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          Dr Peter Campbell

My current post is as an assistant software developer at the University of St Andrews, Department of Mathematics and Statistics.
My duties include working with members of the permanent academic staff to develop computer based projects in the Maple symbolic computation package.
Any students wishing to see the hand out of my talk "Introduction to Maple" may download it here.
Some useful reference guides to Maple are available here as .pdf files(they are long so do not print them):
getting started, introduction, learning guide, introduction to programming, advanced programming.
Some useful webpages are:,,
Manuals for Maple 9 may be downloaded here as .pdf files:
getting started, learning guide, introduction to programming, advanced programming.
Current students of the University of St Andrews should note that mahematics microlab projects should be carried out using Maple 8.

Last year I tutored MT 1008, supervising computer tutorials in MT2003, teaching a foundation course in mathematics and mathematical language for the English language teaching centre and lecturing MT2005.

I am an active researcher interested in combinatorial group and semigroup theory. I also use an develop programs in the GAP computer algebra package, see here for more information. Some of my publications can be found off the CIRCA web page here.
Some web pages of interest are: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 and 6.
I would be grateful if any errors in the above documents could be e-mailed to me at
Paper here.