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Date and Time Event Title

23 January 2020, 1400–1500 Statistics seminar, Kings College London Multi-part balanced incomplete-block designs
13 February 2020 CIRCA lunchtime talk, St Andrews Triple arrays, sesqui-arrays, butchers and bakers
28 August 2020, 0900–0950 BST Ural Workshop on Group Theory and Combinatorics Latin cubes
14 October 2020, 1600–1700 SUMS (St Andrews Undergraduate Mathematics Society) From Rothamsted to Northwick Park: designing experiments to improve the lot of humanity
8 November 2020, 0900– 1000 GMT International Conference on Algebraic Graph Theory, Akademgorodok, Novosibirsk Can algebraic graph theory help to find good block designs for experiments?
12 November 2020, 1600–1700 Pure Mathematics Colloquium, University of St Andrws Diagonal groups and Latin cubes (joint with Peter Cameron)
2 December 2020, 0900–1000 GMT Combinatorics seminar, Shanghai Jiao Tong University Latin cubes
22 December 2020, 0900–1000 GMT Ural Seminar on Group Theory and Combinatorics Some applications of finite group theory in the design of experiments