Postgraduate Combinatorial Conference 2007

6 - 8 June 2007
St Andrews University

Edinburgh Mathematical Society

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About the conference

The Postgraduate Combinatorial Conference is aimed at research students in all areas of combinatorics and discrete mathematics who are currently working on their PhD. It allows students to meet and talk about their research, and related subjects, in an informal environment. Most talks are contributed by the students themselves, apart from three talks by invited speakers.

The conference is organised under the auspices of the British Combinatorial Committee and further supported by the London Mathematical Society, the Edinburgh Mathematical Society and CIRCA.

Although this is not obligatory, each student is encouraged to give a short talk about their research lasting 20 minutes. This may be the first time that students have spoken outside their own department, and it is an excellent opportunity to gain practice in front of a small, friendly audience.

Topics likely to be covered at the conference include graph theory, design theory, coding theory, cryptography, partial orders, extremal set theory, theoretical computer science and model theory.

This year's conference is the 18th Postgraduate Combinatorial Conference and it is being held at St Andrews University. The conference organisers are Fiona Brunk, Debbie Lockett, Josephine Kusuma and Vincent Knight.

The location is popular this year as it is hosting the fifth conference on Permutation Patterns, from 11 to 15 June. The invited speakers will be Mike Atkinson and Martin Klazar. For those of you who are interested in this exciting new area in combinatorics, please see our Local Information section for ideas of where to stay over the weekend between the Postgraduate Combinatorial Conference and the Permutation Patterns conference.



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