Peter Cameron's coauthors


Here is a list of people with whom I have written or edited a book or paper. Nine of them are included in the pseudonym "W. E. Opencomb" under which the paper "On the intricacy of combinatorial construction problems" Discrete Math. 50 (1984), 71-97, was written; for six of the nine, this is my only joint work with them.

My present or former students are starred. The number of joint papers is in parentheses.

The list includes those for which the work has been published or accepted for publication. The total reached 150 on 17 July 2012. A full list of my publications is here, while a list of joint papers by coauthor is here.

The arXiv and other repositories

I am of the opinion that formal publication in a mathematics journal is no longer the only output channel for mathematicians. Repositories such as the arXiv should also be considered.

Here is a list of my co-authors with whom I have papers freely available on the arXiv or other repositories. In some cases these have been submitted for publication, and if they are published then the lists will then be modified accordingly. The list below has links to at least one paper with each author.

My total number of coauthors including papers on the arXiv as well as published papers reached 200 on 28 August 2017. (Bea Adam-Day was number 200.)

Erdős number

My Erdős number is 1. See the homepage of the Erdős Number Project for more information.

The rules for Erdős number require that the collaboration involves writing a research publication; editing, writing expository articles, or writing obituaries do not count. On this basis, I believe that all my co-authors have collaborations with me that qualify except possibly for L. W. Beineke, C. Budd, S. Cooter, J. W. P. Hirschfeld, D. Spiegelhalter, D. B. West and R. J. Wilson. (The papers with F. Buekenhout and R. Connelly, though mostly expository, do include new research.) The Erdős numbers of four of these people (Beineke, Hirschfeld, West and Wilson) are not affected; their "Cameron numbers" (computed by the Erdős number rules) are 3, 2, 2 and 2 respectively (i.e. a shortest path passes through Paul Erdős in each case). Chris Budd has Erdős number 4 and David Spiegelhalter 3; both have "Cameron number" 4. Stephen Cooter is not a mathematician.

Peter J. Cameron
12 October 2017