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18 January 2018, 1600–1700 Statistics seminar, Queen Mary University of London Hasse diagrams as a visual aid for linear models and analysis of variance
24 January 2018, 1445–1545 Workshop on Groups, Generalizations and Applications, University of Aberdeen Some applications of finite group theory in the design of experiments
21 February 2018, 1300–1400 Algebra and Combinatorics seminar, University of St Andrews A substitute for the non-existent affine plane of order $6$
1 May 2018, 1100–1130 Design of Experiments: New Challenges, Centre International de Rencontres Mathématiques, Luminy, France Designs which allow each medical centre to treat only a limited number of cancer types with only a limited number of drugs
13 June 2018, 1520 British Mathematical Colloquium, University of St Andrews Latin squares: some history, with an emphasis on their use in designed experiments
25–29 June, 2018 Eleventh Working Seminar on Statistical Methods in Variety Testing, Słupia Wielka, Poland Substitutes for the non-existent square lattice designs for 36 varieties
2–6 July, 2018 Symmetry vs Regularity: The first 50 years since Weisfeiler-Leman stabilization, University of West Bohemia, Pilsen How group theory and statistics met in association schemes
20–24 August, 2018 LinStat 2018, Bedlewo, Poland Hasse diagrams as a visual aid for linear models and analysis of variance
11–14 October, 2018 3rd International Conference on Group Actions and Symmetrical Graphs (dedicated to Cheryl Praeger's 70th birthday), Shenzen, China