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MT5821: Advanced Combinatorics

The module

The module will run in Semester 2 (January to April 2018).

The module descriptor is here. As you will see, this allows some flexibility. I propose that this year, we will do syllabus 2 (combinatorial polynomials). This will include chromatic polynomial, Tutte polynomial, cycle index, orbital chromatic polynomial, weight enumerator, etc.

Materials for the other syllabuses are available: enumerative combinatorics, finite geometries.

If you have any comments on this, or would be interested in studying one of the other syllabuses, please email me as soon as possible!


Here is a problem for you to try. No special knowledge required.

Let f be a polynomial which takes integer
values on all the non-negative integers. Show
that f takes integer values on all integers.

Peter J. Cameron
Room 317, Mathematical Institute
15 August 2017