Maritime Museum
Lunch at 6 Degrees North
At Brewdog Aberdeen
Fireworks over Rufflets

May - June 2015: Kos, Kalymnos, Astypalea

Holiday to Greece: 26th May to 5th July 2015
Kardemena -- Kos: 26th to 30th May 2015
Our hotel: Kris Maris
Kalymnos: 30th May to 4th June 2015
Views from our balcony at the Hotel Olympic
Folk dancing
Memorial to the 1996 Imia incident
Kalymnos town beach
Archaeological museum
Bus trip round Kalymnor: view of Telendos
View from the monastary above the town
Our Latvian tour guide
Guardian picture of storm over Pserimos
Leaving on the Dodekanissos Express
Astypalea: 4th to 9th June 2015
View from our balcony : Hotel Paradissos
Interior of the Kastro
The port from the Kastro
Buying fish off the boat
Leaving on the Blue Star Patmos

June 2015: Amorgos, Folegandros, Milos

Aegiali -- Amorgos: 9th to 13th June 2015
Miké Hotel
Views from our terrace
Tholaria village
View from the road back to Aegiali
Lagada village
Path back to the port
Katápoula -- Amorgos: 13th to 16th June 2015
View of Katapoula from the bus
Hotel Minoa
Views from our balcony
Nearest beach
Boat trip to Maltèzi beach
The Chora
Leaving on SeaJet 2
Karavostásis -- Folégandros: 16th to 21st June 2015
Views from our balcony at the Aeolos Beach Hotel
Volcanic stone in the hotel wall
Visit to the Chora
Monaastary above the Chora
Leaving on the Adamatis Korais
View of Folégandros Chora from the ferry
Adamas -- Milos: 21st to 26th June 2015
View of Milos Chora from the ferry
Arriving at Adamas
Lagada Beach
Breakfast buffet at the Hotel Portiani
On the "Nostalgic Walk"
Street in the Chora
Archaeological Museum
Plaster cast of the Venus de Milo
Views from our balcony
Leaving on the MasterJet

June - July 2015: Sifnos, Serifos. Kythnos, Kea

Kamares -- Sifnos: 26th June to 1st July 2015
Arriving on Sifnos
Beach at the Boulis Hotel
View from our balcony
Breakfast in the garden
Spinach pies for lunch
View from the church
Cathedral in Apollonia
Walk from Apollonia to Kastro
Threshing floor
At Artemonas
View of Kamares from the back
Loukamades before catching the ferry
Speedrunner 4 in front of Adamantis Korais
Serifos: 1st to 2nd July 2015
Our Room in the Hotel Naias
View of the Chora from our balcony
Lunch at the beach
Perseus and the Medusa in the museum in the Chora
View from the Chora
Walking down
Waiting for the Andreas Kalvos
Merichas -- Kythnos: 2nd to 5th July 2015
Marietta Studio
Views from our terrace
Lunch at the fishmarket in Lavrio
Korissia -- Kea: 5th to 9th July 2015
Our terrace at the Aegean View Seaside Rooms
View from the beach
Leaving on the Marmari Express
Korissia at dawn
Temple at Cape Sounion

June - Sept 2015: Open and Galway

Pasadena pictures: June 2015
James in California: 18th to 28th June 2015
Open Championship 2015
Flood on day 2
Gales on day 3
James visits
John's 70th birthday -- with balloons
Strawberry shortcake for breakfast
To Galway: 2nd to 8th August 2015
Lunch at Garvey's bar
At Coole Park
Coole Lake
The autograph tree
The Salmon Watchtower
Helen and family arrive
Eilidh and Erin
Louis and Alexander
At Brigit's garden -- in the rain
Dinner at Kirwan's Lane
At Salthill beach
Menlo Castle on the River Corrib
To Edinburgh: 18th August 2015
Denis and Margaret
Edinburgh festival
McTaggart: Beach at Carnoustie
Snow in Australia
James to visit Paul in Galway
First day of school in Pasadena
John's birthday tea at Rufflets
Monterey: Helen's triathlon: before ...
... and after

September 2015: Cannes

Holiday to France: 15th September to 3rd October 2015
Cannes: 15th to 24th September
Frederic Mistral monument
Cannes market
Lord Brougham statue
Trompe l'oeil in the old town
Cannes castle
View over the harbour and Palais des Festivals
Castle Museum: Polynesian exhibit
Hôtel de Ville
Lunch in our flat
Fort Royal on St Marguerite Island
Allée des Eucalyptus
Cannes from the island
Musée Bonnard in Cannette
Henri Manguin: self portrait
Cannes regatta
Lunch at A Farigoule
Breakfast by the beach

Sept - Oct 2015: Fréjus and Nice

Fréjus: 25th to 28th September 2015
Our hotel: Le Flore
Market Square
5th Century baptistery
Roman amphitheatre
Artist's impression
Statue of Agricola
Lunch at St Raphael
St Raphael beach
Basilique Notre Dame de la Victoire
Roman aqueduct in Fréjus
Nice: 28th September to 3rd October 2015
Nice garden Hotel
Old Town at night
Walk from Cap d'Ail to Monaco
Monte Carlo Railway station
Place Malaussena by our hotel
Nice Railway station
Train to Tende
Musée des Merveilles in Tende
Bronze age artefact
The line before the "undeground corkscrew"
Promenade des Anglais
Flower market
École de Nice restaurant
Musée Massena
Rainy last day
Place Massena

Oct - Nov 2015:

James kilted to go to Newcastle
Elspeth ready for her 100 kilometre cycle race
Charlie sailing ...
... riding ...
and fishing
Isobel and Eilidh dressing up
Visit to Aberdeen: 23rd to 25th October
At 6 degrees North
Exhibition of Jamesone's paintings
Jamesone's daughter: James Gregory's wife
Sunday morning -- Aberdeen beach
Dave Rainbird visits: 27th to 30th October
Eilidh's 5th birthday ...
... and her party -- with princess ...
... and cake
John to London to get LMS Hirst Prize: 13th October 2015
Russell Square
The Thames from Waterloo Bridge
Covent Garden Opera house
Paul and family with astronaut Chris Hadfield

November 2015: Córdoba and Jerez

Holiday to Spain: 20th November to 4th December 2015
Córdoba: 20th to 25th November 2015
Catching the AVE train from Malaga
The Viento10 hotel in Córdoba
Patio de la Juderia restaurant
Restaurant entrance
Roman bridge
Waterwheel cat
Maimonides statue
Mediaeval synagogue
Archaeological museum
Tapas in ...
...the Plaza del Potro
The Mesquita mosque/cathedral
Tapas overlooking ...
... the Roman temple
Crib ornaments
"I will wake when art wakes"
Romero de Torres museum
Oranges and lemons
Sin and ...
... Grace

Bellas Artes museum
Street Sculpture
Patios at the Palacio de Viana
Plaza de la Corredera
Capella Mudéjar de San Bartholemé
Arabic baths
Jerez: 25th to 30th November 2015
Our hotel: Bellas Artes
View of the cathedral from our window ...
... and from the roof
González Byass statue
Back of the cathedral
Synagogue in the Alcazar
Synagogue interior
Arabic baths
View from near the Camera obscura
Breakfast in the Plaza del Arenal
Tío Pepe bodega
Courtyard of the Flamenco centre
Archaeological museum
Visigothic symbols
Greek helmet
Early idol
Plaza del Mercado outside the museum
Cathedral interior
Band contest
Band video
San Miguel church
Tío Pepe wind-vane
Railway station

December 2015: Cádiz and Seville

Cádiz: 30th November to 4th December 2015
Our room in the Hotel Argantonio
Ficus: Rubber plant tree
Irish pub window
Long distance conversation
Town hall
Roman amphitheatre
Archaeological museum:Phoenician sarcophagi
Fish market
Cathedral interior
Art museum
Zurbarán: St Hugh of Lincoln
Monument to the 1812 constitution
Trip to Puerto de Sta Maria (with Queen Victoria Cruise ship)
Puente de la Constitutión de 1812
Castle at Puerto de Sta Maria
Painting in bar
Interior of the Royalty Café
Dinners at the Balandro Restaurant
Seville: 4th to 8th December 2015
Setas (Mushrooms) in Plaza de la Encarnatión
Casa Pilatos
The Bearded Woman
Town Hall with lights
Flamenco show
Flamenco movie
Torre del Oro
Cathedral interior
View from the Puente de Isabel II
Escavation under the setas
Roman columns (of Egyptian granite)
Plaza de España
Alameda de Hércules

December 2015:

Christmas 2015
West Sands: Christmas afternoon
Christmas in Pasadena
Christmas in Melbourne
Helen's Christmas card
East Sands: Boxing Day
Festival Theatre Edinburgh: 31st December
Lunch at the Kalpna
Scottish Ballet's Cinderella
Princes Street Gardens fair from Waverley Station

January 2016: Lanzerote

Tay Bridge: 1st January 2016
Holiday to Lanzerote: 17th to 31st January 2016
Arrecife: 17th to 21st January
The Charco
Costa Teguise: Playa de los Charcos
Arrecife church
Bar Andalucia 1960
Dinner at La Bulla restaurant
Playa Blanca: 21st to 26th January 2016
Our hotel: Princesa Yaiza
View from our room
Playa Dorada
Faro Pechiguero
Playa Flamingo and Montaña Roja
Arrecife again: 26th to 31st January 2016
Our hotel: Arrecife Gran
View from our room (11th floor)
Hotel swimming pool
Beach at low tide from the top of the hotel
Carnival 2016
Playa del Carmen: Playa Chica
Sopa des mariscos
Jamie in India
Taj Mahal Palace Hotel
Back home: Indian leather jacket

Feb - Mar 2016:

Charlie's first day at school
Lade Braes flowers
East Sands surfing
Helen in Desert International triathlon
Bolshoi Spartacus at the cinema
Charlie's fifth birthday

March 2016: Munich

Holiday to "Middle Europe": 15th to 29th March 2016
Munich: 15th to 19th March 2016
Our hotel: Hotel Schlicker
Views from our window
Breakfast buffet
Model in breakfast room
The Rathaus on Marienplatz
The Michaelkurche ...
... and its interior
In the Neue Pinakothek
Daumier: Don Quixote
Van Gogh
The Marienhof
The Viktualienmarkt
Rathaus at night
Eating in the Ratskeller
Ratskeller interior
Lunch in the Weisses Brauhaus
The Friedenengel
The Peterkurche ...
... and its interior
Interior of the Asamkurche
Rathaus and clock
Etruscan exhibition at the Antikensammlung
Sculptures in the Glyptokek
Sculptures from the temple in Aegina

March 2016: Prague

Prague: 19th to 24th March 2016
Our hotel: Hotel Rott
Town Hall ...
... and Astronomical clock
John's previous hotel
King Wenceslas riding a dead horse
Art Nouveau Lucerna Palace café
Town Hall square at night
View from the Charles bridge
Prague castle
St Vitus's cathedral
"Pork knuckle"
Trade Fair Palace National Gallery
Emil Filla
Filla: Run Kate
Van Gogh
View of Paris
View out of museum
Ai Weiwei sculptures
Interior of the Our Lady of Tyn church
Toilet Museum
Passing Brno on the train to Vienna

March 2016: Vienna

Vienna: 24th to 29th March 2016
Our hotel: Motel One Wein-Staatsoper
Hotel lobby
View of courtyard from our window
The Palmhouse
St Stephen's cathedral
Facade ...
... and the interior
The Peterkurche ...
... and its interior
Albertina steps
Statues in the Ephesus museum
Kunsthistorisches museum
Museum café
Breugel: Hunters in the snow
Breugel: Peasants' wedding
Breugel: Tower of Babel
Big wheel in the Prater amusement park
Albertina museum
Listening to Stalin's broadcast
Musicians in the snow
A Mozart trio for breakfast
Interior of the Schottenkurche
Easter market on Easter Sunday
The Danube is blue!
Mozart's staue
Lunch in the palm house
Sunshine in the Burggarten
Schönbrunn Palace on Easter Monday
The Neptungruppe
To see Le Corsaire at the Opera House
View from the terrace (with the Aida)
Final breakfast in the Aida Café
Flying over the Danube

Apr - May 2016:

View of St Andrews from Lumbo Den
Mark McCartney ...
... and Edmund Robertson giving Hirst lecture for the LMS
Derek and Jackie visit: 30th April
Visit to Aberdeen: 6th to 8th May
Cat in the Window Café
Lunch at the Siberia Vodka Bar
BrewDog (Union Street) Aberdeen
Dinner at La Lombarda restaurant
Sunday morning at Aberdeen beach
Sunday lunch at BrewDog
Jamie in 10K run: May 15th 2016

May 2016: Athens, Hydra and Ermioni

Holiday to Greece: 21st May to 30th June
Athens: 21st to 22nd May
Dinner at the Psiri Taverna
View from the roof of the Athens Centre Hotel
Lycabettius hill
Flying Cat 6 from Piraeus
Hydra: 22nd to 27th May
Our hotel: Pension Effie
View from our balcony
Waiting cats
Our "swimming hole"
Graduating naval cadets
Local transport
At Lulu's restaurant
Cathedral courtyard
Koundouriotis Mansion
Ermioni: 27th May to 2nd June 2016
Our apartment: Philoxenia Ganossis
View from our balcony
Breakfast delivered to our room
Nearest beach
Flying dolphin on its way in
Swimming place around the corner
In the wood near the ruined temple
Views from the windmill
Maria's restaurant

June 2016: Nafplion and Kalamata

Nafplio: 2nd to 10th June
Hotel Byron
View from our window
Hotel cats
Ruined mosque below the hotel
Syntagma Square
Café interior
The Bourtzi
The swimming place
Meze restaurant O Noulis
View from the top of the hill
Above the swimming place
Arvanitia Promenade
Archaeological Museum
View from the museum
The Peloponnesian Folklore Foundation Museum
Free loukoumades with coffee
School children's lunch at the Nafplio restaurant
Kalamata: 10th to 11th June
Cat graffiti
Train museum

June 2016: Pylos, Agrogiali and Kalamata

Pylos: 11th to 18th June 2016
Navarino Bay from the bus
Our hotel: Hotel Miramare
View from our room
The hotel and the swimming area
Three Admirals' Square
Relief of Admiral Codrington
Plane tree in the square
Model of the French Battleship Napoleon in the hotel
Pylos Castle
Inside the citadel
Entrance to Navarino Bay from the citadel
René Puaux Museum
Battle of Navarino
Agrogiali: 24th to 30th June 2016
Our balcony in Theodora's Apartments
Beach below the apartments
Il Gusto restaurant on the beach
Ouzo snacks
Kalamata: 24th to 30th June 2016
View from our room in the Hotel Pharae Palace
Dinner on ouzo Snacks
Children's regatta of Optimist class dinghies
Archaeological Museum
Agia Apostoloi in the old town
Flying home over Preveza

July 2016: Windermere

Family meeting in Windermere: 2nd to 9th July 2016
Our house: Domvs
Queen Adelaide's Hill
View from the living room
In Ambleside
Lake Windermere from Orrest Head
In Rayrigg Wood
Claife Viewing Station above Lake Windermere
At the "Beatrix Potter Experience"

July - Sept 2016: Glenisla, Blair Atholl

Elspeth and family in St Andrews: 13th July 2016
In Burns' sweet shop
In Martins café
Wedding anniversary dinner: 14th July
Weekend in Glenisla: 30th July to 2nd August
The hotel
Walk to Loch Shandra on the Cateran Trail
Birthday walk ...
... crossing the River Isla
Kirkton of Glenisla
Clunie Water in Braemar
Braemar Castle
Loch Shandra
Graeme Segal at the Young Researchers in Mathematics conference
Lammas Market
Craigtoun Park
Ruining the East Sands
Sign in Car Park
Glasgow Boys exhibition in St Andrews Museum
George Henry, Lady with goldfish
Alexander Roche, St Monans Kirk
Thomas Dow, Spring morning in Morocco
Kati Aitken paintings
Holiday in Blair Atholl: 30th August to 2nd September
Our hotel: Atholl Arms
Hotel dining room
On the Red squirrel walk in Glen Tilt
The falls of Bruar
Canyoning lunatics
Blair Atholl Mill
Painting of the Duchess of Athollat Blair Atholl Station
Picture in the Museum
The only stuffed highland cow in Scotland
Blair Castle
Driveway to Blair Castle
View from the dam in Pitlochry
Pitlochry Station

September 2016: Pisa and Catania

Holiday to Italy: 20th September to 7th October 2016
Pisa: 20th to 23rd September
Our hotel: Royal Victoria
Our room
Overlooking the Arno
Santa Maria della Spina and the Cittadella Vecchia from our room
First lunch
Hotel terrace ...
... and aperitifs in reception
Garibaldi's statue ...
... and gelateria in the Piazza Garibaldi
At Pizza 129
Piazza Cavalieri
Statue of Cosimo I de Medici
It's still leaning!
The Duomo
Cathedral door panels
The baptistery
The camposanto
Dini's grave
Botanical Gardens
Ancient magnolia tree
In the Giardino Scotto
Catania 23rd to 27th September 2016
Our room ...
... in the Cinque balconi B&B
View from our room (Etna in the distance)
Neighbour across the street
Norman castle
Exhibition of works by Antonio Ligabue
The witch
Mt Etna's eruption in 1669
The effect of hashish
The fish market
The Achillean fountain
The elephant statue
The Roman amphitheatre cat
Dressed up for a wedding
The cathedral at the end of the street
The Graeco-Roman theatre
Lunch: prosecco and free goodies
St Agatha's
Theatre Bellini
The Duomo
Dinner at Da Antonio's
Leaving by train
Etna in the background

Sept - Oct 2016: Cefalù and Terrasini

Cefalù: 27th September to 1st October 2015
Our hotel: Riva del Sole
View from our balcony
The Rock behind the town
Mediaeval laundry
The port
The Duomo
The cloisters
Noah's ark
Penguins for sale!
Palermo: 1st October 2016
Leaving Cefalù
Palermo central station
Terrasini: 1st to 4th October 2016
Our hotel: Palm beach
Art exhibition in the hotel
Sunset from our terrace
The harbour
Festa di li schietti
The Duomo
Bar La Sirenetta
Spaghetti al nero di seppia
View from the breakfast terrace

October 2016: Bologna

Bologna: 4th to 7th October 2016
Via dell'independenza by our hotel
Terrace at our hotel: Metropolitan
San Stefano (seven churches)
Asinelli and Garisenda towers
Aperitif on the hotel roof
Film posters in Tony's restaurant
San Petronio Basilica
Cassini's meridian line
Courtyard of Santa Maria dei Servi ...
... and its arcades
Church interior
Restaurant Donitello
Cathedral of San Pietro
Piazza San Domenico
St Dominic's tomb
The Pinatoneca Nazionale
Alterpiece by Giotto
Drawings by Monti
Fresco based on Orlando Furioso
Final dinner at Donatello's

Oct - Nov 2016:

Exhibition of drawings at the McManus Gallery Dundee
Backing the horse : William McCall
Max Cowper
Assembling Mustangs : Alex MacPherson
The Toilet : Catherine Powlett
Houses at Pittenweem 1952 : Ian Fleming
Coming down 1992 : Alister Lindsay
Goat Wynd Dundee : David Small
The Phoenicean coast : James McBey
Rabbit study : Keith McIntyre
Two auld wifies : Ron Stenberg
Antarctic study
Dundee Antarctic whaling expedition 1892 : W G Burn Murdoch
Lade Braes
Jamie visits: 28th - 30th October
Halloween in Aberdeen
Halloween in Pasadena
Dave Rainbird visits: 31st Oct - 3rd Nov

Nov - Dec 2016: Tenerife, Gomera

Holiday to the Canaries: 19th November to 7th December 2016
Leaving Edinburgh
Los Christianos: 19th to 21st November
Views from our balcony ...
... in the TRYP Hotel (Princesa Dacil)
On the ARMAS ferry to La Gomera
San Sebastian Gomera: 21st to 26th November
Apartmentos Quinteros
View from our flat
Display in optician's window
Brazilian stall-holder
Notice in our apartment building
Swimming with the Hamburg cruise ship
Jean's 75th birthday
Mount Teide in the background
San Sebastian Museum
View from the bus to Vueltas
Double rainbows
View down Valle Gran Rey
Vueltas: 26th November to 2nd December
Our apartment: Casa Navarro 2
Jean on Vueltas beach
Landing fish
School children dragging snakes of cans
Sunset over El Hierro
Thomson Majesty cruise ship
The Confradia Pescadores bar (after Nighthawks)
View from the bus back over the mountain
El Médano: 2nd to 7th December
The Montaña Roja and the kite and windsurfing beach
Churros and chocolate for Sunday breakfast
View from our apartment: Teide just visible!
Climbing the Montaña Roja: El Médano in the background
View along the coast and of the airport from the summit
View of El Médano from the summit
Final dinner at Tasca El Lagar

December 2016: Galway

Magnus gallery: Dundee: A sense of place exhibition
J McIntosh Patrick: Autumn Kinnordy
Stanley Cursiter: Rain on Princes Street: 1913
Js McIntosh Patrick: A city garden: 1940
John D Fergusson: A lowland church: 1916
Francis C B Cadell: Still life: 1915
George L Hunter: A cottage in Fife: 1920s
Francis C B Cadell: Interior Regent Terrace Edinburgh: 1932
John D Fergusson: Full of the warm South: 1953
Reflections on Celts Exhibition
Scottish Abstraction Exhibition: Wilhemina Barns-Graham
Christmas lunch in St Andrews
Charlie's last day of school
Christmas in Melbourne
Helen's Christmas picture
Surfing at the East Sands
Visit to Galway: 29th December 2016 to 5th January 2017
Louis and his rabbits
Swimmers at Salthill beach
Seafood chowder at Garvey's
The flaming pudding
New Year's Eve at Angela's mother's
Angela and Auntie Kay
At Silversands
Steak pie on New Year's Day
Walk round Knockvorneen from Flaggy shore
View of Salthill across Galway Bay
Going for a ride in the tractor
Lunch at Linnane's lobster bar
Pizza at the Dough Brothers

January 2017: Oporto

Holiday in Portugal: 6th to 19th January 2017
Porto: 6th to 11th January
Our hotel: NH Collection (old post-office!)
Igreja São Ildefonso
Relief on cinema wall
Torre dos Clérigos
Praça da Liberdade
Bronze newspaper seller
Ponte de Don Luís I
Views from the bridge
Custard tarts at the El Corte Inglés
Igreja das Carmelitas
Museu Nacional Soares dos Reis in the Carrancas Palace
Mediaeval lectern
A C S Porto
Marques de Oliveira
A Soares dos Reis
J Tagarro
Palace courtyard
La Ribiera
Luís I bridge
Ponte do Infante
Tiles in the railway station
Clerigos tower
Cloisters ...
... with tiles
Capela das Almas
Old gaol
Statue of Henry the Navigator
Tram out to the mouth of the Douro
Funicular back to the hotel

January 2017: Coimbra and Lisbon

Coimbra: 11th to 15th January 2017
View of the university from the terrace of Hotel Oslo
The town from the river Mondego
Railway station
View of the old Sé from ...
... the terrace of the Museum
Cryptopórtico (Roman forum) ...
... and a model of it
The new Sé
Mural in the Mathematics building
Painting by J Vieira
Paço das Escolas in the old university
Aqueduto da São Sebastião
Botanic gardens
Café Santa Cruz
Church of Santa Cruz
Science museum
Fado in the Santa Cruz café
Cake (!) of St Queen Isabela of Portugal
Restaurante A Cozinha da Maria
Lisbon: 15th to 19th January 2017
Our hotel: SANA Capitol
Cervejeria Cacho Dourado
Marquis de Pombal
Parque Eduardo VII
Mother and child by Botero
Museu Calouste Gulbenkian
Detail from a Greek vase
Della Robbia
Railway station
Elevador de Santa Justa
Praça da Pedro IV
Rua Augusta
Praça do Comércio and statue of José I
Lunch in the arcades
Custard pie manufactory

Cloisters and excavated Roman ruins
Nossa Senhora de Terça
Praça Luis Camóes
Trinidade Convent and brewery
Igreja São Roque
Brasiliera Café ...
... and statue of Fernando Pessoa
View from the top of a shopping centre
Ponte 25 Abril
Final dinner at Cacho Dourado

March 2017: Paris

James visits: 3rd to 5th March
Holiday to Paris: 11th to 18th March 2017
Our hotel: Pavillon Courcelles Parc Monceau
Stalls in the Rue de Lévis
Eiffel tower from our apartment
Breakfast at Le Bistrot d'I-D
Dinner in the apartment
Parc Monceau
Monument to Gounod
Arc de Triomphe at the end of Avenue Hoche
Pastis at the Dôme de Villiers
Dinner at Les trois piéces restaurant
Église St-Augustin
Jeanne d'Arc
Building in the Rue de Rome
Gare de St Lazare
Luxembourg Gardens
Faculty of Art and Architecture
St Sulpice
Meridian line inside the church
Musée Nissim de Camondo
View of the Parc Monceau from the house
Montmartre cemetery
Ampere's grave
Nijinky's grave
Ludmila Tcherina's grave
Graveyard cat
Lunch at the Villa des Abbesses
Monmartre funicular
Sacré Coeur
Gallery in the Rue de Rivoli
Arc de Triomphe de la Carrousel
Cour du Louvre
Pont des Artes
Notre Dame de Paris
Square des Batignolles
Final dinner ...
... at the Bistrot du Passage

Mar - May 2017:

Mothers' Day flowers from James
Lade Braes flowers
Snow on 25th April
To Edinburgh: 11th May
John Constable sketches in the National Gallery of Scotland
William McTaggart
The skating minister by Henry Raeburn
The Bethune family by Sir David Wilkie
To Aberdeen: 26th to 28th May

June 2017: Naxos

Holiday to Greece: 30th May to 7th July 2017
Ruth and David in the Psiri Tavern in Athens
On the roof of the Best Western Museum Hotel
Naxos: 1st to 8th June 2017
Our hotel: Hotel Coronis
Views from our balcony
At Meze 2 restaurant
The Mitroupolis
The Portara
The Archaeological Museum
St Stephen's beach
The temple of Demeter
The Kouri at Melanes
Venetian House Museum
Ruth and David leaving on the Speedrunner
Leaving on Highspeed four

June 2017: Koufonisia and Sikinos

Koufonisia: 8th to 12th June 2017
Beach outside the Hotel Aegeon
The beach from the ferry
Back to Naxos: 12th to 13th June 2017
Watercolour in the hotel
Leaving on the Aqua Spirit
Calling at Folegandros
Sikinos: 13th to 20th June 2017
Hotel Porto Sikinos
Views from our terrace
Distant view of Santorini
Dead fisherman's cat
Café waitress
Church of Panagia
In the hotel courtyard
In the chora
The chora with the monastery above
View down the valley to the port
Cat-cookie lady
Leaving on the Aqua Spirit

June - July 2017: Ios, Tinos and Evia

Ios: 20th to 26th June 2017
Lunch on the terrace of Hotel Helena
View from our room
Walk up to the Chora
Gialos beach
Tzamaria beach (with naked man)
The Artemis passing the Yacht Guilty
Skarkos pre-Cycladic settlement
Bust of Homer
Changing ferries at Mykonos
Distant view of Mykonos town
Tinos: 26th to 30th June 2017
Tinotissia Studios
The cathedral
Dog-chasing cat
Lunch on our terrace
Archaeological Museum
Menu at Elenas Taverna
Leaving on the Paros Jet
Evia: 30th June to 7th July
View from our balcony in the Hotel Karystion
Hotel beach
Meeting Georges
Ouzo snacks on 4th July
Lunch in our room
On the Evia Star
Wating for the bus in Rafina

July 2017: Galway

Visit to Galway: 7th to 13th July 2017
At the Blackrock diving tower (water temperature 58°)
Louis and Erin on the high board
Louis jumping ...
... and diving
Gaelic football: Galway versus Roscommon at the Pearse stadium
At O'Grady's on the Pier at Barna

August 2017: Helen and family visit

"Wild flower" meadow at the East Sands
Visiting cats
Newly painted bathroom
Helen and family visit: 6th to 12th August 2017
At the East Sands
At the Lammas market
Meeting Denis and Margaret in Blairgowrie: 24th August 2017

September 2017: Pontevedra and Santiago

Holiday to Galicia: 6th to 27th September 2017
View of Pontevedra from the aeroplane
Pontevedra: 6th to 12th September 2017
Hotel Apartmentos Dabarca
Ruins of San Domingo
Monument to the heroes of Ponte Sampaio
Polperia Ruzo
Octopus with cheese
Alameda del Arquitecto Sesmero
Praza da Ferraria
Ramón del Valle-Inclán
Pilgrims' Chapel
Roman bridge
Razor clams
Fish market
Praza do Teucro
Gold hoard in the museum
"The useless professor"
The Café Moderno
Statues outside the café
Basilica of Santa Maria a Maior
View from the bell-tower
Beans with clams
Painting in the hotel
Train to Santiago
Santiago de Compostela: 12th to 16th September 2017
Our street: Rúa do Vilar
Our hotel: Aires Nunes
Bell tower of the Basilica
On the pilgrim route: Rúa San Pedro
Entrance to the Hostal dos Reis Católicas
Portal of the Cathedral
Museo do Pobo Galego (Convento de San Domingos de Bonaval)
Double spiral staircase
Emigrants' poster
Interior of the Convent church
Interior of the cathedral
The high altar
Tomb of St James
Cathedral exterior
Sea food in the market
John the Baptist in the Pilgrim Museum   
St James the Moor-slayer
Brandy and Tarte de Santiago
Alameda park
Statue of the "Two Marias"
Queuing to get into the cathedral
The House of Troy
Train to Ourense

September 2017: Ourense and Vigo

Ourense: 16th to 21st September 2017
View from the Hotel Irixo
Igrexa de Santa Euphemia
Praza Maior
Hot springs
Historical fiesta in the Praza Maior
Cathedral exterior ...
... and interior
Conversion of St Paul
Bold pigeon
Praza do Ferro
View of the old town: our hotel: the white building to the right with two doors and two windows
The cloisters of San Francisco
View of the Roman bridge over the Miña from a footbridge
Modern road bridge and railway viaduct
Edificio Viacambre
Praza Eironciño dos Cabaleiros from our hotel
Chipiroñes for lunch: our hotel in the background
Model Railway museum ...
... with 4 000 models
Steam train at Ourense station
Vigo: 21st to 27th September 2017
Our hotel: Puerta del Sol
Views from our room
Praza Constitutión
Jules Verne on an octopus
Boat over the estuary to Cangas
O Reloxo: maritime clock
St James the moor-slayer again
Excolexiata de Santiago de Cangas
Lunch at El Bribón de la Habana
View from the castle in Vigo
Castle entrance
The Cathedral exterior ...
... and interior
St James the pilgrim
Breakfast near our hotel
Morning fog over the shipyards
O Gato do Mar in Cangas
Swimming in the fog
Last lunch: octopus again

Oct - Nov 2017:

John and Edmund Robertson make the cover!
Dave Rainbird visits: 24th to 26th October
Visit to the Discovery in Dundee
New V&A building
James visits: 3rd to 5th November
Photograph in the Criterion
Halloween in Pasadena ...
... and in Aberdeen

Nov - Dec 2017: Gomera, Tenerife

Holiday to the Canaries: 19th November to 13th December 2017
Leaving Los Christianos on the Armas ferry
In San Sebastián de la Gomera: 22nd to 29th November
View from our flat in Apartamentos Quinteros
Lunch on our balcony
Snack at the Kiosko Ramón
View from above the power station
Our apartment building on the right
Swimming with the Aida Aura cruise ship
Over the mountains from San Sebastián to ...
... Valle Grand Rey
In Vueltas: 29th November to 7th December
Sunset over El Hierro from our balcony in Apartamenta Casa Navarro 2
View from our balcony
Watching the fish at the Confradia de Pescadores
Handicraft market
La Calera
Lunch on our balcony
Barranca de Argaga
Back over the mountains
In El Médano: 7th to 13th December
Our flat in Apartamentos Plaza Roja
Butcher's Christmas notice
Swimming with the kite surfers
Flying back over El Médano

December 2017:

Eilidh breaks her wrist ...
... and gets operated on
George and Valerie visit Helen
Elspeth's end of year video
Dawn over Bogward
Charlie's raffle
Elspeth's gingerbread house ...
... and Fisher and Donaldson's (@£59!)
Christmas in Melbourne
Christmas lunch
Brownies and port
Boxing Day at the West Sands
Helen's Christmas card picture

Jan - May 2018:

New Year's Day at the East Sands
Erin in Salthill
Jamie with his shark
Blue supermoon
Blocked drain
Scottish Water to the rescue ...
... with the "Tiger"
To Linlithgow for Jackie Law's 70th birthday party: 3rd February 2018
Converted courthouse
Ruth and Rebecca
Linlithgow Loch
Linlithgow Palace
"The Beast from the East"
The Kelpies in the snow
Sledging on Hallow Hill
Snow in Galway
Isobel's fourth birthday
Paul visits: 19th March 2018
Drains again!
Edinburgh to see Highland Fling: 11th April 2018
Thalis at the Kalpna
Lade Braes rhododendron
Duckling on Lawmill pond
The May is out ...
... and so are buttercups!

June 2018: Thessaloniki, Kastoria, Ionnina

Holiday to Greece: 5th June to 7th July 2018
Thessaloniki: 5th to 9th June
Our hotel: Tourist Hotel
Wooden lift-cage
Dinner at Boukia-boukia
The White Tower
Statue of Alexander the Great
Agia Sophia
Ancient Roman Agora
The Rotunda: Agios Georgios
The Arch of Galerius
Museum of the Macedonian Struggle
Holocaust Memorial
Lunch on our balcony
Aristotelous Square
Thessaloniki bus station
Kastoriá: 9th to 15th June
Idiston Rooms
View from our balcony
Lake promenade
Ruined madrasa
Agia Joannis Prodromos Omonoias
"Beware of Bears" on the Egnatia Highway
Ionnina: 15th to 21st June
Our hotel: Kentrikon
Chidren playing below our balcony
Ali Pasha's mosque and tomb
Aslan Pasha's mosque
Mosque interior
Shoe repairer's shop

June - July 2018: Corfu

View from the ferry
Corfu Town: 15th to 20th June 2018
Views from our flat: Liston Apartments
The Listons
Corfu Philharmonic practice
Lamb in the oven at the Bellissimo
Ouzo with mezes at the Mouragia
Falaraki "swimming hole"
Listons at night
Curse of the cruise ships
Cake for breakfast
St Spiridon's
Paramonas: 21st to 28th June 2018
Paramonas hotel
Our balcony
Prasoudi beach
Cafés in Agia Mathais
Friendly dog
Swimming at St Nicolas beach
Paleokastritsa: 28th June to 4th July 2018
View from our balcony in the Apollon hotel
View from the road to the monastery
Monastery kittens
The Three Graces
Beach panorama
Corfu Town again: 4th to 7th July 2018
Buying snake earrings
Casa Parlante Museum
Palace of St Michael and St George

July 2018:

East Sands wild flowers
Wedding Anniversary
Swan and cygnet at Craigtoun
St Andrews museum exhibition
S J Peploe
W McTaggart
E J Alexander
F C Cadell
J M Patrick
J Duncan
L S Lowry

August 2018: Family visits

Paul and family visit: 15th to 22nd August 2018
At the East Sands
Louis kite-flying at the West Sands
At the Botanical Gardens butterfly house
Frog on Louis' finger
Helen and family visit: 18th to 24th August 2018
Dinner at David Russell
At the deer farm
Scottish wild cat
Isobel, Erin and Eilidh
Swimming at the East Sands
On the Coastal walk at St Monans windmill
Approaching Pittenweem
View of Anstruther
Launching the Anstruther lifeboat
Lunch at the Anstruther fish bar

September 2018: Perpignan

Elspeth's house arrives by truck
Starting School in Pasadena
Trees down in the Lade Braes
Holiday to France: 23rd September to 6th October 2018
On the train at Béziers
Perpignan: 23rd to 28th September
Our hotel: Hotel de France
View from our window
Hotel dog: Haribo
Arago's statue ...
... on Place Arago
Breakfast café
Le Castillet -- with Catalan flag (our hotel behind)
La Basse canal
Place Léon Gambetta
Cathédrale de St Jean-Baptiste
Campo Santo and cloisters
Hôtel de Ville
Frieze at the Casa Xanxo (Hell and the deadly sins)
Hôtel Pams
Advertisements for the products made at the Pams factory
Lunch in Place Rigaud
Raoul Dufy Exhibition in the Hyacinthe Rigard Museum
Bullfight at Callioure
Other Museum exhibits
Restored alterpiece
Hyacinthe Rigaud's painting of his sister
Gustave Fayet
George-Daniel de Monfried
Aristide Maillol
Pierre Daura
Henri Martin
Octopus and padron peppers
At the Casa Sansa
Palais de Rois de Majorque
Salvador Dali's Centre of the universe

Sept - Oct 2018: Collioure, Carcassonne

Collioure: 28th September to 2nd October 2018
Collioure anchovies
Swimming at two beaches
Painting by Charles Rennie Mackintosh
Exhibition by Henri Vergé and Rolande Déchorain
Saturday morning market
Mussels in the Brasserie St Elme at the beach
Ride on the "little train" to Fort St Elme
View over Collioure
Port Vendres
Fort St Elme in the distance
Poster in hotel lobby
Grave of Antonio Machado
Collioure station
Carcassonne: 2nd to 6th October 3018
View of the church of St Vincent from our room in the Hôtel de la Bastide
Magret de canard ...
... and pintarde at the La Table de la Bastide
Neptune's statue in Place Carnot
Breakfast at La Rotonde
On the Vieux Pont
Isador is still alive and well!
Interior of St Vincent's church ...
... and exterior
Military parade for the feast of St Michael (patron of paratroopers)
Carcassonne Art Museum
Paul Émile Boutigny Boule de Suif (after Maupassant's story)
Achille Laugé
Place de Carnot at lunchtime
Tartines at Le Bis-troquet
Carcassonne Cité
Basilica of St Nazaire
Gothic ...
... and Roman
View from the ramparts
Canal de Midi
Conference dinner in the Place Carnot

Oct - Nov 2018:

Angela in Storm Callum on the front of the Irish Independent: 13th October
Elspeth's house on its stumps
James visits: 19th to 21st October
To the V&A in Dundee
D C Thomson at the MacManus Gallery
Lunch in Brewdog
Dave Rainbird visits: 21st to 24th October
To Edinburgh to see the Les Ballets Trocadero:
30th October 2018
Halloween in Pasadena
James visits Elspeth in Australia
Charlie with his broken wrist
Elspeth's house with its roof and cladding

Nov - Dec 2018: Gomera, Tenerife

Holiday to the Canaries: 14th November to 6th December 2018
The Volcan de Taburiente at Los Christianos
In San Sebastián de la Gomera: 14th to 21st November
View from the roof terrace of Apartamentos Paloma
Church of San Sebastian with Apartamentos Paloma on the left
New Cristobal Colon statue
Yacht Sea Cloud (Launched 1931)
Cat asleep on roof
Decorations in optician's window
Wedding at the church
Over the mountains to Valle Gran Rey
In Vueltas: 21st November to 1st December
Apartamenta Casa Navarro 2
Lunch on the balcony
Sunsets over El Hierro
Tapas at the Confradia da Pescadores
How Vueltas used to look ...
... and how it looks now
Back over the mountains
Leaving San Sebastian on the Fred Olsen Express
In El Médano: 1st to 6th December
Churros and chocolate for breakfast
Sunset with the Montaña Roja
Dates stuffed with almonds wrapped in bacon

December 2018:

Sunrise over Bogward
Sunday pier walk
Flowers from Helen
Students celebrating the end of their exams
Gingerbread house from Elspeth
Christmas Eve dinner: scallops and prawns wrapped in bacon
Christmas morning on the West Sands
Christmas lunch: duck à l'orange
Christmas in Pasadena
Christmas in Australia
Helen's card
Card designed by Erin
Swans at Craigtoun

Jan - Apr 2019:

Helen and family in San Francisco
Elspeth's house at Venus Bay
Lemming statue in Dundee
February snow
Get Well card from Eilidh
Jean with one of Elspeth's biscuits
Flowers from Elspeth
23rd February: Paul, Helen and James visit
In the fog at the West Sands
Law Park woodland cleared
Lade Braes rhododendron
Louis' birthday
Louis' confirmation
Isobel with Jean's bag

25th April 2019: Jean dies in Ninewells hospital

May 2019: Jean's funeral

Charlie and James at the East Sands
Louis rescuing a duckling
7th May 2019: Jean's funeral
Funeral leaflet
Pictures at Rufflets after the funeral
Lunch at the Balgove
Dinner at Pizza Express
At the West Sands
View from Hill of Tarvit
Eilidh's first holy communion
21st May: Visit to V&A Dundee

June 2019: Luton and Oxford

BBC picture: 9.30 pm on 1st June
7th to 9th June: visit to James at Aberdeen
Dinner at a Greek restaurant
At six° north
Visit to the Verdant works: Dundee
Engine movie
15th to 16th June: visit to Derek and Jackie at Linlithgow
The Falkirk wheel
The Kelpies
27th to 29th June: visit to Luton
694 Hitchin Road
61 Hightown Road: Wilfred's old shop
Sacred Heart Church
Luton town hall
Centenary of Luton riots
Lilley Church
29th June to 1st July: Gaudy at St Catherine's College Oxford
The Chequers in Headington Quarry
68 Green Road, Headington
St Catherine's College main quad
St Catherine's Hall
Alan Waller
Dave Rainbird and Alan Waller
Geoff and Margot Maitland
Dave Rainbird and Trevor Smedley
Alan Stewart and Alan Waller in the King's Arms
The Jolly Farmers is still there!
The Isis from Folly Bridge

July 2019: Paul and family visit

Paul and family visit: 15th to 20th July 2019
East Sands
West Sands
Sea Life Centre
Birthday outing to the Isle of May: 31st July
Arctic terns
SV Tenacious

August 2019: Islay

James visits: 2nd to 4th August
Brewdog open in St Andrews
To Islay: 5th to 9th August
Stop at Inverary: 4th August
To Inverary jail
View from my room
Inverary castle
Hebridian Isles from Kennacraig
Landing at Port Ellen
Digging potatoes
Lunch at Port Mòr in Port Charlotte
On the beach at Saligo Bay
Little Flemish beach
Full range of Islay whiskies
Music by candlelight -- during a powercut
On Port Charlotte pier -- with the Paps of Jura
Alexander jumping
Eilidh jumping
Isobel jumping
At the Islay show
Calum's parents with Eilidh and Isobel
Deer on the skyline
Shore Street
Football at Portnahaven
Leaving on the Finlaggen from Port Askaig
View from my bedroom at "The Moorings" in Tarbet: 10th August
Waiting for the ...
... ferry to Portavadie
Helen and family to St Andrews: 11th to 17th August 2019
In the Wizard Shop
Lammas Market
East Sands
At the Himalayas
Playing the Balgove
At the Balgove larder
Dinner at Pizza Ezpress
Calum slabbing

Sept - Oct 2019: Athens and Evia

Dragonfly on the picnic table
Starting school in Pasadena
St Andrews Coastal Rowing club
New "Swytch" electric bike motor
Views from the Golf Clubhouse at Craigton
To Athens: 24th to 29th September 2019
Syntagma Square ...
.. and changing the guard
Klavthomos Square
View from the roof bar
Outside of the Herodeon
Local restaurant
The New Acropolis Museum
The Acropolis modelled in Lego
The Zappeion
Hadrian's Arch
The Temple of Olympian Zeus
Melina Mouskouri
Ouzo in Iroon Square
View from Monastiraki
The Stoa and Ancient Agora
The Hephaisteion
View from the top of Filopappos Hill (Acropolis and Lycabettus Hill)
View from the roof bar at night
Lunch on my balcony at Athens Studios
Australians watching the AFL final
Lysicrates monument
The Roman forum ...
... and the house of Winds
The Odeon of Herodes Atticus
Views from the Acropolis
Hadrian's Arch and the Olympieion
The Hephaisteion and Ancient Agora
The Parthenon
The Erechtheion
Filopappos Hill in the background
To Karystos on Evia: 29th September to 8th October 2019
On the beach at Rafina
View from my room in the Karystion Hotel
Beetroot and artichokes
Playing backgammon
Tzatziki and little fish
View from above Miloi (looking for the "columns")
Too rough for swimming
View from the Red Fort
The chapel in the fort
Finally -- a view of the "columns" ...
... at the top left of this picture
A Greek roadsign
Leaving Marmari with a rainbow

Oct - Nov 2019: Galway

Calum's US Citizenship: 12th October 2019
Rainbow over Broughty Ferry from Tentsmuir
Visit to Aberdeeen: 25th to 27th October 2019
Jamie on the phone to Elspeth
At Pizza Express
Visit to Galway: 29th October to 4th November 2019
Annabel, Louis and Erin
At MacSwiggans's
At the "bunny farm" (Burren Nature Sanctuary)
On Angela's bicycle
Lunch in Dublin
The Liffey and Ha'penny bridge
Leaving Dublin in the rain
Hallowe'en in Pasadena ...
... and in Australia ...
... and in Aberdeen
Paul and Roisin visit Australia
Rough seas at the harbour
St Andrews Day at the R&A clubhouse
Freddie Tait's portrait

December 2019: Singapore

Trip to Singapore and Australia: 13th December 2019 to 9th January 2020
Changing planes in Dubai
Visit to Singapore: 14th to 18th December 2019
Views from the roof bar of the Heritage Boat Quay apartments
Sri Mariamman Temple
Chinatown mural
Buddha Tooth Relic Temple
Mr Tan Soo Pang outside the City Gallery
Multicultural sign
Dumpling lunch
The Heritage apartments across the Singapore River
Light show from the Marina Sands hotel
Raffles Hotel
Hotel courtyard
Haji Lane -- in the rain
Sculpture near the Cavenhagh Bridge
The Singapore Merlion
The Helix Bridge
The Heritage apartments from the Marina Sands viewing platform
More Views from the Marina Sands
The Gardens by the Bay
Inside the Flower Dome
Inside the Cloud Forest
Whale made out of discarded plastic
Lunchtime thali
Stamford Raffles' Statue
Botero scupture on Boat Quay
Visit to the Botanic Gardens -- in the rain
"Free picture"
Model of the Helix Bridge
Part of the Singapore city model in the City Gallery
Dinner at a "street food" stall
Singapore sling

Dec 19 - Jan 20: Melbourne and Venus Bay

Visit to Australia: 18th December 2019 to 8th January 2020
Elspeth's house in Highett
Steam engine in a local scrap yard
Dinner at Oakleigh
Elspeth's house in Venus Bay
On the "snake walk"
Venus Bay beach
Martin and Charlie
Charlie surfing
Cycling to Lower Tarwin
Gingerbread house
Christmas dinner
Charlie at Nippers
Practising cricket
Dinner at Oakleigh
South Melbourne market for breakfast
"Victoria is burning"
AC/DC Lane graffiti
Hosier Lane graffiti
Aboriginal art ...
... at the Ian Potter Centre NGV
Old man dreaming of death or destiny
St Kilda by Sidney Nolan
Ponyfish Island
Nanoblock models
Charlie on roller-blades
Changing planes at Doha

Jan - Feb 2020:

Cycling to Dundee: 21st January 2020
Window in the café of the MacManus Museum
Sea Sound by W Barnes-Graham
Rainy Princes Street by S Cursiter
Autumn in Kinnerdy by J MacIntosh Patrick
Elspeth's wombat appears at last
Helen's pets
Paul Erin and James visit: 27th February to 1st March 2020
Finally joining the smartphone generation
Visit to the V&A and MacManus museums
Country fair: St Andrews/Culross!
Antaerctic whaling expedition by W G B Murdoch
Sunday morning on the East Sands