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15 February 2016, 1500–1530 EPSRC Symposium: Discrete Mathematics & Big Data, St Andrews Why data collection still matters: a case study from agriculture
25 February 2016, 1615–1715 Algebra seminar, University of Aberdeen Association schemes, permutation groups, and their products
15 March 2016, 1450–1530 DAGStat, Göttingen Designs for dose-escalation trials: research spurred by a trial that went wrong
9 June 2016, 0930–1010 25th International Workshop on Matrices and Statistics, Funchal, Madeira Association schemes in designed experiments
14 June 2016, 0900–0930 Model-Oriented Data Analysis and Optimum Design, Hamminkeln-Dingen, Germany Design keys for multi-phase experiments
16 September 2016, 1600–1700 Groups and Combinatorics seminar, University of Western Australia Circular designs balanced for neighbours at distances one and two
29 September 2016, 1330–1400 Monash and University of Western Australia Symposium In Combinatorics Relations between partitions: some problems
4 October 2016, 1100–1230 Statistics seminar, Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia Block designs with very low replication, and other challenges in design of experiments
6 October 2916, 1600–1700 School of Mathematics and Statistics Colloquium, University of Western Australia Designs for dose-escalation trials: Research spurred by a trial that went wrong
3 November 2016, 1610–1700 MSG Design of Experiments Seminar Series, University of Manchester Crossing, nesting, marginality and Hasse diagrams in designed experiments
9 November 2016, 0900–0930 Wiener Biometrische Sektion of the Austro-Swiss Region of the International Biometric Society, Medizinischen Universität Wien The design of blocked experiments when the average replication is very low
23 November 2016 Design of Experiments in Medicine meeting of the British and Irish Region of the International Biometric Society Designs for dose-escalation trials: research spurred by a trial that went wrong

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